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8 hours ago

Ready to dance and groove in? Let us make you feel good and forget about your worries through this playlist curated by our very own residence DJ, Irwin ( @irwin .putra ). Jam through and follow the beat from our favorite songs by J.Cole, SZA, Tyga and more Safe and Sound with Irwin Spotify user: syah_est https://sptfy.com/safeandsoundwithirwin Link in our bio head to @lucyintheskyjakarta and @lucybeer .kitchenbylawless Remember, we can always have fun everywhere, anytime! #SAFEANDSOUNDWITHLUCY


No space left for negative energy. Let's not overthink. The world has given us more time to get closer to our loved ones. Stay positive, stay happy! #SAFEANDSOUNDWITHLUCY

4 days ago

It’s almost Friday Night, you’ve got a company! Pour your heart out and sing it out loud, Pop-Up Karaoke “Most Requested Songs Compilation” Vol.1 is now available for a jive at Spotify! May it be a shower session, or after hours at your home, these tunes are finely selected to bring festivity. Pop Up Karaoke - Home Jukebox Vol.1 Spotify user: syah_est https://sptfy.com/popupkaraokevol1 Link in our bio, head to @lucyintheskyjakarta and @lucybeer .kitchenbylawless #SAFEANDSOUNDWITHLUCY

4 days ago

How's your quarantine weeks so far? Already miss your Friday night at Lucy? We know it is hard for us to temporarily closed the doors, but your safety is our utmost concern. So.. take time now, breath, think happy, and dance! We are all in this together. ❤ . #SAFEANDSOUNDWITHLUCY

1 weeks ago

SYAH RELIEF FUND Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund It is in times of need that we discover the full impact of a community united. Step up and help keep our frontline healthcare workers and neighborhood safe against Covid-19 crisis. . You can contribute by donating through: BTPN 904 0004 0431 Account name: Dian Ayu Anggraini $cashtag $syahrelieffund For confirmation of your donation, please kindly contact: +6281310610676 We are accepting donations of supplies for use by healthcare workers in hospitals across Jakarta, and basic necessities for full impact of communities. Drop point: Hotel Monopoli JL. Taman Kemang 12 - South Jakarta. Operational hours: Mon-Sun, 10 am – 5 pm For more information : 0821 1110 0336 . Donate As You Please. Share As You Please. Help As They Are Your Own . @syahestablishments @thegunawarman @hotelmonopoli @brownfeather @lucyintheskyjakarta @lucybeer .kitchenbylawless @segundojakarta @kittebyalma

1 weeks ago

There’s about to be gazillion things we missed if you ask us, but still it gives us the peace of mind knowing many of us staying at home for a better good. Cheers for brighter days ahead! 💞 #SafeandSoundwithLucy

2 weeks ago

Good days will come. There’s always sunshine after the rain 🌞 Spread the positivity among us, we’ll meet again. Sending the love to you and your family at home 💕Stay safe and healthy 🙏🏼 #lucyintheskyjakarta #syahestablishments

2 weeks ago

Move it cause no one's watching! See? Staying at home ain’t that bad. Get your heart jamming and body dancing 🕺🏻 listen up to this playlist curated by our very own resident DJ, Bima G ( @bimagirindra ) and play it on repeat! Featuring songs by Drake, Post Malone, J Balvin, and more. Head to link below to find out! . https://sptfy.com/safeandsoundwithbimag #SAFEANDSOUNDWITHLUCY

2 weeks ago

Celebrating a day reserved for introspection and inner reflection—a time of purification and now, more than ever, is what the world needed most. . Syah Establishments wishes you a day filled with peace and serenity. Hopefully this moment will be a time of renewal for all of us. . Rahajeng Rahina Nyepi Caka 1942 . @syahestablishments @thegunawarman @hotelmonopoli @brownfeather @lucyintheskyjakarta @lucybeer .kitchenbylawless @segundojakarta @kittebyalma

3 weeks ago

. Effective today we made the inevitable decision to temporarily suspending restaurant, bar, and club operations until further notice: Lucy in the Sky and Lucy Beer Kitchen by Lawless. This decision comes with a very heavy heart. On behalf of SYAH Establisments I want to make sure you feel secure, safe and comforted. We love serving you, our neighbors and our community. Your health and safety, along with the wellbeing of our team, are of paramount importance to us. As this situation continues to evolve, we will keep you updated via email, website, and instagram account. We take this opportunity to once again thank you for your continued trust, support, and loyalty. Sending love through these times. Keep yourself and your loved ones sanitized at all times, we hope the best for your health and safety. We look forward to welcoming you back as soon as we reopen our doors. Thank you for your understanding at this difficult time. Things will get better soon! Felly Imransyah

3 weeks ago

Hi folks, during this period of time, let’s stay calm and keep our minds on the positive side. As most of us are currently staying home right now, we just want to remind you to still have fun while taking good care of your wellbeing! - In the upcoming days, we will bring you some fun and some nice companion to kill your boredom from home. Lucy go-to companion on being #SAFEANDSOUNDWITHLUCY - We got your back, stay tuned.

3 weeks ago

We support you to stay at home due this outbreak so just give us a call to +62 813 1986 7542 and we’ll deliver it to you. We want you to stay healthy and wants you to eat good food! 🍔 Stay safe everyone 🙏🏼 #lucyintheskyjakarta #lucybeerburgerbar #safeandsound #syahestablishments

3 weeks ago

Your safety and health is our main priority. Due to Covid-19 outbreak, we clean every area regularly with disinfectant to keep Lucy safe for us🙏🏼 Body check temperature and hand sanitizer also available at our entrance. Stay safe everyone! #lucyintheskyjakarta #syahestablishments

3 weeks ago

It’s never enough to take one bite of our Lucy Lawless from @lucybeer .kitchenbylawless . A perfect combination of beef patty, american cheddar, beef bacon and sunny side up 🍔 #lucybeerburgerbar #lawlessburgerbar #healthyfoodsucks #syahestablishments

4 weeks ago

To keep our place hygiene and safe, we clean every area and every contact point with disinfectant because our customer and staff’s healthy is our top priority 🚀 Temperature check and hand sanitizer are available on our entrance. Let’s spread the love not the germs 🙏🏼 #lucyintheskyjakarta #syahestablishments

4 weeks ago

With the current health situation and condition, we have been considerable in strictly following health guidelines regarding the coronavirus issue. We dedicate to put the health and wellbeing of our customers and employees as our top priority. We hope for the best of health, safety, and comfort for everyone. We’ll see you at Lucy! #LucyInTheSkyJakarta #ItAllStartedWithLucy #SyahEstablishments

4 weeks ago

Calm in the middle of the outbreak. Stay safe and healthy 🙏🏼 Happy Sunday #lucyintheskyjakarta #syahestablishments

4 weeks ago

Raise your hands, scream your lungs out and dance like there’s no tomorrow for the weekend with our dynamic duo @bimagirindra @irwin .putra 🙌🏼 #lucyintheskyjakarta #itallstartedwithlucy #syahestablishments

4 weeks ago

Dear valued guest, . Due to Covid 19 outbreak, we have taken precautionary action by using a thermal scanner to check the temperature of all guests and staffs. We have to make sure that only body temperature below 37.5C is able to enter our entrance. Hand sanitizer is available at the entrance, we encourage all guests and staffs to use it frequently to provide a healthy, safe and virus-free environment. We apologize for any inconvenience caused, thank you for your understanding. So worry no more and let’s stay safe and keep our environment healthy 🚀 #lucyintheskyjakarta #syahestablishments

4 weeks ago

Worry no more! It’s Friday already, our time to create memories 🎉 #lucyintheskyjakarta #itallstartedwithlucy #syahestablishments

4 weeks ago

Okay ladies, now let’s get in formation! Get your Thursday night right in the sky💋 #lucyintheskyjakarta #itallstartedwithlucy #syahestablishments

4 weeks ago

Gather up your squad to sing with live music performance from @feels_id and dance on the dancefloor led by @bimagirindra tonight 💫RSVP +62 813 19867542 💃🏻🕺🏻 #lucyintheskyjakarta #itallstartedwithlucy #syahestablishments

5 weeks ago

Make exciting plans to start your week!💃🏻 A little throwback to @videostarr .mov event last Friday. 🎊🎉 #LucyInTheSkyJakarta #ItAllStartedWithLucy #SyahEstablishments

last month

Friends who dance together, stay together! 💥 Text your besties, match your outfits, and get turnt till sunrise! Our own @barry_aw and @irwin .putra will lead the beats. 🔉 #lucyintheskyjakarta #itallstartedwithlucy #syahestablishments