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4 days ago

Hey @Instagram is the username @chain_grills still available??

3 weeks ago

Great times in Miami!

last month

i told him to take the helmet off smh

last month

Hey y’all, we are donating $100,000 to the Victoria Country Fire Authority to help aid the current devastating fires in Australia. We hope that you also feel encouraged to donate/contribute in any way you possibly can. if you’d like to join us in our contribution please follow the link below and donate whatever you can! http://cfa.vic.gov.au

last month

We touched shakas and all our dreams came true

last month

This is the energy we want for all 2020

last month

2019 was one of the happiest years we have ever had! Gonna channel all this into 2020 and make some of the best music we have ever made! Love you all! Get weird tonight and enjoy this look back at this magical year together!! Hope this video inspires some of you to bust ur asses in 2020 !!!! Video by @thatoneblondkid

last month

happy new year’s eve everyone! hopefully we get better at taking photos in 2020

last month

India FAMILY 🇮🇳 ❤️❤️

last month

INDIA! So Excited to be back!

last month

Kidnapped him and then he had the time of his life... sorry to his mom 📹 @thatoneblondkid

last month

A decade of love from the best fans in the world. Fingers crossed for 10 more🤞

Dec 2019

we had a holiday party

Dec 2019

Tequila doesn’t grow on trees... drink @jaja

Dec 2019

If you’ve followed us over the past few years you may have observed that a couple of us have struggled with mental health issues. we are thankful that we’ve had a family of friends to lean on and get us through those strange times. One of our closest friends who you all know @rorykramer was brave enough to make this video telling the story of what he went through for our new song ‘Family’ with @kygomusic . Anxiety and depression is an on going battle that we will have to deal with for the rest of our lives, but we’re thankful to have a platform to tell our stories in hopes that they may help other people. You’ve probably heard it many times but don’t forget to check in with your friends. Depression and anxiety externalize themselves in unpredictable ways and some people are great a keeping it to themselves until it’s too late. Anyway, we hope you enjoy this song and video and you are able to take something positive away from Rory’s struggle. We love you guys ❤️ 📹 @thatoneblondkid

Dec 2019

Deleted your photos, don't know what I thought it would do. One of our favorite people on the planet @sabrinaclaudio you are an angel on this one

Dec 2019

Needed a few days to recover and process the incredible Fall we just had on tour. So that’s a wrap for the WWJ tour and I’m still finding it hard to find words to grasp just how special this time was for us. This tour really meant something to us, life felt good, we were happy and loving it all, and based on the reactions we saw nightly it felt like it meant the same for you all. Thank you from the bottom of all our hearts for coming out and being such amazing friends of ours... through 41 cities, a few hundred thousand of you joined us for such a happy part of our lives and really got us excited about what we want this next album to feel like cause we are about to go in again. We also need to thank our crew all you pirates 🏴‍☠️ worked like damn animals for 3 months sometimes 24 hours a day to make this show happen day in and out. You guys think we work hard, then you have no idea how much harder all the crew works to make this show possible. We just get to dream up something crazy and then they have to figure out how to make it a reality. We love our team, they are in its simplest form our family, shit we spend more time together with them than our real families haha and we are blessed to have gotten to choose this team we have, because they would literally do anything for us and in turn you guys to have an amazing experience! This team can’t be stopped, they are the craziest, most sleepless, hardworking, talented group of guys and girls in the galaxy! 180+ shows this year and counting! You know who you are! Video by @spencermiller

Dec 2019

I will find a way somehow to be more than photos to you now... @blink182

Dec 2019

We will miss you Jarad. I feel so grateful i got to witness your talent first hand and that i was able to call you my friend. You always told the truth no matter what ❤️ @juicewrld999

Dec 2019

Four new songs are out today! @kygomusic @blink182 @sabrinaclaudio and @amyshark ! Swipe to listen to each! So anyone reading this! These are the last 4 songs on the WWJ album and also the last day of the WWJ tour - thus closing out this chapter! What an incredible year its been touring 41 cities and getting to work with so many good friends over the course of this album. We got to work with one of our biggest musical inspirations in Blink-182, which still doesn't feel real...man those guys are seriously the best...to finally working with Kygo and Bebe, who have been friends with us since the start of our careers 8 years ago if not more…to working with Ty Dollar and iIlenium who have taken over music respectively…to not only making music with but spending 3 months together on the road they seriously couldn’t be more incredible and fun to be with, 5SOS and Lennon Stella, thank you for coming on tour with us and working so hard - we love you guys! And lets not forget some of our favorite new artists, like Sabrina Claudio, Amy Shark and Bulow…this bunch is already taking over music and we are just excited to be a little part in their incredibly journey. To our fans…this was an important album for us. After Sick Boy, which marked a darker period in our lives, we finally felt we had closure and could move onto something better…it sort of felt like we were breaking free of so much chaos and misunderstanding, and now we could be the people we wanted to be mostly thanks to you all, our friends...we were happy, both of us, and this album was us letting go of a lot of darkness. Getting to share this music with you all really helped us a lot. SO thank you to our friends and family and every one in the pack out there who supported our music and these artists alongside us and thank you to every fan that came out and saw a WWJ show…we gave everything we had this year something like 180+ shows an album and a whole bunch of other stuff and we never have felt more poised to make our best music yet next year…but for now enjoy these last four songs!

Dec 2019

We are on the cover of @forbes this month. If you want to dive deeper into what we’ve built over the past 8 years and have planned for the future, the article will be out tomorrow. We couldn’t have done any of it without you.

Dec 2019

The Reaper @amyshark out Friday!

Dec 2019

Family @kygomusic out Friday!

Dec 2019

See The Way @sabrinaclaudio 12/6