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1 hour ago

Cannot keep my cool because @itsnicethat is my fav inspiration portal❤️🥺 thank you for having me #itsnicethat 🌝 love ur words @rubyboddington 💥


Quarantine canvas in the making. Hello again #acrylics

2 days ago

Happy days before quarantine🥺never thought 2020 is gonna be like this. Still so grateful though🥺❤️ Glad we took this trip #takashipom #kaikaikiki #nakano

3 days ago

Documenting my quarantine fam using my #instaxmini11 ❤️ still looking good even though I shot them indoor😌 It’s now available at Fujifilm Official Store @instaxindonesia #newinstax #stayathome

3 days ago

Girls in different shapes series #illustration #desksituation

5 days ago

#ladiesdrawingathome DAY 7! My third week of #quarantine is going quite productive. I guess I'm on the accepting phase right now. (? ) Even though I'm used to work from home, the first week of quarantine I was panicking and can only stare into the void. I guess all emotions are valid... you can be productive and doing all that side projects on this global pandemic, or you can take your time to process this weird, hard times we're all in. No pressure as long as we keep staying at home🥺💥 We got this!! Draw with us @ladiesdrawingclub .jkt and tag us to get featured! #illustration #illustrationartist

2 weeks ago

#everypurchasematter A hard time for a small biz like @liuniconthings 🥺 but we tried to keep the business running to keep the cashflow healthy to pay for our team’s hardwork. Luckily our sewing team live in our home studio so everybody can work comfortably from home.🙏🏻 Twas a fun photoshoot with these funny sistur @alikaislamadina @kalyaislamadina ❤️ DIY props as usual 🤪 styled by @ramadicandra 4ever🥰 photo by @yohanliliyani 🥺 makeup by @owidoesmakeups the whole new collection is finally complete! Go to our webstore or tokpedia page for purchase

2 weeks ago

Halo, Selama 10 hari ke depan, kami peserta Ladies Drawing Club akan bergiliran membuat sebuah karya dengan tema apapun dan karya akan kita unggah setiap jam 7 malam. Siapa saja boleh ikutan kegiatan ini, unggah karya kalian dengan tagar #LadiesDrawingAtHome agar kami bisa ikut melihat gambar kamu! Let’s draw together at home❤️

2 weeks ago

Week two workfromhome I honestly did not have energy for my personal project. But my mental health is gettin better so I tried to color my drawing with #adobefresco ❤️ using my fav live brush

3 weeks ago

It’s okay if you just wanna stare into the void and don’t wanna do all the productive things the internet told you. It’s ok to just be. To process this strange times we’re all in. @liuniconthings team is still doing work from home and to be honest that’s keeping me sane, keeping me busy just like normal days. I can’t help but questioning is this the new normal? I’m trying to accept this. #stayathome

3 weeks ago

Going to document my #stayathome self quarantine with my new #instaxmini11 🌝 @instaxindonesia now even more ways to gives #newinstax #comingonapril

4 weeks ago

Yayy @liuniconthings new collection is out now!!🥳❤️ had fun makin sets for every @liuniconthings photoshoot😛 swipe left for the set sketch😌 this one is inspired by my visit to moco museum, David lichtenstein inspired but a DIY version! thanks to @fabelio @owiliunic @che .nny @ramadicandra @yohanliliyani for the DIY session😂 liuniconthings.com for more details! #liuniconthings #setdesign #artdirection

4 weeks ago

As an illustrator I work from home a lot! A little trick to boost my work mode even if I’m working from home is changing into a nice outfit with full make up on🤪 but sometimes working hard with no pants works too🌝 wash ur hands and stay healthy everyone😞

4 weeks ago

It’s all worth it!!💥 Well bailey doesnt destroy stuff anymore cause she’s a mature lady now but when she was a puppy we called her bailey the destroyer! Sorry mom @nfrenley for the sofa! Will fix it soooon🤣 #illustration

5 weeks ago

Happy international women’s day! ❤️❤️ Girls unite!! Throwback to this #illustration I made for @womantalk_com #illustrationartists #liunic #womensday2020

5 weeks ago

Shapes and people #gouache on paper🌝 #illustrationartists #illustration

last month

Gouache on paper❤️ got a lot of gouache series! Should I make art prints out of them? This one is on @roomfifty you can buy this artprint on their website💥 #roomfifty #illustration #liunic #gouache

last month

Blooming in their own ways. #illustration #procreate #stillife #artwork

last month

m o n d a y b l u e s 😬 #liunic #illustration oh wait don’t forget to exercise amidst all of these💥

last month

Dancing or slipped up? #liunic #illustration #illustrationartists

last month

Drawing with these ladies feels so recharging! Jadi semangat gambar kalo lagi males, jadi pengen latihan min 10,000 jam haha 💥 thanks for the talk @r_hakim @dielamaharanie @nengiren @drawmama ❤️ dan suami2 yg nemenin haha #ladiesdrawingclubjakarta @ladiesdrawingclub .jkt

last month

Happy seeing my illustrations on different cute valuables. Building my cute empire on liuniconthings.com shop away❤️💥 #liuniconthings

last month

Ga bisa liat space kosong putih. Haha. #yamanouchi