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Nov 2019

Before I start posting pics of Italy, I thought why not a little throwback to LA...

Aug 2019

It’s a slow spam k, calm down😂 also just like my posting, I was really slack at taking pics so most are probably @tr6cynguyen 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 🇺🇸😘 ( yo ps. one of my fav pics ever is with cap cause of you look closely Tracy got forced to hold his arm 😂😂 if i wasn’t dying from the heat I would’ve held onto him too if yah know what I mean...😉 #issajoke )

Aug 2019

I’m just really lazy at posting but yeah I went to America and now Imma spam the heak outta yalls with pics 😘🇺🇸

Jul 2019

Samoa Trip 2|2 🌴 Dang, I actually wanna go back now 😭

Jul 2019

Samoa Trip 1|2 🌴 Have some pics from the wedding

Jul 2019

Yep, still looking for my Asuelu 👀🙄 I said I’d start posting once I went on my first of 3 trips this year, so here’s to Samoa and my first post 🤙🏾