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Artist: @em .c44

8 hours ago

“It's a full moon tonight. That's when all the weirdos are out. “💀 . Can you name what iconic Halloween movie that line is from? 🎥 @thepaulerich and I had a blast doing this spooky shoot! I wish you could have seen the look on peoples faces when he drove up to the stoplight next to them 👻🚦 . 📸 and styling by @newwavehawaii 💄 @karla .anahissa.mua

7 hours ago

Still waiting on my Hogwarts letter but I did just get accepted to Miss Robichaux’s Academy for exceptional young ladies🌙✨ so its not all bad! Do you recognize this mansion?! Any #americanhorrorstory fans out there? If you’ve watched the show then’ll you’ll recognize this spot from the 3rd season Coven aka my favorite season🖤 & let me tell you New Orleans is a city with all the best witchy vibes! This was from my 5th visit and I am still so obsessed with how diverse and electric this city is! Its a place known for voodoo, vampires, and home to countless spooky shows/movies. Not to mention the bomb creole food that mixes french and Cajun cuisine! Have you been to #NOLA yet? 📍Buckner Mansion