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Our accidentally ironic song titled “Stuck in Place” will be up this Friday. Even with the quarantine we will be working hard to write and record music to release. . . . . . . . . . . . #newmusic #dfwlocalcreatives #dallasmusic #quarantine #quarantinelife #poppunk #poppunkband #studio #write #record #dayindayout

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It takes patience and hope to get over our obstacles in life. Life is unexpected. It is unpredictable. "Trust.Hope.Practise." These three things are supreme which enable us earn gud life. #thoughts #write #randomthoughts #poetry #motivation

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Nature rubs her sleepy eyes awake . The daffodils stretch and line the grass with their trumpet heids held high, ready to welcome in new life as they stand tall, deep rooted to their bulbs in the earthy ground, dancing and swaying for the anticipation of Spring . Yet this year things feel different. The rows of daffodils are still upstanding, shouting with their trumpet heids ‘we’re here, the Winter is over’ . We’re told that we need to stay at home . We need to protect one another . Maybe this year the daffodils are standing tall and their trumpets sound to praise and cheer a compassionate, protective and collective human race . #daffodils #dancingdaffodils #trumpetheid #spring #creativewriting #write #cheer #stayhome Compassionateworld #compassionateliving #protectoneanother #collective

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When someone asks something from you? Without thinking much about it, you say yes just to keep their heart. But you don't realise the consequences behind it if you don't do it. The person stops worrying about it thinking you'll do it. Expects from you cause you created those expectations. And when that person realises you can't/don't do it. His/Her heart is shattered into pieces. And the worst part is he/she can't even ask someone else for it, cause it's too late. So it's better to say no in the first place. Cause atleast your intentions would be clear to him/ her. So it's better if he/she feels bad rather than their expectations getting shattered into tiniest bits. Even if it isn't a big deal for you but it's consequences for him/her can be worse. So think twice and know what's at stake before acting in an immature manner. #writing #writersofinstagram #writer #poetry #love #writingcommunity #quotes #poem #poetrycommunity #poetsofinstagram #writers #writerscommunity #poet #poems #art #writersofig #words #reading #write #author #wordporn #life #writerslife #books #quoteoftheday #amwriting #bookstagram #thoughts #instagram #bhfyp

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Dear H Why is it that I always have a different memory of what happened? Sometimes I don't remember things at all, and some stuff I can't forget. So weird. So to answer your question what will I eat, if it didn't have any consequences. Um. I don't know. Maybe a lot of pizza and cheeses. I think I can survive a long time on cheeses alone. Give a cheese platter and I am happy. Being moderately lactose intolerant, I can't digest milk properly, so yes, I would overdose on cheese and pizza. Sakura, sounds so peaceful. I like the word. Come toh, I will feed you all the good things I am making. Especially the momos and the cakes. Should I make some cookies? Guess what? I am on chapter 2 of the manuscript, can't wait to complete and send it to you for review. As Always - R ________________________________ #letters #letterstoliveby #conversationhearts #conversation #longdistancerelationship #relationships #writersofinstagram #words #reading #write #author #wordporn #life #writerslife #books #quoteoftheday #amwriting #bookstagram #thoughts #instagram #mentalhealth #anxiety

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Shivers went through my whole body as soon as I entered home. I couldn't hold the door any longer. Even though my body was numb, forehead covered in a puddle of sweat, I still managed to smile. I saw that person right in front of me with my very own eyes, hanging out and spending time with my family a whilst pretending to be my angelic supporter. Alas! That was the moment I realized how fake people can get. With every step I took forward to meet the person I hate most, I felt my feet losing their power to stand up and my body lost its balance as if I was standing on a seesaw. I felt the ground crumbling, the horror flashbacks appeared before me. I wanted to run from all this, to a faraway place where I would be in peace. Yet! I stood still. I somehow managed to shake hands with the person who harassed me and even that touch for a second left me in trauma. The uncomfortable touches brought back terror. My heartbeat rapidly increased causing jerks and pauses in my speech. I had to be as fake as he was being. My mind was thinking something and what I was saying was entirely different. It took my whole energy to see that person Infront of my eyes. Thousands of incidents, millions of sacrifices and yet keeping that one fake smiling face to hide all the pain. Do you still think women are weak creatures? . . 📸 @picture .perfect911 ❤️ . . #writersofinstagram #writingprompt #instapoetry #writerscommunity #writersofig #writersblock #writerlife #writtenword #instawriters #spilledink #wordgasm #creativewriting #poetsofinstagram #words #wordporn #writer #writersofinstagram #writing #writingcommunity #write #writers #text #read #prose #typewriter

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به امید فرداهای بهتر برای همه شما دوستان عزیزم 😘بابت لایکها و کامنتهاتون خیلی ممنون 😊😊 @english .with.naderi @english .with.naderi @english .with.naderi. . . . . english #study #learn #listen #read #write #teacher #instructor #private_class انگلیسی #مطالعه #یادگیری #گوش_دادن #خواندن #نوشتن #معلم #استاد #کلاس_خصوصی

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An inspiration to evolving #writers having hard time trying to express themselves, possibly pessimistic to do so due to fear of how their circle, or the society in which they live in at large might react. I urge people in this category to #pursueyourpassion pu #write #takenochance #inspire

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• i honestly don’t know how to caption this post so i’m gonna keep this short for once 😂 still working hard on editing & trying to balance it out w/ school and work (which i’m at right now )(and honestly i really wanna quit but that’s a rant for another day ). life is super wild right now and i feel kinda overwhelmed with everything but i’m trying my best, & regardless am super grateful for what i have, especially in times like these :( stay safe everyone.

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#NaPoWriMo2020 #alley that clearly read REVENGE she wrapped her arms around herself like a mother holds her newborn baby for the first time and sometimes, last. letters in her hands written using sighs and whispers and a lighter, rage bursting out through her body the hands that smelled of guilt in no time, crushed and burnt them down while the flames screamed TAKEN. Some stories have an end, we call it the beginning. She stood up, walked away and never came back. Until one day, she did. Her body, a wildfire slowly and steadily creeping through the houses that locked her heart in the basement that can never be burned again. Her nails, long and sharp ready to rip apart the throats speaking of vengeance. Her eyes, a deep blue ocean not the one you stare at for hours but, the one that drowns you till your body learns to float her words, a sharp-edged sword can bleed you to death before you suffocate your own self in the words you spoke and the actions you took. Her legs, an anchor supporting you when you're down but also, to walk all over you when needed. She had letters in her hands with fingers sulked in blood. letters she wrote the day she mourned her death she left one at the end of each block for women capable of tasting death and returning right back. Some stories have an end, we call it, the beginning. While walking down the alley I stumbled across a woman she was no one but me I'm no one but her my eyes, rebellious my feet, unflinching I wouldn't help you mess with my fire, I'll burn you down. @inked_thoughts20 @insanely_sane16

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I had convinced myself, That all that love could offer was heart ache, All that it would boil down to was destruction, I had convinced myself, That while it was lovely for a moment or three, I just wasn't built for it. It's funny how with you, All of the past lovers disappear, As if I had never been hurt before, As if there was no one else before you. As funny as things are, As lovely as this is, I'll write this letter and put it aside for a while, Hoping a little that my heart finds its home, Hoping a little that this just is it, And you'll call me tonight, To talk about life, And I'll smile, Then go to sleep, With a feeling that I had never known, A heart that is filled, With a love that wasn't ever expected. - V

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•Viviamo tra le nuvole cercando sempre il sole• #⛅

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📝 @adriano_scrive ___ 🖋 Spesso mi sento Una storia difficile Da raccontare Ma io ci metto Sempre passione E provo Ad usare Parole Semplici Un po’ Come quello Che sento Ma ci sono Troppi specchi Intorno E faccio Fatica A sentire A percepire La comprensione Che in fondo Non ho mai Chiesto nulla E continuerò A non farlo Ma dimmi Adesso Se vale più Aprirsi Che farsi Scoprire Io ci provo Ma che fatica Slacciare Tutto Sembra un infinita Salita ___ #pensieri

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Hi friends❤️ I know it’s been hard. The weight our silence and deflection as creatives have been apparent. All of a sudden, writing seems to be puny of a task, as well as an insignificant plight compared to this new reality we are forced to heed as humans. Trust me, it has been hard to escape this. My literary powers are no match to the ominous events replaying news after news. I just want to send everyone love and prayers, as well as the hope for better days. Things are uncertain but you are not alone Xo Elle Bor

Feb 2020

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Jan 2020

FULL PIECE _____________________________________________________________ POST- HUMOUS: IT ENDS LIKE THIS The end is a travesty. It has no power, at least not until it finds a carriage inside the tongue of the one you love. What once was a shadow of a stranger, a foretaste to your own bloodshed, suddenly knows your name. And I still couldn’t comprehend the element of surprise when it called to me. I know it’s coming. I know it is you who’ll speak of it. And just as death, I have mourned for what has been expected. But perhaps I only prepared for the moment to arrive and never the feeling that provoked my capacity to find its counterpart in words. I have misjudged its authority in the same instance your goodbye grew claws and mauled my heart out from my chest. But you didn’t rip it, not right away. There was still a thin cord attached to my body, just enough to feel, long enough for me to suffer and watch the darkness take hold of the sky until the imminent disconnect. And here I thought the end meant a whole lot of chaos in my universe. The ground would split open from beneath my feet. The sky would rain fire. And a dense cloud would hover and hold me prisoner as the vulture awaits for my carcass. But it is nothing close to a place I could touch and soothe over. Our end was an explosion of my own flammable parts, a merciless annihilation. The war has been inside of me, breaching through my bones and violating my peace. It is visceral. It is the slaughter of my soul. Elle Bor | Confessional Poetry | Jan 1 2020

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❗️❗️My second novel is already available at your major online retailers . LINK IN BIO _____________________________________________________________ Some deaths don’t leave corpses. . . Ophelia thrives on a dangerous fixation towards Henry, as he starts a relationship with someone else. She forgets that their unusual link was driven by safety and not love. But her obsession is hardly a measure to her true madness. Rather, a cruel history follows her, carted by fleeting memories of trauma, mental chaos, and a perpetual concern for an adversary whose identity is yet to be known. Ophelia is being hunted but she hardly understands the weight of that reality. She meets Noah, a jovial yet enigmatic character. His arrival offers an enticing future, the kind she once dreamed of with Henry. Yet riding behind him is her past life, thirsting for remembrance. It’s the same one that robbed her of her youth. Then something happens, something that forces her on the cusp of a decision. Whether Ophelia succumbs to her desire for freedom or yields to Henry’s strong resolve in keeping her under his protection, she remains tethered to a looming threat and a mind that cannot be trusted.

Nov 2019

Thank you for this GOODREADS Review! PRE-ORDER link for My Name is Ophelia is in my bio


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I expected you to be better But here we are . So I will wish For things to get better 😏😏 . . Link to my blog is in my bio ❤️ . . Use #wallflowersg for shoutout ❤️ #sg #hungryykid #writersofinstagram #writer #write #writers #writerslife #writersofig #writerscommunity #writersofig #writersofindia #writerswrite #someoneyouloved #fairytale #reality #bangalore #bangaluru #delhiwriters #writers_den_

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When I first learned how to make books (many many moons ago ) the case-binding was my absolute favourite to make, over and over again. Earlier this year I was delighted to teach this workshop privately to numerous students. And now I’m inspired to make many more, again. @barizaki #bookbinding #sketchbook #booklover


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Dearly Beloved,🍂 It is a beautiful day, and it is Palm Sunday. You would know, right? I think of the moment when Jesus looked towards the city of Jerusalem before he entered. All those thoughts running through his mind mixed with tears. All those green leaves and branches laid down to welcome him, I think He must have seen the depths of brown. I think He saw the wickedness He was to die for. The crowd knew He would be King but they never guessed He wasn't looking for a throne; He was seeking for souls. Did he rejoice in the welcome, when he knew he was on his way to the Cross? I think He saw a broken city with the stench of betrayal and dying strewn leaves everywhere; this rejoicing to be turned to mockery no sooner. I think He saw the brown in all the green glory. I think He saw the death in me, like autumn brown leaves struggling to survive in Spring midst. He knew it all. He knows it now. He got down from the donkey and prepared his way up to the Cross so the brown that I am would be acceptable at Heaven's Door. Dear, though we were both as brown as we could be, I hope you blend well in the Promised garden. We will be a new green some fine eternity when He says so. xx . . . . . . . . . . #palmsunday #brownleaves #nature #christian #love #mercy #grace #writer #lifeisbeautiful #write #writersofig #writersfollowwriters #poetsandwriters #writinglife #beauty #instawriters #instawritings #april #naturephotography #igwriters #igwriter #igwritingcommunity #writinglife #writingofinstagram #writeups #nagaland #nagawriters

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Don't rush your healing. #topherkearby


#30daysofbiblelettering // Good news: Jesus chose you and He works by His Spirit in you today to bear His fruit! No need to rely on your own failings, no need to wonder if you belong. Believe in the Word, you are a child of God, believe it and see the fruit it bears, and you will know Christ works in you! 🍇 #bearfruit


• losing connection is worse than losing common ground. (hands that stopped reaching between the ending and the now. ) . my first two books are available worldwide via the link in my bio! ✨