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Nestled in the heart of South Jakarta, crowning the area with a prominent repute & lively milieus. @SyahEstablishments '.

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1 hour ago

Our weekly entertainer Rick Karnadi will present a night acoustic session to reminisce the long-missed Friday night at Sofia. _ Tuesday, 7 April 2020 8 PM Onwards Live-streamed on The Gunawarman Instagram Story. _ #MindfulLuxury

3 days ago

Sway your days. Through this hearty music for decades. Dance with a smile ear to ear, keeping legendary songs of Ella Fitzgerald to Elton John and Kool & The Gaang to Grandadbob as your company. Sofia Music for Lovers #1 Link in our bio #MindfulLuxury

4 days ago

From us at The Gunawarman, we are truly grateful for endless support given from you, our Patrons. Definitely look forward to get through this and welcoming you back to your home. #MindfulLuxury #thegunawarman

5 days ago

SYAH RELIEF FUND Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund It is in times of need that we discover the full impact of a community united. Step up and help keep our frontline healthcare workers and neighborhood safe against Covid-19 crisis. You can contribute by donating through: BTPN 904 0004 0431 Account name: Dian Ayu Anggraini $cashtag: $syahrelieffund For confirmation of your donation, please kindly contact: +6281310610676 We are accepting donations of supplies for use by healthcare workers in hospitals across Jakarta, and basic necessities for full impact of communities. Drop point: Hotel Monopoli JL. Taman Kemang 12 - South Jakarta. Operational hours: Mon-Sun, 10 am – 5 pm For more information : 0821 1110 0336 . Donate As You Please. Share As You Please. Help As They Are Your Own . @syahestablishments @thegunawarman @hotelmonopoli @brownfeather @lucyintheskyjakarta @lucybeer .kitchenbylawless @segundojakarta @kittebyalma

1 weeks ago

Brighter days are yet to come. #MindfulLuxury #thegunawarman #staysafe #stayhome

2 weeks ago

Celebrating a day reserved for introspection and inner reflection—a time of purification and now, more than ever, is what the world needed most. . Syah Establishments wishes you a day filled with peace and serenity. Hopefully this moment will be a time of renewal for all of us. . Rahajeng Rahina Nyepi Caka 1942 . @syahestablishments @thegunawarman @hotelmonopoli @brownfeather @lucyintheskyjakarta @lucybeer .kitchenbylawless @segundojakarta @kittebyalma

2 weeks ago

Effective today we made the inevitable decision to temporarily suspend our hotel, restaurant, bar, pastry, and private membership club operations until further notice: The Gunawarman, Sofia, Kitte by Alma and Csaba. This decision comes with a very heavy heart. On behalf of SYAH Establishments I want to make sure you feel secure, safe and comforted. We love serving you, our neighbors and our community. Your health and safety, along with the wellbeing of our team, are of paramount importance to us. _ As this situation continues to evolve, we will keep you updated via email, website, and instagram account. In addition, we have also adapted our cancellation and reservation change policies to offer additional flexibility to you. We take this opportunity to once again thank you for your continued trust, support, and loyalty. _ Sending love through these times. Keep yourself and your loved ones sanitized at all times, we hope the best for your health and safety. We look forward to welcoming you back as soon as we reopen our doors. Thank you for your understanding at this difficult time. Things will get better soon! . -Felly Imransyah-

2 weeks ago

Passed down for generations, the true wisdom for health protection and soothing relief. Fully made from freshly-extracted finest selections of pure herbs with no additional ingredients to provide remedy, nourishment and antiviral benefits. Available in cold/hot servings. _ HEARTY ELIXIR Java Remedy (chamomile | ginger | secang | spices & herbs ) Immune Tonic (temulawak | ginger | turmeric ) _ 85k++ (hot/cold ) _ Get it at The Gunawarman Reservation at +62812 9161 5433 #MindfulLuxury #HeartyElixir

3 weeks ago

In this thick period of time that has occurred globally, we deeply care about the people and communities in which we live and work. We are fully aware of how it lays an impact that involves massive amounts of people to stay home and stay put as we are fully committed to serve each of your needs without exception. Let’s just take a moment to reminisce & appreciate a simple-yet intimate moment by spending more time with your loved ones, especially where you should be — Home. The entire world has gone to its recovery — reminding us that there’s always a light that shines through at the end of the tunnel. #MindfulLuxury

3 weeks ago

Time is always the essence, flexibility surely adjusted to give you limitless possibilities. _ Stretching your 24-Hour Stay whatever time you checked in. Call us at +62 21 2277 0007 www.thegunawarman.com #thegunawarman #MindfulLuxury #staywithSyah

3 weeks ago

Let's take a moment to reminisce & appreciate a simple-yet intimate moment by spending more time with your loved ones. _ Sofia still open everyday from 11 AM - 11 PM #thegunawarman

3 weeks ago

Dear our beloved family and friends, The Gunawarman took a solid precautions in a serious attempt against COVID-19. We fogged our property from top to the ground floor and from the back of the building to the front. We made sure the safeness of our valued guests and team. _ Sofia will be open at 11.00 AM - 11.00 PM. As for our in-house guests, breakfast will be served through in room dining. Thank you.

3 weeks ago

Combining craftsmanship of the furniture, artworks, and detail design. #thegunawarman #sofiathegunawarman #lunchtime #dinewithSyah #lifeisagrandaffair

3 weeks ago

We are very saddened to hear all the situation happened lately - brings a huge remorse for nations. . Our bottom-line objectives is to make you feel rest assured that your safety and health is our priority. We are taking extraordinary extra precautions in all our public, private, and dining spaces to keep our guests and our team safe. We provide the best hospitality assistance and service we could possibly offer. #thegunawarman #staysafe #sofiathegunawarman

4 weeks ago

We do more than is required, only for our Patrons. #thegunawarman #sofiathegunawarman #dinewithSyah #Saturdaynight #lobbygin

4 weeks ago

When Friday clears away the rust of the whole week. _ WHISKY LOUNGE Free Flow Whisky 7-10 PM | 299++ Every Friday _ Live Performance by @rickkarnadi _ rsvp at +62812 9161 5433 www.thegunawarman.com #thegunawarman #whiskylounge #freeflowwhisky #whisky #sofiathegunawarman

4 weeks ago

The pleasure of variety on your plate. Experience the deliciousness of our Nasi Goreng Keling. #thegunawarman #sofiathegunawarman #lifeisagrandaffair #lunch #dinewithSyah

4 weeks ago

True wisdom for health protection and soothing relief. Freshly extracted from Indonesian Traditional spices & herbs all combined to provide remedy, nourishment, and antiviral benefits. Surely leave your day at ease. _ The Hearty Elixir Java Remedy (chamomile | ginger | secang | spices & herbs ) Immune Tonic (temulawak | ginger | turmeric ) _ (Hot/ Cold 85K ) _ Get it at The Gunawarman Reservation at +62812 9161 5433

4 weeks ago

Unwind on the ride back home. #thegunawarman #lifeisagrandaffair #morningride #sofiathegunawarman

5 weeks ago

Teach me to sway and dance, To tap and leap and twirl. Lets cheers to the love spell and purveyors of peculiar lovers. _ LOBBY GIN free flow gin | 8-10 PM Every Saturday 299++ Live performance by SIMONY SNICKETS Tunes by Jophy _ rsvp at +62812 9161 5433 www.thegunawarman.com

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The art is in the details #thegunawarman #tiles #sofiathegunawarman #lifeisagrandaffair

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“It all started from merely a dream: a tribute to the rousing vigor of life...” #thegunawarman #sofiathegunawarman #SyahEstablishments #lifeisagrandaffair

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Tender loving care for human beings will never become obsolete. #thegunawarman #sofiathegunawarman #staycation

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Guard well your spare moments. Discard them and their value will never be known. Find this hidden gems nestled in the heart of South Jakarta. _ CSABA SUITE www.thegunawarman.com #staycation #weekendgetaway #thegunawarman #lifeisagrandaffair