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7 hours ago

TONIGHT, get ready to pull out some titties because we ready to throw some beads. 😜 @startraxsundays

10 hours ago

I just wanna say... From the bottom of my heart... Get the fuck away from me if you have bad intentions. Happy Sunday ✨😁

20 hours ago




To my beautiful mother & twin! As I write this, I get emotional because I’ve witness what you’ve been through for the last 34 years of your life. But most importantly, I know what I’ve put you through within the last 2 years. I wanna say thank you for always teaching and showing forgiveness time after time in every situation you are in. You are the STRONGEST woman I know. You were my first female crush. You were the first audience I ever acted in front of. You are even the first “gay mother” to most of my friends. We grew up together. Laughed together. And damn near fault together. Your struggles were mine. And I am forever grateful that we’ve overcome every obstacles that’s been in our way. You have been the perfect example of grandmother. And I hope I am the perfect of you. I love you to no measures. Have the HAPPIEST of birthdays today and we will be turning up for Mardi Gras. I love you. I love you. I love you!!! ❤️❤️❤️ 51 NEVER LOOKED SO GOOD!!! You all please shower my OVERALL MOTHER with some love. 😘

3 days ago

I swear I just be chillin 🥴

4 days ago

If I wanna see you, and I don’t, imma have an attitude...

4 days ago

how scammers act when someone rings the doorbell unexpectedly.

5 days ago

I wonder what I was dreaming about.

5 days ago

slept all day. now look at me. 😫

6 days ago

Drunk conversations... What y’all think i was telling @princecharmingp ? 😫 🎥 @smithworldwide

6 days ago

just keep swimming. Happy Monday! ✨

2 weeks ago

Fun Fact: I used to dance in high school & college. Now it’s just a heavy two step. 😭

2 weeks ago

“I been in touch with myself lately, I been kickin' it back But you're workin' me so hard, I swear it's killin' me, yeah Why we talk the most anytime we lay down in the bed? Good head make you forget what you said I been tryin' take it there, but make it clear, uh You been fuckin' many weirdos, I'ma kill bruh Sike, I'm playin' I know it's been bad It's been touch and go It's been 'round and 'round It's been loop-de-loop We been here before”

2 weeks ago

love overboard. 🌹

2 weeks ago

🚨 🚨 🚨 🗣 Beginning Friday March 6th, your FRIDAY nights are now CLSQ! We are extremely excited to announce that we are moving our @itsclsq to Friday nights, creating a much needed experience for all the grown and sexy men and women of LA. This will be the HOTTEST hip hop party at the most iconic venue in West Hollywood. And who else but to have the iconic red carpet designer duo @waymanandmicah & global beauty expert @sirjohn coming to set the bar for this legendary night. You don’t wanna miss this. LA... This is the start to a NEW ERA! Let’s go!!! 🔥🔥🔥

2 weeks ago

a CLSQ photo for a CLSQ Thursday. ✨ major announcement tonight at @itsclsq .

2 weeks ago

today was fun. #AugustWilson #BlackHistoryMonth

2 weeks ago

Is it Thursday yet? Every Thursday is CLSQ! @itsclsq

2 weeks ago

I got some high hopes...

2 weeks ago

forever mood 😁✨

2 weeks ago

I just wanna chill. I don’t wanna feel.

3 weeks ago

Every Thursday is CLSQ. #TBT @itsclsq x @thechapelweho

3 weeks ago

Mondays ✨