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Brand new zer0 remixes coming for you THIS FRIDAY!! make sure to presave at the link in bio

4 days ago

⭐GIVEAWAY ALERT⭐ hii guys!!! during the self quarantine, ive been drawing every day. just makes me happy. it would be my absolute pleasure to share this experience with you guys so tomorrow!!! i will be on our twitch at 2pm pst, and whatever little creation we come up with together will be gifted & snail-mailed to one fan from the chatroom. P.S. i don’t have any artistic training beyond high school so im kinda nervous about sharing my amateur shit. but i am a student of all things in life and welcome any tips or suggestions from fellow artists!!

5 days ago

hi krew : ) here’s our twitch stream schedule for the upcoming week. drop suggestions of diff content you want in the comments! doing our best to bring you some random fun and unexpected shit while we all stay da fuk home 🤪

6 days ago

ticket vendors will reach out with next steps🙏🏽❤️

1 weeks ago


2 weeks ago

We're back for round 2!!! Get ready for 5 more 🔥zer0 remixes out 4/10, this time from our very talented friends @princefox @toneshifterz @beauzworld @_shivamusic @futuristicpolarbears

2 weeks ago

if u missed our set for Twitch Stream Aid this weekend u can watch it now at the link in bio. comment below with any suggestions for stream ideas we could do.. cooking, Q&A, etc. 😉

2 weeks ago

we're so excited to be part of @twitch 's Stream Aid!! we'll be LIVE on our twitch channel at 5:40 PM PDT tomorrow to help benefit the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO. follow us at the link in bio!

3 weeks ago

my last hike before the trails shut down in LA. it’s for the best tho. lots of us including me are gettin the itch to expedite this whole process of social distancing. but that’s a short-sighted, half-ass way of combating this virus. As a reminder to continue to uphold to quarantine-life, im tryna look at this as a test of patience & self-discipline. and maybe positive transformation and clarity will come from this practice? this is where having faith is part of the cure. faith that riding out this uncomfortable phase will somehow reveal something beautiful and enlightening for humankind. it’s pretty magical to imagine millions & millions of people getting on the same wavelength of committing to the process for the wellbeing of the community 😭.... NEVA BEFORE SEEN IN HISTORY. SO LETS MAKE HISTORY YALL. LETS MAKE THE ALIENS LAUGHING AT US PROUD. 🌍👽❤️

3 weeks ago

Guys!!! Greenlights is #5 on dance radio THANK U so much for continuing to support thru all these changes. KEEP DANCING EVEN IF ITS IN UR KITCHEN!! 🎶 Remix by: @madgrrlmusic

3 weeks ago

Sup from the others side!!! 👋 what’s something you’ve learned so far from the self quarantine ? one thing for me is that toilet paper is completely unnecessary after pissing since I replaced it with a rag! Ive just been washing the material in hot water after a couple days...dunno why it took this Coronavirus thing to make me realize it but the rag-dab will now be a lifelong peepee practice for me. creates less waste & one less person contributing to this toilet paper hoarding nonsense 🙄 🧻

3 weeks ago

hi friends, how is everyone’s mind body & soul? i recorded this yesterday, it’s a silly little thing but this tea has been helping me tremendously. coming home from Europe 12 days ago was worrisome because we’d just spent the previous 3 weeks in 8 different countries + on countless flights, but J & I are feeling healthy so i wanted to pass on any info i have on natural remedies that help strengthen our intricate systems. if you swipe you’ll see this easy anti-viral / anti-inflammatory tea & some add-ons for bolstering immune health. some other things i’ve been doing / taking religiously: 💊 supplements: vitamin C, K, B, D (plus getting ☀️ as much as i can ), L-Lysine for its incredible anti-viral properties, ferrum phos, nux vomica, oil of oregano, chaga, black seed oil, curcumin, astragalus, baobab powder, camu camu, Siberian ginseng, sage + rosemary from my backyard, echinacea… the list goes on 🥬 a shitload of leaves. lacinato & curly kale, dandelion greens, rainbow chard. toss them in smoothies, sauté them with spices, massage them with lemon juice & olive oil cuz nvr 4get, good fats aid the absorption of these wondrous vitamins into our bodies. thicc leafy veggies pack a powerhouse of benefits that most supplements can’t deliver as bio-available 🕺🏽 body movement, even if it’s stretching here n there throughout the day. also if you have one, your normal fitness routine will most likely have been disrupted by a quarantine so be gentle with yourself if you aren’t meeting your old daily expectations. adjust to this new (temporary ) period of time with kindness to yourself 🍄 mindset is dare I say the most important. it’s inevitable to go through lows during this time of potentially getting sick/ loved ones being sick, not being able to see family and friends, being out of work, feeling uncertain about what the future holds, etc. but every moment spent in joy or peace is a fucking win please comment any physical, emotional, mental, etc. remedies you’ve been utilizing : ) i’d love to expand on this + share info. we’re with you guys in spirit through this strange time, sending love to you all around the world❤️

3 weeks ago

Wooow I can’t believe this was just 2 weeks ago🤯 this vid captures our adventures from Prague, Barcelona, & Switzerland~ I’m so grateful we could have these experiences before things shut down. We hope this brings a smile to your face and faith that once we all get through this, there‘s an abundance of beautiful & exciting times awaiting us on the other side. All this social distancing and quarantining is temporary, friends. We’ll see you back out there soon enough. Sending infinite love to all of you around the world ❤️ 🎥 @karljquist

4 weeks ago

last night I went out for the first time in what felt like forever. I caught the sunset with my toes in the sand and i swear the earth stood still. the people surrounding me were quite a distance apart but waving and staring at the creamsicle sky with the same awe as I was. there is oneness in our fear, our faith, and our movement forward. everything we do is connected and it hasn’t occurred to me as shockingly until now, now when a tiny microscopic virus has put the human world on its knees. as I breathe in LA’s clean, fresh air (taking the majority of cars off the road just hits different ) I’m just grateful I’m here right now. I don’t know what tomorrow holds, but right now in this moment is wonderful : ) ~Yasmine ❤️❤️

4 weeks ago

^ figured this might explain why I might be inconsistent online. been longing to tap into a state of flow for extended period of time until the concept of time itself vanishes , and daily tuning in online doesn’t always feel authentic for me... i tend to feel severe cognitive dissonance if I don’t honor my truth lol 🤯 . I LOVE U GUYS and despite infrequent contact I still feel psychically connected to u 🌊❤️. SENDING VIRTUAL HUGS TO ANYONE ELSE WHO IS SOCIALLY DISTANCING AND MISSES HUMAN TOUCH 🤣 -jahan

4 weeks ago

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our manager @fionabarbary ❤️!!! Thank you Fiona for believing in Krewella and our KREW, caring for both of us as individuals, for all your hard work and focus on this project, and for your friendship and guidance. Since ur so humble u probably don’t realize it but You are courageously paving the way for young women out there who are striving to be in leadership positions. WE LOVE YOU 🥰

4 weeks ago

which drop is ur fav!!?? zer0 The Remixes: Part 1 out now!! thank you to @motiofficial @reapernoises @litlords @madgrrlmusic @slippy_music for lending your amazing talents to these songs.

4 weeks ago

krew we say this with an incredibly heavy heart ~ we are SO SORRY but tomorrow night’s show in Austin + our show at Bradley University on April 4th have been postponed, dates TBD. at the end of the day nothing is worth the risk for anyone to expose themselves to a situation that might compromise their health. even if you think you won't be affected by COVID-19, please keep in mind the elderly and those with underlying health conditions that are especially vulnerable right now. compassion and patience go a long way in a time like this. everyone please stay safe and take all precautions possible, we love you guys ❤️

last month

I know international women’s day was yesterday but let’s be honest this shit is true any day of the year doe 😂

last month

what’s on the horizon 💫: zer0 remix package, zer0 North American tour, new visuals, more music.... what else?!

last month

this euro tour has been fucking incredible 😭😭😭 Romania, Russia, Czech Republic, Spain ~ thank you sooo much. last show tonight in Switzerland 🙏🏽 hope everyone is staying healthy and safe ❤️

last month

learn the lyrics to our new album on @applemusic so you can sing along when we see you on tour!!

last month

Prague we’re enjoying roaming your beautiful streets so much ❤️ can’t wait to play for u tmrw night at @duplexprague 🍾🍾🤪