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1 hour ago

Raaaaaaaaaa” way to Crunk 3am. Maverick! Yes the Defiant 1!!!


Sketching..... last Week of 2nd Quarter make shit count! What’s Good for the weekend???? What chall workin on?.... let me know , let me see.....inspiration is always the most valuable asset in Art.

5 days ago

One of the Best Moments Ever as a Artist and as a Fan of Our culture and it’s Reach across the planet!

2 weeks ago

But Professor my Collages are going to Hit Different! Generating Ideas for designs for my Assignment 4! Van Cleef and Jean,2. Motrin Pills and Cotton Swatch (patches ), 223 ammo, Jean and Cotton Swatch(patches )

2 weeks ago

“The Unofficial Ingredient” This work is about Four months old and it’s still saying different things. It speaks in a whisper but has so much to say. X Van Gogh Gesteelde-Diamante 2019

2 weeks ago

El Chaco and Nylon. #doberman #beautiful #Thedreamspups

2 weeks ago

Creating in the WeeHours One Piece Sweat Suit. 😭 Byme FASH!

2 weeks ago

Don’t say I’m anything other than Trying to be Great! If you don’t feel like it , cool. No pressure, but don’t say another person is arrogant or whatever it is you need to say to help you underachieve and be ok with it. Do You and if you doing you is less than 100, stay over there. I want come get you or bother you at all I promise. But if you come over here, I figure you want to be Great or the Greatest. Do t get mad when you NOT READY! Motivationalmondays!

2 weeks ago

Happy Mother’s Day! You know I hate that days that are given titles which only suggest a small portion of a light that can not be compared to the gigantic light of love that beams from you. I pray I have the Mind to show treat your light with care on all the days in between this one. Love and Loyalty my Goddess, again Happy Mother’s Day.

2 weeks ago

#Sextape4 Buy It Now! It’s Mother’s Day for God Sake!

3 weeks ago

New Yes It’s an amazing feeling , but to Maintain is Just as Amazing or more. 10 YEARS 458 Italian Built from Scratch! From the Red Calibers to the Quilted Seats. # #458italia correction 21k miles. To all of us that Watched Magnum P.I. Growing up..... don’t matter how Nobel or Not your Foal is , as long as it needs joy Go and Get It DONE!

3 weeks ago

Lip Service my face deff looks way chubby than it is. DNA is crazy. I literally would need to loos 20 more lbs which gets me at 155 to loose these Cheeks!

3 weeks ago

Damn Woody!!!! 🤦🏽‍♂️

3 weeks ago

3 weeks ago

I’m Not Skipping any lines! I’ll Earn it the same way I did the first time. It’s 3:20 I’m working and after this I’m going to record some shit for the ones who got me to this point and then I’m coming back in here to finish. Yes, you guessed it I’m just a Very Serious Person!

3 weeks ago

That Work that happens in the Wee Hours. Making sure success is all around us, “Blood High Renaissance” candle By Contra Paris Contra-Paris.com Don’t sit around at home without the True Vibe!

4 weeks ago

The OG Sextape Vol 1, 2 and 3!!!!! Order the Physical Triple Disc at RadiokillaRecords.com Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 weeks ago

“Wee Hours” feat. @jheneaiko Request this in Your City! We On!!!

4 weeks ago

Y’all trying to go outside or Nah?

4 weeks ago

No Cap!!!!!!🚀🍑👄♥️ TONIGHT 6pm See You there!!!!!

4 weeks ago

Assignment 3 is Due! Not the best I can due, but considering the Things I’m doing at the same damn time, it’s Cool for now!

4 weeks ago

Houston🚀! #MEGxBEY @theestallion @beyonce

4 weeks ago

4 weeks ago

X marks the Spot! 2am X Drawings “Dark Knight”.