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11 hours ago

Trying to stay positive during negative times 🖤🙏🏽 check in below I’m responding together we are stronger

14 hours ago

Adidas or Nike 🤷🏽‍♀️👇🏽me both 💀follow me on @dubsmash

17 hours ago

What day is it🤣 (wrong answers only ) Sunkissed 🗣I’m VERIFIED on @dubsmash follow me 🙌🏽


Becoming Dai Time 💜🗣🙌🏽🙏🏽 comment where u live 👇🏽👇🏽🤔I’m trying to c something thank you for this beautiful pic @boujeeegraphicsss

2 days ago

FOREVER thankful 🤞🏽who’s your favorite artist of 2020 👑 great news to share soon 🗣🗣 tbt moment thanks @freshempire @bet & everyone who made this possible

5 days ago

😭 caption this thanks @ethika

6 days ago

#gocrazychallenge 🤩 what colors do you see wrong answers only 😜 Best hype man ever is my mom🤣🤣 #gocrazy

1 weeks ago

Staying tobacco-free helps keep my teeth ALWAYS shining bright 🤩 because smoking cigarettes can stain your teeth! With everything I have going on, I MUST keep this smile pearly white! 🤣 Drop your best smile below! @freshempire #freshempire #tobaccofree #sponsored

1 weeks ago

Yoooo congrats sisters I had a BLAST 🗣where was this video filmed👇🏽 (wrong answers only ) 🤩 new video by @gabbyandmadimusic 😻 disclosure this was BEFORE social distancing no masks 😷 and no one was harmed 😱 it’s almost the weekend

2 weeks ago

😂🤣 tbt funny moments on the carpet who is your fav comedian 🤩 TY @therealchrisspencer BIG NEWS COMING SOON

2 weeks ago

😭😫 why are my nails missing from my right hand 😤💀what’s your dominant hand left or right 👇🏼 @dubsmash follow me

2 weeks ago

Nails 💅🏼 by me inspired by @melodyehsani 😱 what design should I do next click the link in my bio for Full video tutorial background voice my mom 😂🤣

2 weeks ago


2 weeks ago

#tbt Reading is Lit Tour is something I created 4 years ago where I encourage 1000 students each school year to become entrepreneurs can’t wait to encourage more students cool fact I wrote my first book at the age 10 #readingislit

2 weeks ago

My superpower 💅🏼 being Dai Time what’s yours👇🏽

2 weeks ago

Sunny vibes what colors do you see 👉🏼👈🏼

2 weeks ago

Name a song thats getting you hype RIGHT now 🔥🔥 #tbt with momma @mstinalawson at Lady Foundation

2 weeks ago

Why 😭 do I constantly mess up at the END OF A DUB! like why not the beginning so i can start over😤 tag someone i should collab with🤣

3 weeks ago

Tbt moment at the Essence black women in Hollywood luncheon earlier this year was truly impressive and impactful I finally interviewed @tikasumpter she currently plays the mother in @mixedishabc and not to mention films directed by @tylerperry what inspired me the most about this event was everyone was kind stylish and energy was all positive special hugs to @kharmonyfortune 😘 I LOVE UNITY and POSITIVE VIBES 🤩

3 weeks ago

I always keep it cool 🤣😌 what color am I wearing? Wrong answers only

3 weeks ago

Tbt moment at the EPIC NAACP AWARDS with @michaelbjordan 🙌🏽🤞🏽he was super cool I didn’t interview him but he was very humble and encouraging his last words were “one day I’ll be your special guest on your show keep going Lil sis” 🙏🏽 TODAY I’m LIVE 9pm EST my special guests @dj .therapper @therealtyhibbard & @jittnquan don’t forget talent show at the end PRIZES to give away yes cash app you must notify ahead of time 🔥🔥

3 weeks ago

that TIME of DAI 😻 SPAM 🧡🥵

3 weeks ago

dream a dreaaam🤣 comment your favorite cookie 🍪 onesie from @aqueensdesigns

3 weeks ago

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to the best mother a girl could ask for💚 Use my code DAITIME14 To get $ off your onesie from @aqueensdesigns !