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2 weeks ago

Abhi vakht kharab hai isliye chup hu Abhi Vakht kharab hai isliye chup hu Sabka hisaab hoga Jab dimaag kharab hoga🖤 #lastpost

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Aug 2019

God, goals, growing, glowing ♥️

Jul 2019

Series of unfortunate events 🤣 . . #pubg #crisis #unlucky #funny #comedy #vine

Jul 2019

Kabir Singh in real life 🤣 . . . #spoof #kabirsingh #arjunreddy #comedy #vine #shahidkapoor

Jun 2019

Obsessed with #KabirSingh ♥️ Here's my 2nd video of this movie Have fun...share with your loved ones & Special thanks to @kushal_varia for filming this video . . . #shahidkapoor #tujhekitnachahnelage #1minmovie

Jun 2019

On public demand 🖤 #bekhayali #kabirsingh . . . . . #arjunreddy #shahidkapoor #videomaker #actor

Jun 2019

[READ CAPTION] I belong to a middle class family When I was a kid I always wanted to experience a luxurious life, wanted to have one sports bike, one Harley Davidson & one BMW I always dreamt of riding BMW since NFS Most wanted controlled my childhood. Finally the time came Today, after 6-7 years of struggle, hardwork & dedication I finally learnt how to edit BMW symbol in Hyundai's place

Jun 2019

Last night an 87 year old, terminally-ill male patient was brought to the Emergency department of NRS Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata and was admitted under the Department of Medicine. Despite best efforts by the doctors on duty to save him as per guidelines, he died (very natural for a man of his age and a common sight at busy hospital emergencies ), the patient party verbally abused and misbehaved with one of the interns issuing his death certificate and when asked to apologise, they fled the scene with a threat to bring harm upon them. Later, a mob attack with 2 truckloads of about 200 men was brought upon the ER of NRSMCH, having injured many students, medical professionnel with two interns on duty being critically injured, one of whom suffered a depressive fracture on the frontal bone (as depicted in the 3D reconstruction image of his CT scan below ) leading him into a comatose state with a Glasgow Coma Score of 3. He is currently admitted at Institute of Neurosciences, Kolkata and is fighting for his life, and if even if he survives, he would have to spend the rest of his life with major neurological defects. Doctors from prominent medical colleges in Kolkata such as Medical College Kolkata, Calcutta National Medical College, Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education and Research amongst many others, have come to their support by also going on strike and stand in solidarity. However, media highlights manipulated facts of "wrong treatment being given" and "Medical college interns' Protest" but has not given any proper information on the details of the patient who died, his age and cause of death. Humanity couldn't stoop lower. Doctors aren't Godly creatures. They are humans made by hardwork and skill, and they can only try and save people's lives, which most of them do with dedication and honesty, and for the others who don't, laws exist.  It is high time we came together in support of what is true and just.  Don't spread hatred. Don't get misled by strategically malformed news; learn facts. Support the ones who work tirelessly for your own health and safety, as they need it now, more than ever. . Credits -  @samarpita_banerjee . #standwithdoctors

Jun 2019

If I showed you my flaws If I couldn't be strong Tell me honestly, would you still love me the same ?

Jun 2019

If Kabir Singh was Kabir Jain 👅 Like when you see #jcbkikhudai Share if you had laugh 😂 . . . #jcb #kabirsingh #parody #spoof

Jun 2019

Sad reality of social media 🖤 Every content creator should watch this video Swipe left to watch full video . . . . #contentcreator #influencers #reality

May 2019

Why should girls have all the fun 😂🔥 . . #tiktok #duet

May 2019

Kabhi Khushi kabhi nahi gum ♥️ #family

Apr 2019

7 years & there's no replacement of this scene 🖤 Did I ever tell you the definition of INSANITY ? 😏 Reenactment of vass scene from farcry 3 @michaelmando @farcrygame_us @ubisoft . . #ubisoft #farcry #vass #favourite #villian #michaelmando #gamer #reenactment

Mar 2019

Hey you,yes you Keep laughing 😂 Bcoz keep smiling is too mainstream . #wahighisepitehashtags #smile #laugh #motivation #influencer #blahblahblah

Mar 2019

Instead of crossing paths I prefer to cross phone numbers😉💙 In frame : @shalu ._.suthar @its_pj___ . . . #tiktok #vine #tiktokindia #shortvideo #musically #romantic #acting

Mar 2019

Love at first sight ? Possible ♥️ In frame : @aanchalshah2105 🎥 : @dark_starzz585 IB : @adilkhan .official . . #tiktok #sairat #videography #slowmo #AhmedabadMnG

Mar 2019

Your Slayer crossed 100k on musically/tiktok 🔥♥️

Mar 2019

Sairat Zaala ji ♥️ Reenactment of a scene from movie Sairat On-screen partner @unnati_varia 🎥: @kushal_varia @vadgamavivekc .viku Share if you liked it . #sairat #holi #reenactment

Mar 2019

Making some real life transitions even before it was cool 👅 & I can officially use this line 'Abey e bachkane, ye Sab na me chouthi me karta tha' bcoz actually I was in 4th grade😂 #magician #fancydress #fancydresscompetition #throwback #schooldays

Mar 2019

Betrayal 🖤 Revengence 🔥 Disclosure 🐍 Ego 💚 Necessity of being on the top 👑 . Know this & you'll get to know 5% of politics 🖤 . Song : Raktacharitra #raktacharitra #videomaker #entertainer #actor #influencer #politics

Mar 2019

How some of the trending dance steps were discovered 😂🔥 Part 2 will be out soon💙 Share if you liked it . #DanceMasti #flossin #dance #funny #vine #comedy #meme

Mar 2019

Ex co-interns ♥️ . . . #memories #internship #medico #mbbs