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💜💙💚 Good vibes, addictive Grooves & BIG Basslines \🐸/ Pushing Boundaries since ‘95🐢 @HeldeepRecords 💿 #HeldeepRadio / my dark side> @officialHILO 🌚🕺🏻🇳🇱

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18 hours ago

🐴: “Did you hear about the man who was hospitalized with six plastic horses inside him? The doctor described his condition as stable.” 😂🤪 #FunnyHorse #HorsingAround 🐎

3 days ago

Opening the @F1 🏎 Season with @Heineken was super fun! Thanks to everyone involved & I hope you like my set 🕺🏻(couple of new IDs in there btw 👀🙌🔥 ) It’s up now on my YouTube & Facebook, enjoy! \😎/

5 days ago

Doing a very special live stream today playing the @F1 Season opening with @Heineken ! 🏎💨 Make sure to tune into my Facebook or YouTube channel today - you don't want to miss it! 😎🙌🔥 11:30am Los Angeles, 2:30pm New York 🇺🇸 3:30pm Rio de Janeiro 🇧🇷 7:30pm London 🇬🇧, 8:30pm Amsterdam 🇳🇱, 10:30pm Dubai 🇦🇪, 12:00am Mumbai 🇮🇳 3:30am Tokyo 🇯🇵, 4:30am Sydney 🇦🇺

6 days ago

⚡️ ZEUS ⚡️ My new @officialHILO track, out now on @mau5trap ! ⚡️ Link in bio! 😎🙌⚡️

2 weeks ago

Back in the gym after 3 months be like... 🤣🤣😅

2 weeks ago

F1 is back! 🏎💨 To celebrate I’m playing the @F1 and @Heineken official season opening party as a livestream this Saturday! 😎🙌⚡ Make sure to tune in on our Facebook pages and Youtube channels! #SocialiseResponsibly #WeRaceAsOne @redbullracing @maxverstappen1

2 weeks ago

Out on Friday!⚡️ @officialHILO ⚡️ @mau5trap 🐭⚡️R u ready? 😎🙌🔥

2 weeks ago

Love this! @gabbyjdavid killed it w her choreo on my @katyperry ‘Daisies’ remix💃🏼🔥👌

3 weeks ago

My remix for @KatyPerry ‘Daisies’ is out now! It’s a bit 2010-2012 @Avicii style, mixed with my style/sound, I hope you like it 🕺🏻😃🙌🌈 (video cc @TeamHeldens @RickeyThompson )

3 weeks ago

Happy Father’s Day! 🧡 When I started producing music, my dad was already a fan of House, Minimal/Techno, Jungle & Synthesizers (besides his usual Jazz, Funk & Classical Music; he plays keys 🎹 ), and he has been very supportive from the beginning. He’s super passionate about music and as a child I’ve definitely been positively influenced by that : ) So thank you Dad for all the love & support and your positive energy in general! 🕺🏻😊🙌🌈 #HalloweenThrowback #HappyFathersDay

3 weeks ago

Meet Olivia Heldens 😂 Would you go on a date with her? 😅👩🏻

3 weeks ago

Have you heard my set from The Royal Concertgebouw in Amsterdam yet? 🎼🎻🔊 Thanks for all the love on this set! 🖤🤍🖤 Make sure to check it out on my YouTube - link in bio : ) 🙌🌈 ( 📷 @movitchell )

4 weeks ago

It was a big honor and a lot of fun playing at the iconic Royal Concertgebouw in Amsterdam for Digital Mirage Festival! 🙏 I’ve spent a lot of time recently preparing & doing these live stream sets & guest mixes (and of course my weekly Heldeep Radio shows ) and I’m very happy how they all turned out & how you guys are engaging with them 😊♥️ There are 7 new unreleased tracks in this set, which ones are you anticipating the most? 👀🕺🏻✌️ Btw you can also check this full set on YouTube & I’m uploading it to SoundCloud as we speak. Enjoy 🙌🌈

5 weeks ago

Love this dance video on ‘Rave Machine’! @jayleennm @maria .moves @erikagutierrrez you crushed it : )👌🔥🔥🔥

last month

Mood when the beat drops 🐶😎🔥 track id: Rave Machine ft. @Rowetta (cc @TeamHeldens )

last month

When hope dies, action begins... ✊ #NoJusticeNoPeace #BlackLivesMatter

last month

My @officialHILO set for @Tomorrowland #UnitedThroughMusic is up on my YouTube now! I went pretty deep, dark & hard... 😈😎👊💥🚀 Hope you like it 😉💜 (and yes, I made my neighbors do a sit down 😂 In video 3 )

last month

RIP to this legend... 😅🤣⚰️🕺🏻 (cc @martinsveinson ) #CoffinDance

last month

Tomorrow! Playing on the @tomorrowland live stream as HI-LO @officialhilo 😎👊 Let’s go deeeep 😈 8am LA / 11am NYC 🇺🇸 4pm London 🇬🇧 5pm Amsterdam 🇳🇱 7pm Dubai 🇦🇪 9pm Bangladesh 🇮🇳 10pm Jakarta 🇮🇩 12am Tokyo 🇯🇵 1am Sydney 🇦🇺 Where will u be tuning in from? : ) (📷 @rtreebusch )

last month

🤣 Sorry neighbors 😅 Rave Machine is doing some serious damage lol, Top #3 @Beatport Dance Chart in 2 days already! \😁/ Let’s get it to #1 tomorrow? 👀🚀😎 Hopefully clubs can be re-opened soon, so we can all get groovy & party hard again to banging tunes like this 🥺👉👈 🙌🌈💥❤️💃🏻🕺🏻💜 Take care amigos🙏 (video cc @TeamHeldens ) track: Rave Machine ft. @rowetta (out now @toolroomrecords ) 🔥🔥🔥

last month

RAVE MACHINE OUT NOW! \😎/ @rowetta @toolroomrecords 🙌 Over the last couple years, inspired by the likes of @slam_djs , @AlanFitzpatrick & @T78official to name a few, I’ve been wanting (& trying ) to also create music with a more old school / ravey banging Techno approach, besides the more Housey /Disco-y & ‘Futuristic’ / Elecro-ish tracks I usually do. This time while making ‘Rave Machine’ everything just really fell in to place. It’s very much inspired on the iconic old school rave anthem ‘88 to piano’ by MainX and I’m very happy how it resulted in to this ‘hybrid’ House meets Rave & Techno stomper. It’s pretty playful, melodic & groovy, but still a straightforward banging tune; for me it has the best of both worlds 😁🙌🔥 Of course also huge credit to Rowetta for adding extra soul & bliss to the record by letting me use her iconic ‘Reach Out’ vocal! It’s a real honor for me + to be able to release this on one of my all time favorite labels, is truly a childhood dream coming true. Shout out to @djmarkknight & the Toolroom team for believing in this track and dragging it over the line with me! 🧡 Ps: I recently found out MainX aka Rene van den Berghe from that ‘88 to piano’ tune is also from my hometown, Rotterdam! Big ups to this legend 👊 #Rotterdam 🖤

last month

Thanks for all the love on my @edc_lasvegas set yesterday morning / Friday night! 💜 So crazy we were top 10 trending on Twitter world wide! Afterwards scrolling through the tweets & Insta stories was really fun and it felt very wholesome to see how you guys reacted to the stream & vibed w the set. It’s up on my YouTube now 😃🙌🌈 Thanks @insomniacevents @pasqualerotella for having me! Also big shout out to my fellow DJ colleagues for dropping by 😂🙈 And much love to @uberkraftstudios & @joostvanaarle for putting together these crazy visuals! 👌👻

last month

Happy Bday to Martijn 🥳🧡 + some TBs to @edc_lasvegas 2015 & the last EDC I played in Mexico 🇲🇽 which were both sooo sick!! Btw, that song Rave Machine will be out May 22nd on one of my all time fav labels: @ToolroomRecords ! Super stoked about that : ) it’s been such a bomb in my sets, I’m glad you guys are liking it 💜 So, tomorrow I’m doing a live stream for the Virtual EDCLV & I’ll be on at 10:05pm LA time (so 07:05 Amsterdam time haha, better wake up early 😬👀 ) so get the Coffee ready and Dance with me tomorrow! I’m looking forward to this! 😁🙌🔥🔥🔥

last month

Love this! @ecruz_n will teach this choreo to Details in her class this Friday and I’ll participate in it 😛 Tag a friend if you want to join too 💃🏻🕺🏻 #ShuffleAtHome