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I TRAIN BOLLYWOOD MOVIE STARS. Join my PVTV live workouts daily 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

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2 weeks ago

WE ARE BACK....... can’t wait to see you all @parkviewhealthclubs

last month

#Repost @parkviewhealthclubs Give us 15 min and We will teach you how to punish your legs ........ let us transform you soon n PVTV 30 days FREE access on us DM @parkviewhealthclubs And get started NOW #legworkouts

Jun 2020

Join us on PVTV daily to get your fitness fix. My team and I are here for you always. @parkviewhealthclubs

Jun 2020

A Good heart sees no colour............... #blackouttuesday #standunited #itcouldbeyou

May 2020

Here’s PART 2 of my chair workout for PVTV and @parkviewhealthclubs stay safe and try this at home. Send me your workout videos and PRESS SAVE and use regularly. #stayhomestaysafe #pvtv why not Follow the link on my page ☝🏼☝🏼☝🏼and JOIN US

Apr 2020

It’s a chair not a chore PvTV keeping you motivated in the comfort of your own home. @parkviewhealthclubs Special shout out to all the amazing people, who are on the front line taking care of us.

Apr 2020

#repost @parkviewhealthclubs 💥15MIN DAILY PV WORKOUT💥 50sec per move / 10sec break / repeat 3 rounds. Share your attempts with us and we will give you feedback! Happy training. . ✔️Reverse plank rock aways ✔️Jumping side skaters ✔️Hindu push ups ✔️Crab stepping squats ✔️obliques twist throughs How many of them can you do, DM Me you best attempts. No mirrors, no illusions just me being me

Apr 2020

It’s finally here...... PVTV (LIVE 10am GMT ). Are you ready ????? @parkviewhealthclubs

Apr 2020

During this time of separation I thought we would bring the gym to you. Proudly introducing PVTV, our way of keeping you fit & healthy at home. Follow me and my team on @parkviewhealthclubs and keep up with the latest news and exercises. Here is a little workout just for you and all you need a wall and off we go..... join in and share your videos with me ( #pvtv ) let’s do this. #repost #pvtv

Apr 2020

Are you all ready ????? You finally get to work out like a star, our secrets out the bag. Join us and together we can make the world change for the fitter. @parkviewhealthclubs

Mar 2020

Dizzy adventures and the 2020 takeover begins. Sending love around the world to all my adopted brothers and sisters. One world, one planet, one family.

Dec 2019

Time to break the internet, because I take the best selfies. We even dressed to match for the occasion 😜 #somethingforthefans (over a 3000 of you wanted this to happen ) @katrinakaif @beingsalmankhan

Dec 2019

“Here’s looking at you” #loveyouall

Dec 2019

Another Amazing adventure with @beingsalmankhan & @katrinakaif It was wonderful meeting sheikh hasina what an amazing lady and Being part of the Bangladesh premier league opening ceremony. Can you spot me 👀?????

Dec 2019

#repost kind of, just incase you thought I never smile. Here’s an extra photo you ain’t got #katrinakaiffans @katrinakaif @danielcbauer @amitthakur_hair

Dec 2019

Never know where she’s gonna take me. But she knows I always got her back @katrinakaif @beingsalmankhan @bplt20

Dec 2019

Lovely to meet and train this young talented lady @_vaanikapoor_ yesterday. Hope she loves me after tomorrow workout! 🤣

Dec 2019

When I come into town and gym torture the stars 🌟 @katrinakaif @yasminkarachiwala @parkviewhealthclubs (part 2 ) #repost

Dec 2019

Mumbai forests with my sister from another mister @mandanakarimi

Dec 2019

When Reza and @parkviewhealthclubs comes into town. @katrinakaif @yasminkarachiwala part-1

Oct 2019

In a new world where everyone tries to fit in. Where the world lives one life on social media and another in real life. Its nice to be reminded #itskaytobeyou @katrinakaif @kaybykatrina

Jul 2019

Morning hikes, under the morning sun to start the day off right. #california #laadventures

Jul 2019

No words just ..... ♥️ #happybirthday @katrinakaif see you soon.