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#ThemedDinner Nr 2! #DisneyPrincess 🌸 Can’t believe we could put this together haha! Who’s who????


Tonight’s #ThemedDinner is Disney Princess! Stay tuned for magic.

3 days ago

FUTURE NOSTALGIA IS OUT ❤️ so incredibly proud to be a small part of this master piece. @dualipa I’m so in awe of you. This album is absolutely magical, filled with so much gold and emotion. QUEEN!!! Biggest congrats to you and everyone involved ❤️ now fans, go listen on repeat (especially to #Cool 😘 ) #futurenostalgia

4 days ago

We’re doing #ThemedDinner twice a week from now on. Theme nr 1 #ApocalypticGlamour 🔥 hit me with ideas!! #stayhome EDIT: YES we all live together and none of us have left the house in weeks. So YES I’m being responsible 😘

4 days ago

Still my main outfit lol.. GUYS let’s chat! IG Live AMA tomorrow at 2PM PST/ 10PM CET 🧀 send me your questions xx

6 days ago

I’m in the studio making beats by myself for the first time in a long time. I’m real rusty! So used to “just” writing melody and lyrics on top of something beautiful someone else did. Let’s see where I’m at in 4 weeks, I wanna get really good 🌸 hope you’re all doing okay ❤️

2 weeks ago

Are you guys loving #ImComing ?? Tell me your feelings ❤️👅

2 weeks ago

Only fitting to record a cover of a Swedish love song with Swedes I love….at @SpotifySweden 💙💛 Tusen tack @elviraanderfjard , @gustavwv , @callmesalo , & @hovis for bringing your magic to #ImComing , and endless kärlek @veronicamaggio for this love banger of an anthem 🙏 Tag someone this song makes you think of, and non Swedes do yourselves a favor and listen to #JagKommer too!

2 weeks ago

It’s heeere! I'm Coming is out now on @Spotify #ItsHits 💚 This is a special one for me because it’s my English cover of one of my all time favorite Swedish songs, Jag Kommer, by badass queen @veronicamaggio . It’s the soundtrack to so many of my memories. I’ve always been so impressed with Veronica’s way with words. I could never write in swedish the way she can. It’s the perfect mix of poetic, ”everyday romance” and making the Swedish summer time feel epic and melancholic all at once. I hope my translation does it justice Veronica : ) Tack vackra du för den här låten!!

2 weeks ago

taxi, hallway, elevator, staircase i’m coming... are you? 😉❤️ @veronicamaggio

2 weeks ago

Here’s a video of my rescue Elliotte who’s in Sweden with my parents 🐶 and because I miss him SO DAMN MUCH I’m looking into fostering a dog during these quarantine times! Alot of shelters are closing down leaving doggos stranded :( if you’re in the LA area you can do the same! See below ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️LOS ANGELES: LARGE DOG FOSTERS / ADOPTERS NEEDED ASAP Are you home from work for the foreseeable future? Do you want a companion during these freaky times? Help out a dog in need by fostering or adopting a dog from LA Animal Services! We urgently need homes for LA’s city shelter dogs. Please reach out to dogsduringcovid @gmail if you: •Have experience with large dogs (> 50lbs ) •Live in a home without other pets Extra bonus if you: •Have an enclosed yard •Have experience training dogs If you don’t live in LA or fit, we recommend reaching out to your local city shelter or dog rescue organizations. Fosters are needed everywhere! @waverly .xyz

2 weeks ago

How’s quarantine life for you guys? I’m slowly loosing my mind. Haven’t left the house since I got back from London last week. Doing my part. I found this new pretty flower in my backyard (swipe for pretty ). In the middle of all of this I’m also releasing a magical new tune on Friday... it feels kinda weird but maybe it’s good cause you guys can use it as an inner escape through dancing? #imcoming

2 weeks ago

coming...friday ❤️

2 weeks ago

A month ago in New York @duttypaul joined me onstage at @brooklynsteel to perform our new song #CallingOnMe . A lot has changed in a month. With everyone a little freaked out right now and looking for things to watch while at home, hope this song about true love and being there for each other helps 💗 also, STAY INSIDE.

3 weeks ago

Been doing this shit since 2016!!!! Starring my angels @koreyfitz @colbymakeup 🔥 @tiktok

3 weeks ago

THANK YOU London for making the last show of this run so special. It was incredible. Such an emotional and special night for many reasons. I wanna thank all of my amazing fans for your love and support. The energy at these shows has been unreal. Even with me in a throne and moon boot due to broken foot lol. I wanna thank my incredible tour family, you guys are my rocks and love you all. Traveling around the world with you guys is an actual dream!!!! And Europe, we’ll be back in full force in September #sunshinekittytour

3 weeks ago

Papa Goose ❤️ 6 years of sharing the stage with you has been an absolute dream. I’m so grateful for everything you’ve done for me. You’re an unbelievable musician and musical director and one of the most ambitious people I know. But above all you’re an amazing human and best friend. I’m so excited for you and Johanna and can’t wait to meet your little gosling 👶 I will miss the shit out of you this year, remember you’re always part of this #tourfamily ÄLSKAR DIG! @gustavwv

3 weeks ago

While this will not come as a surprise it still makes me very sad to say we’ve made the hard but clearly necessary decision after tonight in London to postpone the remaining dates on my March European tour due to the continued escalation of the corona virus across Europe and government mandates banning large scale events. I have been looking toward to these shows for so long, but it has become unsafe and impossible for all of us to continue as planned 😔 All dates save for Cologne will be reschedule for September with @millieturner supporting. All tickets purchased for the March shows will be honored. If you cannot attend the new shows, or have a ticket to Cologne, refunds will be offered at your point of purchase. Cologne, I’m so sorry and I will make it up to you soon, hope to see some of you in Hamburg or Berlin 😘🇩🇪 . As sad as this makes me to have to postpone, this is bigger than all of us and everyones’ health and safety must come first. Take care of yourselves and each other and i’ll see you on the dance floor soon ❤️

3 weeks ago

I’m drunk and I’ve had two dinners with all my favorite people so I think it’s time for an accapella. What do you want babes??

3 weeks ago


3 weeks ago

MANCHESTER WTF!? How incredible was this night!? I’m crying happy tears rn

3 weeks ago

Manchester tonight ❤️ #sunshinekittytour

3 weeks ago