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37 minutes ago

Mood Online Class is finally here! ✨🖤 We have heard your requests - with this, find our Level Up through Zoom! And also our Freeflow IG Live! Swipe right to find this week’s schedule! 🖤(please note: few of our zoom classes have 60mins and 90mins options - every last 30mins of the class, our instructor will focus on each daily theme! ) 🌎

7 hours ago

Giveaway challenge reminder! #moodfromhome 🖤✨ Make sure your Instagram profile is not set to private so we can view your posts! ✨

2 days ago

Yes! We are doing a giveaway for our Mood Yoga Mat for one lucky winner! ✨🖤 We understand that during this period, a lot of you are practicing at home! We would like to give a little support and help provide you with the right tools to start your home practice journey! 🖤✨ Make sure your profile is not private! And simply follow the rules on how to enter and will be back on April 5th to share the winner of our Mood Yoga Mat! 🌎✨ #moodfromhome

3 days ago

Bend it right with @wandering_diane for the King Pigeon alignment cues! ✨🖤 // Mood is working hard to find ways how we can move our classes online better. Please kindly keep checking our page for any further updates!

5 days ago

Alignment is the key! Handstand cues with @kikikian ✨🖤 // How’s everyone’s home practice going? Comment down below! ✨

6 days ago

Home practice alignment cues with @wandering_diane ✨🖤 // For those practicing Grasshopper Variation Pose, here are your cues! Let us keep being inspired and learn new things during this time! ✨

1 weeks ago

School of Arm Balance Announcement 🗣 // It is with deep regret we inform you that we have also made the decision to postpone the masterclass. Please kindly watch this space as we work hard to find new safe dates for us to gather and practice together again ✨🖤

2 weeks ago

To all our followers, with the closure of our cafe on Monday, We would like to reduce waste by selling our Mood Jamu online. To purchase our package, please kindly whatsapp our link in Bio! The package will include our Body Ease, Focus Boost and Skin Food Jamu 🖤✨

2 weeks ago

It is in our human nature to start counting our blessings when things are no longer available to us. Let us use this time, to be in one with boredom, while we let the nature to heal itself with its own divine intelligence. ✨🙏🏻 - Boredom is a part of life. We have been so out of touch with being in peace with boredom. We distract ourselves to resist from it. Let us use this time to reconnect with the stillness of the world and find that curiosity back in the sky, the sounds of the wind, and the safety of our home 🖤✨ Mood will still be here to connect with you. We will be working hard to find ways on how we can continue to provide our services online during this time. Namaste over handshake and stay healthy ✨🌎🖤

2 weeks ago

How’s the home practice going?!✨🖤Let us all motivate each other and practice it right! 🖤 Alignment cues for Eight Angle Pose with @amandatasning today!

2 weeks ago

Another pose to practice today at home! ✨🖤 Find our alignment cues for bird of paradise with @dets .moves ✨ // Let us still be aligned with our movements during this period of time. Anywhere, anytime! 🖤

2 weeks ago

For all our followers who are social distancing and practicing at home! We are all proud of you! ✨🖤 // Here find your Grasshopper Pose alignment cues by @amandatasning ✨ Let our home practice be more informed and stronger!

3 weeks ago

To be connected collectively, yet individually. Everything starts from oneself. ✨🖤 Let us find the solace in one’s own space, while finding embodiment in the whole image. Praying for the 🌎 to find its’ own equilibrium ✨ // From left to right, Zee, Amanda, Pupu and Nadhira!

3 weeks ago

Feed your body with goodness during this period with our Mood Jamu! ✨🖤 With our natural superfood ingredients - giving gratitude towards the power of our nation’s nature 🖤✨

3 weeks ago

Inner reality over outer expectations this week! ✨🖤 regroup yourself to come back mindfully this next week! // March Week 3 schedule is up! 🖤

3 weeks ago

Get your electrolytes fixed with our fresh coconut! 🥥✨🖤

3 weeks ago

For one another, finding balance in togetherness ✨🖤 Catch Kiki and Paula’s Yin Yoga Classes at Mood! ✨

3 weeks ago

Relax with us by the sun ✨🖤 To live by the sun and dream by the moon!

3 weeks ago

Newly updated March Week 2 schedule is up! ✨ See you all on the mat! // Minor changes in Jivamukti schedule for this week - do kindly note! ✨

3 weeks ago

Recovery and Protection Bowl ✨🖤 // Smoothie Bowls made 100% by people in good mood! ✨

4 weeks ago

To all the amazing women in this world, we are all in this together! May we inspire one another, lift one another and celebrate one another! ✨🖤 With International Women’s Day, Mood have asked a few of our instructors on when do they feel strongest as a woman. Check out our video! ✨🤸🏾 #internationalwomensday #internationalwomensday2020

4 weeks ago

Coffee made 100% by people in good mood! ✨🖤 // We also have a variety of Plant-based milks available!

4 weeks ago

It is in the togetherness, with yourself and others! ✨🖤 // Find Kiki and Alyssa’s classes here at Mood!

4 weeks ago

Mood presents SCHOOL OF ARM BALANCE Masterclass Workshop with Amanda Tasning and Diane Rostaing 🖤 - March / April 2020 - 4 Sundays from 8:30am - 10:30am March 22, 29, & April 5, 19 - Rp. 250.000 per class Or Rp. 800.000 for all - Limited Seats Available RSVP to Mood (click the link in our Bio ) ✨🖤 - * Practice and Theories covered * Weekly home practice/homeworks provided