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2 days ago

...we may get justice, i just pray it’s not at the expense of what really needs to be changed... the heart’s of men. america’s greatest virus is back on the front page today, #racism ...praying for a change at a heart level, not a surface level.

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...your move.

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@gqfrance mai-juin 2020 “L’Allure de...” on newsstands now... how do you define your style? “easy... crocs and sweats... well, the highest version of that idea.” 🐊

last month

the spirit or approach of #AIR @fearofgod has always been an uncompromising, disruptive, honest and underdog mentality that was informed by my favorite player @theofficialai3 ...but the aesthetic, imagery, design and collection have always been informed by and with respect to, the greatest of all time... we all looked up to mike no matter what player we personally identified with most... mj and the bulls back then and even today will always be the benchmark of greatness... so humbled to have been able to pull from honest emotions and nuances that shaped my childhood and who i am today to tell this story with @nikebasketball ... figured i’d share some of this since it’s #thelastdance and all...

last month

growing up we didn’t have fashion shows. we had mike.

last month - 4.25.20

last month

the uncompromised basketball sneaker you can get points in... on and off the floor. 4.25.20

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last month

...stating the obvious on @rodengray .com

last month

“The blessing of this pause is to look at all the things we have in our immediate grasp that we typically look beyond.” @fearofgod for @rodengray .com

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...honoring the call is understanding that having the ability to put luxury goods into the world is a luxury in and of itself... we’re doing all we can with what we’ve built, as we know its really been God given, and in that comes responsibility... @fearofgod for @rodengray ...catch the full story @ rodengray.com

last month

@fearofgod footwear ...the backless 101... 📷 @lapstoneandhammer

last month

@fearofgod footwear 📷 @lapstoneandhammer #repost

last month

the @fearofgod skate mid ...american cultural nuances from the 90’s modernized and hand-crafted in italy... 🛹🏀... when hoopers and skaters had the same vibe... 📷 @lapstoneandhammer

last month

...thanks @jeffstaple “stay @ home” with @hypebeastradio ...was tough doing this interview at a time when i’m still looking for answers in these unprecedented times... i’ve always aimed to be as transparent as possible, and i guess if anything we’re being called to a higher level of honesty in our creativity... we’ll never have it all figured out, but we can always aim to be more truthful and intentional in our craft... 🖤

last month

in the grand scheme of things, an untimely sneaker release date... but always the perfect time to be locked in at the house with the people you love... #PlayInside ...shot on zoom 👨🏽‍💻 @pierretoussaint

last month

little jerry at home in los angeles shot via zoom by @pierretoussaint in sydney, australia 👨🏽‍💻... #PlayForTheWorld @fearofgod for @nikebasketball

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📷 @tommyton

last month

...all dressed up waiting for the fall 🍂

last month

fall 2020 🍂 @tommyton 📷

last month

a closer look by @tommyton 📷 via @hypebeast #ErmenegildoZegnaFEAROFGOD

last month

the definitive dad 🧢... @tommyton 📷

last month

a closer look by @tommyton 📷 via @hypebeast