Climate change action group @extinctionrebellion has unveiled a "radically different" visual identity, including DIY protest posters that will allow activists to flypost cities. See more on #GraphicDesign #ProtestPosters #ClimateChange

Climate change action group @extinctionrebellion has unveiled a

Ha just saw a sticker at vancouver public library this morning and it caught my attention- thanks for the heads up!

April 2019

YES. Nothing says save the planet better than cutting down trees to print signs saying “Save the Planet” So “guerilla” of you. While yer at it. Make a bunch. So that all the waste just ends up flying around an already littered city. Should drive the message (trend ) home. Fuckin trendy nerds!

April 2019

Rinnegan is banned here.

April 2019
April 2019

@itsireniee this is what we saw!!!!!

April 2019

Deforestation can be slowed by simply avoiding red meat and palm oil.

last month

We need strong rebellion 👊

2 weeks ago
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