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Joshua: Bonnie and Watson are doing really well. Bonnie is our first out of 4 that hasn't been in an incubator, such a strong lass! Watson is a warrior and came out of NICU yesterday. Kelly is doing an amazing job practically by herself as I'm only aloud to see them for 2 hours a day due to the dreaded C word! Can't wait to get them all home so they can meet their older sisters. I love my family more than anything 🥰❤️ #didelphysuterus #twinpregnancy #miracle #1in50million #journey #follow #justthebeginning #pregnancy #twins #oneineachwomb #wombstories #familyof6 #nhs #blessing #grateful

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One of our favorite things to do with the boys is take them to different breweries and wineries. They’re outside and easy to socially distance. Plus, there’s always have good food trucks 🤘🏻today we had gyros 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 . . . For the most part people keep their distance but we always get people who want to come up and stick their head in the stroller 👎🏻 . . what’s your favorite newborn friendly thing to do ? . . . . #twins #twinsofinstagram #twinpregnancy #fullmoontwins #birthstory #birthstoryblog #pregnant #pregnancy #pregnancydiary #pregnantbelly #pandemicbirthstory #postpartumbody #postpartumfitness #fraternaltwins #diditwins #babiesofinstagram #babyboyclothes #postpartum #nosleep #morebabiesmoreproblems #breastfeedingmama #pumpingmama #pumpingmilk

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✨Mommy + Daughter✨ • I remember when I was pregnant with the twins, I had it in my mind that our little girl would be brown-eyed like her daddy and that our little boy would be blue-eyed like me. I don’t know why, that’s just what I pictured! Well, it turned out the exact opposite and we ended up with a mini AJ and a mini me. BUT, I’m not mad about it 🤍 • Delaney Grace I love your bright blue eyes, your fierce personality, and your beautiful voice you bless me and your daddy with when you wake up singing. • Do your kids look like you, your spouse, or a mixture of the two?! 💗💙💜 • #mommydaughter

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We are finally through more than 1/2 way with this pregnancy. I have to admit, this continues to be a scary journey, but a blessed one. 🙏 I have such a supportive system with me and I know that God and Rey chose these babies for us. They are meant to be here. They are meant to exist. For our friends, family, and SLP colleagues who have been following me, I want to share some amazing facts about twin pregnancies: 1️⃣There are 4 different type of twin pregnancies! Momo, modi, didi identical and didi fraternal. 2️⃣The only type of twin pregnancy gene that can be passed down is the didi fraternal one. Meaning the woman’s body released 2 eggs in 1 cycle instead of one. 3️⃣ If you are carrying didi fraternal, you are basically carrying 2 completely different pregnancies but at the same time. 4️⃣ According to my doctors, 38 weeks is the max for me to carry them due to placenta deterioration! Twins mature much faster in the womb than singleton pregnancies! 5️⃣ The heavier they are and the closer the delivery they are to at 38 weeks, the less risk it is for them to end up in the NICU. We do not have twins on my mom’s side (where the gene would have been based on ) and we prayed and prayed for our next pregnancy to stick. Little did we know that we were going to be given a chance earlier than expected and not knowing that my body was going to release 2 opportunities at the same time 😳. They are truly our rainbow babies 🌈🌈and we will never forget Rey 🌻. Ever. And we continue to pray for everyone else who are on their journey to becoming parents, grieving over a loss, or trying to conceive again to grow their family. I am still 1 in 4, and I am still a mother to 4 souls. With that being said, in God’s name we give these babies to him as this is his plan (and maybe Rey nudged him to give us 2 to keep us more in company! ). #rainbowbabies #1in4 #twinpregnancy #pregnancyannouncement

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Na blogu nowy wpis o „kulisach” początków pierwszego trymestru 😅😅 Na pierwszym zdjęciu widzicie mnie po godzinie 17 czekająca na pierwszy posiłek; na wszystkich następnych - przez cały dzień do godziny 16/17, walcząc o przetrwanie. 😂 A tak poza tym to: 1. Z pamiętnika pierworódki, cześć 26181629. Dzieci totalnie nie kumają bazy o co chodzi z tym całym przestawianiem czasu i nie rozumieją, ze godzina spania więcej znaczy że trzeba spać tą godzinę więcej. Odnotowano. ⏰ 2. Trochę mnie tu mało było ostatnio, ale musiałam swoje przeboleć w związku z tym co się ostatnio w tym kraju dzieje. Dodatkowo byliśmy przeziębieni a dziewczyny marudkaly, wiec starałam się być przy nich i dla nich a nie w sieci 😇 Mam nadzieje, ze teraz już uda mi się raz tygodniowo co niedziele wrzucić nowy wpis na bloga, a tutaj zaglądać czesciej. 🥰 Trzymajcie się ciepło i wspierajcie w tych trudnych chwilach. 😘 #mum #mumlife #momslife #mom #momsofinstagram #polishgirl #motherhood #firsttrimester #macierzynstwo #pregnancy #ciaza #twinpregnancy #ciazablizniacza #girlpower #reality #realia #thestruggleisreal #thestruggleofpregnancy #thestruggleofbeingagirl #girl #survivor #kobietykobietom

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Last weekend we went to the cutest pumpkin patch 🎃 ⁣ I’m not going to lie it was muddy as hell and I ruined my DMs 😟 but it was worth it. The twins loved it and we made some amazing memories and that’s all that matters 🧡 ➡️ swipe to see Ollie’s Vogue pose 🤣

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Just sitting here rocking my tiniest baby. In his room, surrounded by still-full moving boxes and his sleeping twin. Smelling his sweet milk breath and feeling his soft baby hair against my face. Realizing the weight of his body on mine feels heavier than yesterday and feeling a slight panic at the thought that they’re one day no longer going to be my tiny babies. I’ve put their room as last on the list to unpack and set up because I don’t want to think of them not being little newborns at the foot of my bed anymore. Even with the complete insanity that is twin life- especially twin sleep😆- I don’t want them to grow. I want them to stay my little babies forever. Motherhood is a cruel joke: one minute praying they start sleeping through the night and the next taking it all back because you know that also means they will just get bigger❤️

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God is so so good y’all 🙌🏼 happy Sunday!

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I think it time to introduce these guys to the world! Born on the 20/10/20. George born 0930 weighing 6lb 9oz Ellis born 0932 weighing 6lb 5oz. Both are amazingly perfect and we're so in love! Ellis decided he'd take the drama lama status early doors and had 5 days in nicu for a little bit of help/round the clock attention. Hes doing really well and should be home in the next couple of days! 💙💙 #twins #twinningatlife #twinbrothers #twinpregnancy #twinmum #twinsofinsta #twinning #twinboys #twin #twinlife #pregnant #pregnancy #expecting #mumoftwins #twinningiswinning #thesamebutdifferent #twinsandmultiples #twinsofinstagram #twinstagram #twinmum #twinbond #DCDAtwins #nonidenticaltwins #love #twinstrust

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To the dedicated father that is being deprived during this pandemic, I’m sorry you didn’t get to hear their heart beat for the first time like I did. I’m sorry you didn’t get to see the dragon looking baby/babies at the very first ultrasound like I did. I’m sorry you don’t get to meet the OB, or team of health care professionals watching the pregnancy progression like I do. I’m sorry you didn’t get to find out the gender(s ) at the anatomy scan like I did. I am sorry you’re missing out on seeing them on the screen at the ultrasounds every few weeks unlike me. Im sorry those rights are being taken from you right now. Thank you for continuing to be so dedicated and hopeful as you call for the third time to see if maybe you can come in on this ultrasound appointment. Thank you for wanting to video chat during appointments just so you can hear that iconic monitor heart beat. Thank you for getting so excited after hearing good information on growth and development from me rather than the doctor. Thank you for being so dedicated; I’m sorry that because the baby/babies aren’t in your body you miss those firsts. But they can’t wait to meet their Daddy: to see the person behind the voice they’ve been hearing, to feel your skin on there’s, to hear your beautiful voice in person as you sing them to sleep or soothe them with your words, and I can’t wait to watch you be a daddy (again ) 💛 @mr_wblair #31wks &2days #twins #twinpregnancy • • • • • #appreciation #appreciationpost #love #pregnant #pregnancy #Covid #pandemic #caring #kind #sweet #love #loving #daddy #husband #dedicated #dedicatedfather #instagood #picoftheday #pictureoftheday #happy

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TWICE THE LOVE • \\ . What do you find is the best thing about having multiples? . What do you really love about having twins and triplets? . For me I would say it's knowing they will always have each other. Even when they don't get along, I know they still have each others back ❤ . Let us know yours below . . . . . . . #twinsquad #parenttribe #mamaootd #twinstyle #quadruplets #papaoftwins #twingirls #triplethelove #newtwingifts #pregnantwithmultiples #twinswithtwins #mymotherhood #kidsclothingstore #twinsandmultiples #twintoddlers #twinbyhummingbird #twinchangebag #multiplemumsupport #twinpregnancy #cutetwinclub #tripletbabies #boygirltwinoutfits #twinsupport #twinbond #mumswithtwins #twinbabygifts #expectingtwins #twinsofinsta #twinsandmore #multiplemumlife

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💫 reminiscing 💫 Where did my teeny tiny babies go? 🥰😭 #twinbabies #newborntwins #borntogetherfriendsforever #twins #twinmum #mumblog #twinpregnancy #twinningiswinning #6lbbabies #twinmama

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Harri aka Mr Charmer insists on being dapper with help from his daddy 💙

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No Sunday Scaries here! The twins are 6 months!! Woo-hoo! We have survived the first 6 months with 4 kiddos 5 and under! 🎉 🙌🏻 If you saw my IG stories last week, we’ve had an eventful past few weeks at our house, hence my late 6 month post. Both big kids got moved back to virtual school, the twins started teething and then managed to catch their first colds...sigh...it has been crazy. On top of the day to day madness, the twins also got their 6 month shots, which not surprisingly, they weren’t fans of. 🙁 At our doctor’s appointment, Beau weighed in at 20.1 oz and 28.5 inches. Barrett was 18.6 oz and 26.5 inches. Growing like weeds! Barrett is already starting to wear Beau’s hand me downs.(He is the younger twin after all...by a whopping 2 minutes! 🤣 ) I had grandiose plans to take all 4 kids to the pumpkin patch to take cute fall pictures, but then remembered I’m not a resident of planet “perfect mom”. I’m a lifetime member of the “just getting by moms’ club.” So we took front porch pictures instead, which I thought was very 2020 of us. 😜 Hope y’all have a wonderful week and are getting to enjoy some great fall weather wherever you are!! 😘😘😘

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🍉🥺💓 #twins #twingirls #twinpregnancy

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Oh how we had a good ol’ laugh when @frank_da_spank said a couple of months ago... “Babe, I think you’re pregnant” 🤣🤣🤣.... “But wait!! there’s more!! Pay for shipping and handling and get another one, absolutely free!!” Yup... it’s twins!! 🤯🥰 and yup, he joked about that too 🙄😂. Now if only he would joke about winning the lotto.. . . #pregnant #prego #twins #twinpregnancy #newchapter #newadventure

Aug 2020

•The births of our twins• - It was scary and exciting, and nothing like I expected it to be. I faced my fears and anxiety and relied on my birth team to help me get through it emotionally and physically. The labor process was harder on me emotionally (rather than physically ) than my others, but I did it. I gave birth to twins during a worldwide pandemic at 36 weeks and 3 days, and no cesarean section! #twinbirth #bornduringapandemic #bornduringcovid19 #twins


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36 weeks with the girls🤍🤍 2 weeks from today is my scheduled c-section... as much as I’m dreading getting a C-section again... I don’t think I could be any more excited to finally have them here! It’s been a long 36 weeks. @castillo .djc and I cannot wait for them to get here and meet everyone! 14 days people and we will be a family of 5 🤯 Just in time for all of the holidays ❤️ Life is so good • • • • • • • #partyof5 #twingirls #novembertwin #36weekspregnant #twingirls #twinpregnancyjourney #twinsisters #twinmama #momlife #fraternaltwins #twinpregnancy #twinmom #twinsandmultiples #twinpregnancyisnojoke #castillotwins2020 #36weekspregnantwithtwins

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How’s this for a transformation Tuesday? This body has done some pretty incredible things. It got pregnant with twins, it carried those twins until 37 weeks, it gave birth to two 5+ pound twins, it stretched, it grew, and most importantly it did what it needed to do. I will never have the same body again and that is something I am completely okay with. If my body can give me the most important things in my life, I can give my body some time and grace to heal. Our bodies are so powerful. 36 weeks ———> 5 days postpartum . . . #pregnant #pregnancy #twinpregnancy #twins #twinmama #maternity #mamatobe #mama #boymom #babyboys #pregnancylife #firsttimemom #expecting #pregnantwithtwins #bernaltwins #inspirepregnancy #postpartum #postpartumjourney #mombod #bodyneutrality

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Whoever said black is slimming clearly hasn’t met a 34 weeker with twins! 😝🖤 The girls are the size of small watermelons 🍉🍉 and boy, am I feelin’ it. I am currently 2cm dilated, and although my doctor has set an induction date for 11/10, I’m not so sure I’ll be needing it... 😬. Babes are both head down, and Adam and I are anxiously awaiting their arrival! Although, ideally we’d like to keep ‘em cooking for another two weeks to avoid the NICU. Soaking up these last few moments as a family of three (well 4, inc Harls ). 🐶 • • #34weekspregnant #34weeks #twinpregnancy #twins #twinbump #modi #moditwins #identicaltwins #twingirls #girlmom #lewickitwins #lewickibabes #anydaynow

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After 6 days in the hospital, we finally are home. Our sweet boys were born at good weights for twins, 5.14 lbs and 5.4 lbs but because they came to us a few weeks early, they were so sleepy at feedings that they weren’t gaining like they should have been. They lost too much weight and had to get a room at the children’s hospital just down one floor. I was heartbroken that we would have to go home every night without our boys but we knew it was for the best. Thankfully it was just a few days of strict feedings and they have both gained some of their weight back! My heart has grown triple the size with the amount of love I feel for my little family of four. . . . #pregnant #pregnancy #twinpregnancy #twins #twinmama #maternity #mamatobe #mama #boymom #babyboys #pregnancylife #firsttimemom #expecting #pregnantwithtwins #bernaltwins #inspirepregnancy #motherhood #parents #twinmomlife #family #familyoffour

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5 1/2 months in ➡️ 5 1/2 months out! • Fun fact: I pulled a muscle in my forearm holding them for this picture. 😅 #worthit • • #inandout #beforeandafterpregnancy

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Big B and the B stands for BIGGG MAMAA! I’m officially 28 weeks pregnant with our SECOND SET of twins and I’m overall feeling great! These last few nights have been pretty sleepless as I try to find positions that are comfortable for me and my ever growing belly but other than that, your good sis is doing just fine. I had a doctors appointment last week and doc says the babies are looking wonderful and growing steadily. In terms of names, I think hubby and I have agreed on one name but we’re still lost on the second one. We have a few weeks left though to get it all together. We’re currently planning our baby shower + preparing the nursery. Btw, I just uploaded a full Pregnancy Update on our YouTube Channel (link in bio ) so if you wanna know more in detail about how things are going, head over to our channel and check it out. xoxo MJ

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I vividly remember the ultrasound appt when my “twins” turned into triplets! The supposedly empty third sack now showed a flicker of light after a long time and my little fighter baby’s heartbeat was suddenly visible. I was thrilled to be pregnant but terrified of what a triplet pregnancy might mean for the safety of my babies. I didn’t know a soul in real life that had triplets, it was so surreal to me. I had so many questions, doubts, fears, and what-ifs. I started this page as a personal pregnancy photo journal for myself. I slowly found other triplet parents to follow and stalked their feeds to find out how in the world this was going to be manageable. With every picture and caption of triplet daily life I read, I began to feel reassured that I too could handle this. Following those other parents was pivotal for me, so I hope my page can be helpful or hopeful to expecting or new parents of multiples as well. I’m always open for chatting and I really try to answer as many messages as I can. . I wanted to create a post that anyone, at any time can share or send to a new parent of multiples because I truly believe it’s so helpful to get connected with other families... even if all you do is stalk I promise it will be insightful. . I kindly ask if you’re a fellow parent of multiples reading this to please comment below if you don’t mind others following you: . Share if you have twins, triplets, quads or quints (their ages and genders if you’d like ) and ages of other kids if it applies too. Ex: GGG triplets 2.5 or BG twins 3, sibs 5, 8. *(G=girl, B=boy ) . My hope is that this shareable post will be a useful resource people can come to and quickly look for other parents in their situation to follow. It takes a village and this is such a great community for MoMs supporting MoMs. It’s meant the absolute world to me so I hope you can connect with some of these wonderful families like I have!! 🤍

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•First doctors appointment• Yesterday, we took the boys to the pediatrician for their first appointment. We have been feeling stressed with their weights and just hoping we were able to keep them progressing now that we are home. They both gained an ounce just overnight! We are so so glad we are able to do all the things they need right now to get them on the right track. We have been waking up every 3 hours for feeding and it is paying off. 🙌🏼 This whole new parent thing is not easy, but so so worth it. . . . #pregnant #pregnancy #twinpregnancy #twins #twinmama #maternity #mamatobe #mama #boymom #babyboys #pregnancylife #firsttimemom #expecting #pregnantwithtwins #bernaltwins #inspirepregnancy #motherhood #parents #twinmomlife #family #familyoffour #twinboys #mama #eliandartie

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“I need to sit down for a minute” was said a lot this weekend 😆