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❤️💛 USC | “Train your mind to be stronger than the emotions you feel.”

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We are BLACK WOMEN!..... We build .... We don't tear down other BLACK WOMEN! .... We have felt the pain of being torn down and we have decided we will be deliberate about building others! Don’t Love Me For What I Do.. Love Me For Who I Am. If I didn't tag you, please don't be offended. I tried to pick people I thought would do this challenge!! All too often, us women find it easier to criticize each other, instead of building each other up. With all the negativity going around let's do something positive!!🌟 Upload 1 picture of yourself...ONLY you. Then tag as many sisters to do the same. Let's build ourselves up, instead of tearing ourselves down. If I tagged you, don't disappoint me!!

last month

I went for a run... so how did I end up here

last month

Currently Reconstructing 😌✨

last month

Does this count as isolating...

Mar 2020

Just wait for it... you’ll see us soon. #FightOnForever #NCAA2020

Mar 2020

Y’all don’t know the good that a simple smile can do... so I’m gonna put you on 💁🏾‍♀️

Jan 2020

Dang, looks like we’re #️⃣1️⃣ in every category 🤷🏾‍♀️💕 . Bodacious and Beautiful 😜✌🏾 #FightOnTrojans

Jul 2019

My first USA team and I’m so grateful for everyone who supported me as well as everyone I met there!!! I didn’t get the time I wanted but the outcome was definitely a true blessing from God. U20 Pan Am 200m Champion 👏🏾❤️

Jun 2019

Here’s to a great freshman year with an even greater team. 💕 I love and appreciate you all so much and thank you everyone who has helped me get to this point so far. I can’t wait to see how much we all improve next year! 😁✌🏾 100m: 11.57 ➡️ 11.16 ✅ 200m : 23.42 ➡️ 22.65 ✅ #FightOn @usc_track_field

Apr 2019

USC vs UCLA duel meet tomorrow. Come support!!! Let’s see who runs L.A ❤️💛vs 💛💙 #BeThere #ComeSupport #uscvsucla #BeatTheBruins

Mar 2019

Captivating and Fascinating 😌✨🔆

Mar 2019

Drip like honey and glow like gold 🤩👑✨