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21 hours ago

TOMORROW! Italian food, @brycexavier , and almost more sweetness than we can handle. Who’s ready for some Italian Food Trivia in the Sugar Rush?? 8PM EST 🙌 #thatssweet


Friday calls for new music! Hop to the link in our stories to check out @brycexavier ’s new song, “The Start”. #thatssweet

3 days ago

Happy National Love You Pet Day! In honor of all our furry friends, we’re coming in cute with a Sugar Rush that’s all about famous pets. Tonight at 9PM EST. Link in bio to download the app and join in the fun. #thatsweet #nationalloveyourpetday #loveyourpets

4 days ago

Thursday is National Love Your Pet Day! Which of these famous duos gets your vote?? We love em' all, but miiight be all about Josh Thomas and that “little” pupperoni. Join him on Thursday for a Famous Pets Sugar Rush at 9PM EST and experience cuteness overload. #thatssweet

5 days ago

Two things we love: @brycexavier and FOOD. Drop a comment and let Bryce know what he should’ve include in his list of favs. 👇🍔🍕🌮🥗 #thatssweet #sweetunscripted

6 days ago

Already miss playing @HQ ? The Sugar Rush has you covered. 😉 weekly celebrity-hosted trivia, like tonight’s game with @empirefox star @serayah ! #thatssweet #givingbacktofans #hq #hqtrivia #gameoverhq #trivia

1 weeks ago

Be a part of @serayah ’s squad tomorrow night in the Sugar Rush! 8PM EST 💃 #thatssweet

1 weeks ago

There’s a totally redesigned Sweet Marketplace with awesome monthly drops, filled with stuff we know you’ll love! Update / download the app and see for yourself. #thatssweet #givingbacktofans

2 weeks ago

The fun JUST 👏 KEEPS 👏 COMING 👏 — @serayah of the hit show @empirefox is hosting another Sugar Rush this Sunday at 8PM EST and we’ll be listening to her amazing song, “Mr Lover”. Tag a friend that needs to be in on this sweetness! #thatssweet #empire #empirefox

2 weeks ago

Happy Valentines Day, sweeties. 😘💕 #thatssweet

2 weeks ago

We’ve got one tasty Sugar Rush tomorrow night at 9PM EST with @bleuvandross ! #thatssweet #soulfood #southernfood #soulfoodies #hiphop #hiphoplover #

2 weeks ago

Oxtail to Shrimp — This Thursday, we’re coming in hot with some SOUL FOOD and @bleuvandross in the Sugar Rush! 9PM EST. Tag a friend with your favorite dish! 👇 #thatssweet #soulfood #gwenshouse #mobileAL #foodie #foodiesofinstagram #soulfoodsunday #hiphop #hiphopdx #hiphopmusic #hiphopculture

2 weeks ago

We’re pretty excited for @averytingley and all the moments she’s about to snap with her new instax! (Yeah, you guessed it - she scooped it from the Rewards Marketplace. ) 💫 #thatssweet

2 weeks ago

Tag a friend you want to join you in tonight’s Sugar Rush with @echosmith ! So much fun & such great rewards — 8PM EST. 💫 #thatssweet

3 weeks ago

@echosmith sounds off! Don’t miss their Sugar Rush, tomorrow night (Sunday ) at 8PM EST. #thatssweet #sweetunscripted #newmusic #music

3 weeks ago

EVERY 👏 SINGLE 👏 DAY 👏 — There are incredible things waiting for you literally every day in the Discover Cards, like new music from @echosmith ! #thatssweet #music #newmusic #musiclover

3 weeks ago

Hear how Josh - ZOMBOY - got his name, and a window into his creative process. Only on Sweet unscripted. #thatssweet

3 weeks ago

Who’s ready for a Sugar Rush with @zomboy ?? It’s happening this Thursday at 9PM, and we’re so ready for it! #thatsweet #edm #edmlifestyle #zomboy

3 weeks ago

Will it be the @49ers or the @chiefs ?? Drop a 👈 or 👉 with your prediction! #SuperBowl #nfl #thatssweet

3 weeks ago

TONIGHT at 8PM EST! Who’s ready for one seriously sweet Super Bowl Sugar Rush?? #thatssweet #givingbacktofans #superbowl

4 weeks ago

Josh is pumped — are you?! Tomorrow we’re pumping up the jams with a special Super Bowl Edition of the Sugar Rush, hosted by our favorite sweetie, Josh Thomas! 8PM EST, only on Sweet. #thatssweet #givingbacktofans #Superbowl #superbowl2020 #nfl

4 weeks ago

Neptune sounds off on all the questions we could fit in two minutes. Check it out, and don’t miss his Sugar Rush tonight at 9PM EST, only on Sweet!

4 weeks ago

Tomorrow at 9PM EST - @neptune is hosting the Sugar Rush! You know how it works... hang out, chat, check out his new music, and have a shot at a massive prize of Sugar! Who’s ready?? 🙌 #thatssweet #givingbacktofans

4 weeks ago

Did you know you can be rewarded with Sugar when you invite your friends and they join in the fun? Take a look under the Friends section for a custom code you can send to your whole squad. 📱 #thatssweet #givingbacktofans