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Every set is a journey, an opportunity to tell my story. Amsterdam, The Netherlands ADE Artist 2019/NDSM Sessions/Roseflower

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Apr 2020

This saturday I will do a stream for Hemingway. And more TBA. I will announce everything you need to now in my story. Hope everything is still fine, in the strange times we are living in. Let's have some music. 📷 @davidsch137

Apr 2020

The day I become 22. It's my birthday. Can't wait to see what this year will bring. 📷 @wide_eyes_fotografie

Mar 2020

Trying to make a story with frequency. 📷 @wide_eyes_fotografie

Mar 2020

TB when we where chillin

Mar 2020

TB pictures from now on, when there was no quarantine. I mis my shows but I am still making music, I will keep you all updated in my stories! : ) /Shane #technolovers #technoculture #technovibes #technodance #undergroundtechno #technoconnectingpeople #danceculture #raveculture #ravemusic #ravefam #technofamily #technomood

Mar 2020

Stay safe people. 🏡🙏 I will be working a lot at home, making new music. We are strong enough togheter to unite again. I hope with everyone you love. Stay positive, Shane. 📷 @wide_eyes_fotografie #technolovers #technoculture #technovibes #technodance #undergroundtechno #technoconnectingpeople #danceculture #raveculture #ravemusic #ravefam #technofamily #technomood

Feb 2020

Stay focused. 📷 @wide_eyes_fotografie

Jan 2020

Thanks to everyone who danced with me. This weekend was crazy! You people give me insperation to do what I want to do. thanks for that. More incomming, stay tuned! : ) 📷 @wide_eyes_fotografie

Dec 2019

This saturday I did a b2b with my good friend @jurreartist . If we play togheter we feel a connection what is really powerful. We feel it if we play or create. A good connection make good vibes I think. It's important to work with people you feel good with. Thanks to everyone who attended the show, thanks to you all! : )

Dec 2019

Tonight I'll be in Amsterdam for the new event @roseblue .circus powered by @ndsmsessions & Undrgrnd. I will play from 1 till 2 check event in my bio. Now first I'm heading to the NDSM-Werf to host the sessions for two artists from @stilvortalentmusic You can tune in and see it live at www.ndsmsessions.com #Amsterdam #ndsm #johndoe #undrgrnd #stillvortalent #techno #melodichouse

Oct 2019

Night w/ @jurremusic

Oct 2019

'Meet the team NDSM Sessions, thanks a lot everyone for the input. Can't wait for the next session.` /Shane

Oct 2019

ADE 2019 was awesome and inspiring. I made new friends, hosted 12 events and played 3 times. This made it busy but also one of the best things I did so far. I am so happy with everyone who was involved by helping and supporting me to make this all happen. @ndsmsessions was also a big thing thanks a lot for giving me, the chance to do what I want to do. Bring freedom in music to the world. The live set/stream will be online soon, we keep in touch thanks a lot everyone 💘 `Shane

Oct 2019

Yesterday I had a really good time. I had my first interview ever on Salto. We talked about @ndsmsessions which I and others host. And my plans in the future as artist. It will be on tv during ADE on @saltoamsterdam . I will keep you all in touch! : ) #ade #amsterdamdanceevent #ndsm #dj #producer #artist #ade2019 #amsterdam

Oct 2019

Some hours left till @tuinfeestevent , hope to see you tonight!

Sep 2019

Meet my friend & photographer 📷 @davidsch137

Sep 2019

My best friend 📷 @davidsch137

Jun 2019

Today playing @promisedlandfestival as NOOM. Swipe right to see the timetable!

Jun 2019

This weekend I will be playing at @promisedlandfestival . Cant wait, hope to see you there! : ) There are still tickets available, link in bio.

May 2019

Making music isn’t easy. It takes time, effort, and learning. But when you’re in the flow, it’s incredibly rewarding. 📷 by @davidsch137

Mar 2019

Washok was awesome. Thanks Washok and everyone for the amazing vibe. You can listen to my liveset, link in the bio!

Feb 2019

What a weekend it will be. My warm up for the weekend is at club 21 on friday more info soon (story ). On march 2nd im playing at Washok. Super exicted for this weekend, cant wait! You can still get your tickets for Washok, link in my bio. See you there!

Feb 2019

Work in process 📸 @anneleinverhagen

Feb 2019

There might be some coffee.