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last month

Time to break the internet, because I take the best selfies. We even dressed to match for the occasion 😜 #somethingforthefans (over a 3000 of you wanted this to happen ) @katrinakaif @beingsalmankhan

last month

“Here’s looking at you” #loveyouall

last month

Another Amazing adventure with @beingsalmankhan & @katrinakaif It was wonderful meeting sheikh hasina what an amazing lady and Being part of the Bangladesh premier league opening ceremony. Can you spot me 👀?????

last month

#repost kind of, just incase you thought I never smile. Here’s an extra photo you ain’t got #katrinakaiffans @katrinakaif @danielcbauer @amitthakur_hair

last month

Never know where she’s gonna take me. But she knows I always got her back @katrinakaif @beingsalmankhan @bplt20

last month

Lovely to meet and train this young talented lady @_vaanikapoor_ yesterday. Hope she loves me after tomorrow workout! 🤣

last month

When I come into town and gym torture the stars 🌟 @katrinakaif @yasminkarachiwala @parkviewhealthclubs (part 2 ) #repost

last month

Mumbai forests with my sister from another mister @mandanakarimi

last month

When Reza and @parkviewhealthclubs comes into town. @katrinakaif @yasminkarachiwala part-1

Oct 2019

In a new world where everyone tries to fit in. Where the world lives one life on social media and another in real life. Its nice to be reminded #itskaytobeyou @katrinakaif @kaybykatrina

Jul 2019

Morning hikes, under the morning sun to start the day off right. #california #laadventures

Jul 2019

No words just ..... ♥️ #happybirthday @katrinakaif see you soon.

Jul 2019

First thing I taught you ........ @katrinakaif BUT can you still do it ?????? I’ll Find out soon 😜

Jul 2019

Simply put #bottlecapchallenge had a few of you request me to do this soooooo ta da 🤗 waiting for my movie offers now 🤣 nominating #everyone and #anyone repost: @parkviewhealthclubs

May 2019

Sometimes I like to #yogi 🧘‍♂️ @parkviewhealthclubs #home

May 2019

As it comes to an end, I thought it would only be appropriate to dedicate the day to #got Game of thrones.

Apr 2019

Wishing a happy birthday to one of the most talented dancers I have ever come across enjoy your special day @prabhudheva 🙏🏼 only other person I know who likes Brussels sprouts as much as me

Mar 2019

10 years and a 1000 clients later, I’m always amazed at the level of your determination. Through insecurity comes strength, through strength comes pride. No matter what is going on sacrifices are made in order to love, protect and honour what is important in life. So here’s to all the amazing woman who have change the world daily #happywomansday #internationalwomensday #mothers #sisters #aunties #cousins Thank you @gymshark for visiting us @parkviewhealthclubs and honouring all our amazing female members

Feb 2019

RIP 🖤 an icon gone way too early

Jan 2019

Ladies and gentlemen please put you hands together and welcome @adityaroykapuryaitsme to the wonderful world for life through photos @instagram now put your thumbs to use and follow, love and support one the most Amazing genuine human being I have ever meet. Welcome brother @adityaroykapuryaitsme

Jan 2019

Thought I’d kill two birds with one stone with a #tbt and #tenyearchallenge and off course helping those designing the new facial recognition software. Time flys when your having fun. (Left picture: Istanbul set of ek da tiger ) and (right picture: kk birthday get together ) damn I looked young

Jan 2019

On his special day let’s all wish @sidmalhotra a very happy birthday. Sorry I can’t be there to share your special day and to add to the many memories and adventures that we share. Wish you happiness and health always brother @sidmalhotra @parkviewhealthclubs

Jan 2019

Start your year with a plan with a vision, no matter how strange or impossible. My tread & shed class went in hard today, and I’m proud of them and their fitness journey. Even if they looked like they died twice

Jan 2019

As 2018 ends I want to thank those who have guided, helped and supported me in this full packed year. But let’s not forget those who have tried to make it difficult for me to move forward. Life lessons are made of the good and the bad, and memories are created by the by those lessons learnt. Wishing everyone an amazing year ahead hope 2019 is the best one for you all. Sending love and positivity to everyone around the world.