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My babies with the Queen of our family! This was one of the proudest moment in my life. My babies meeting my grandparents for the first time. My Gran was so excited throughout my pregnancy and as soon as the boys were born, but due to their prematurity and then lockdown, she’s only just been able to meet them. Safe to say, the boys were absolutely smitten 😍🥰

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Take a peek inside our wellness kit! I put this together last year when the twins were newborns and loved that it was all in one container and it was portable from room to room. We didn’t get sick last winter, just some congestion. I’d highly recommend any new moms or expecting moms to put one of these together!

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There’s just something about the crunchy leaves and the crispy air that brings a warm fuzzy feeling to my heart 🧡 To many more magical seasons ✨ • #fallseason #magicalfall #crunchyleaves #crispyair #fallvibes #fallisintheair #thesalemsquad #salemtwins #twinsisters #magicallymade #girlsaremagic #twintoddlers #twinsofinstagram #toddlersofinstagram #twinmama #twinmomlife #oureverydaymoments

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We got these matching sweatshirts from @targetstyle ! They’re so cute in them and let’s be honest, the tie dye helps hide stains. These girls and their crappy sleep have run me down so much. Back in March I had to have a hysterectomy and I wasn’t allowed to put them in or out of cribs so we moved them out and ever since then their sleep has been awful. I’ve tried a ton of different techniques and messaged a few sleep consultants about them too. I’ve been sharing about it a bit in my stories. Twin toddlers that are able to just freely hurt each other when pissed off doesn’t work well. You can’t just let them CIO even a min or it ends in black eyes and missing chunks of hair. Here’s hoping this new method actually works 😴 . . . . . . . #twinmomlife #toddlertwins #twinmama #twinmomma #momssupportingmoms #sleeptrainingtoddlers #twinsleep #toddlersleep #identicaltwins #identicalgirls #coloradomom #targetstyle #targerfinds #matchingoutfits

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🎓💕baby development graduation for the twins 💕🎓 How adorable is this picture of Michaela and Cody?! 😍 thank you @totsplaygeorgie for this mega cute picture.😘 And they’re holding hands too 🥺🥰 We’ve loved all our sessions and cannot wait to return for discovery tots 👶🏻👶🏻💗💙 #twins #twinsofinstagram #babiesofinstagram #twinlife #twinmama #twinmom #twinmummy #baby #graduation #cute #adorable #cutebaby #babygroup #playgroup #halloween #boygirltwins #son #daughter #holdinghands

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Week 16 twin pregnancy update is up on my YouTube channel: Caitlin Hill (link in bio ). Make sure to subscribe to follow our journey 🤰🏻👶🏻👶🏻 #twins #twinpregnancy #twinmama #twinmom #twinsofinstagram #abundance #16weekspregnant #secondtrimester

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It goes from her terrorising him, attacking him with toys, jumping on him, ... then to wanting to kiss and cuddle each other 5 mins later. I love these little headaches so much, but they’ll never love me as much as they love each-other. Special bond for life when you’re a twin - that’s for sure ❤️❤️❤️😍 #twins #twinsandmultiples #twinmama #twinlove

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Bros, bears & bipsy 🖤🤍 @little_bipsy PSA: If you’re like me & not ready to give up the adorableness & ease of onesies, even though your babes are toddlers now 😫 (when did this HAPPEN ) this two-way zip from @little_bipsy will be your mama dream come true!! Not only is it the coolest we own 😎😎 but these tall, 2T monsters fit perfectly in the 18-24with RTG!! 🥳 Am I allowed to pretend they’re newborns still? (Minus all the work?🤪 )

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There is light at the end of the tunnel! ⁣ ⁣ This past week has been ROUGH physically. Between my growing belly and allergies, it's been hard to focus on anything past the afternoon and evening. Audra was also on Fall Break. The non-pregnant me would have planned a trip somewhere, but at this stage of pregnancy, it was nice sleeping in and being lazy again. I did manage to take all three kiddos out in the morning a couple of times, but going solo with three very active kids while very pregnant is a challenge!⁣ ⁣ Good news: I have an induction date! If these girlies don't decide to make their presence known, then on November 12, they'll be here! That will bring me to #37weekspregnant exactly! As of now, Baby B is still breeched (and the larger of the two by an ounce ). I know it's still possible for her to turn, and I pray she does, but if not, I've mentally prepared myself for a c-section. ⁣ ⁣ In terms of baby things, I guess we're ready. Haha. It seems with every subsequent child, I procrastinate more and more. ⁣ ⁣ Car seats and stroller ☑️ ⁣ Crib ☑️⁣ Carrier ☑️⁣ Clothes ☑️⁣ ⁣ After Audra was born, I discovered children resale and consignment shops. Let me tell you, best thing ever!!! Kids grow out of things soooo fast, and if you haven't noticed baby clothes can be super expensive. For these girlies, I found an amazing twin resale page on Facebook and have stocked up on some preemie and newborn clothes (yes, it's a guarantee my kiddos will be small at birth )! If you're a twin mom with kiddos under 2, DM me and I can send you an invite to the page. ⁣ Do you shop resale, or do you buy brand new? Where are some of your favorite resale shops (online or in person ), and if you do buy brand new, where do you find amazing deals?

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"One of my top 3 recos for expecting parents! The girls moved to their cribs a few months ago, but it’s still hard to believe this stage is over (notice, Buddy is also finding it hard to say goodbye ). 😭🥰 " Thank you for sharing, @shaynamarieroyal 💙 #happiestbaby #twinmama #snoo #snoonation #babysleep #motherhood #bassinet #twinmom

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Yesterday we had our family photos. The one on the left was exactly 2 years ago. So much has changed in 2 years: 👩🏻👦🏻 twins are feisty, crazy, and incredibly lovingly sweet 4 year olds 👨🏼hubby is rocking a ‘stache (photos to come ) 🦠 MFing Covid 😷 👀 Lasik 🙌🏼 💄Makeup application improvement 💪🏼 80 lbs lost Yet some things that are still there 😕 Insecurity and self doubt 😭 Depression 😬 Anxiety 😤 Parenting struggles 🍟🍪 Food issues Mental care will always be a struggle Parenting frustrations will likely increase exponentially Learning how to use my weight loss surgery tool properly and to manage my food addiction. Learning the words - grace and kindness and making sure that I use it continuously . . . #sundaythoughts #fallfamilyphotos #familyphotos #weightlossjourney #weightlosstruggle #beforeandafterweightloss #lasiksurgery #bariatricbabes #dudodenalswitch #weightlosssurgerycommunity #duodenalswitchsurgery #duodenalswitchjourney #mentalandphysicalhealth #depressionawareness #anxietyawareness #imperfectlyperfect #perfectlyimperfect #lovingmyself #twinmom #twinmama #momoftwins #toddlermom #boygirltwinmom #bellevuewashington #bellevuebotanicalgarden #sundayselfie #over40women #40andfabulous #40isthenew30

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We are definitely in trouble...😅 Three girls full of sass and beauty! I am obsessed with their new dresses from one of our favorite brands @primarydotcom 😍. Happy Sunday friends! Any fun plans?? . . . . #austinblogger #austinbloggerover50 #austininfluencer #austintexas #austin #twinmama #twinmom #primarydotcom #primarypartner #toddlerlife #toddlersofinstagram #toddlerstyle #sundayfunday

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Pumpkin Ricotta Stuffed Shells are filled with a creamy pumpkin puree and ricotta cheese mixture that brings all of the home-cooked goodness of stuffed shells into fall. Serve with a big salad! Get the recipe on the blog. Tap @freutcake and the link in my profile to get the recipe. 🍃 RECIPE: https://www.freutcake.com/in-the-kitchen/pumpkin-stuffed-shells/

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What if you could double your results? You guys! I have to share something incredible with you! I just wrapped up my October Biggest Loser Challenge in my group 👊Good Vibe Keto and as I was going over the results and winners which are getting announced today I had a huge realization. First things first. The challenge was free and focused on daily water, exercise, and nutrition at its foundation. Ketones were an optional addition to the challenge but weren't required! As I'm tallying results of the challengers I started seeing a trend! Everyone focused on the same pillars of health. However, some added ketones and some did not. The group that drank ketones during the challenge lost TWICE as much weight in 21 days versus those who did not! Seriously, NO JOKE!😮 It's really cool to see just how much adding this drink in daily can impact and optimize what you are already doing! And even better it's 22% off today for anyone ready to start their own journey! The next 21 Day Biggest Loser Challenge starts November 1st. If you want in go ahead and comment "challenge" below!

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Fun fact: I’ve never called Zachary’s mom my “mother in law”. It’s not a term that rolls off the tongue for me. It feels weird. And for some strange reason the title of “mother in law” gets a bad rap. *Immediately pictures Everyone Loves Raymond and Marie constantly barging in, giving unsolicited advice, and undermining Debra as a mother.* Poor mothers in law. Thankfully that’s not the world I live in. I’ve always considered Tammie a friend. We chat, and laugh, sip wine together, talk about the world (and issues we so strongly agree on ), she is beyond helpful with the boys, we can disagree without it being an issue, we make good travel buddies, and I enjoy the time we spend together. So today on National Mother In Law Day I’m beyond grateful to be married into a family where my husband’s mother is simply my friend! Cheers @tjandmark May we have many more paint and sip events in our future. Family by marriage; friends by choice. 💕 . . . . . . . . . . #family #cheers #nationalmotherinlawday #friends #familybymarriagefriendsbychoice #paintandsip #thankful #blessed #chapmanranch #chapmanladies #boymom #momofboys #momofmultiples #futuremotherinlaw #twinmom #twinmomlife #twinmama #twinmamaplusone #pinotspalette #sipandpaint #wahm #sahm #ranchlife @tjandmark @pinotspalettefresno @pinotspalette

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Once upon a time they were small enough to fit together in my lap. 13 months later, they are both walking and climbing every piece if furniture in sight! . #pwpoeprompts #somethingsmall #workingwritermom #yawriter #yawritersofinstagram #writingcommunity #authortube #booktube #creatortube #twinsofinstagram #twinmama #momofmultiples

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Each time I start a new health/fitness program Day 1 for me is actually the day before I actually start. I make sure I track my inches, my weight, note my mental state and how I feel. Since this one includes running I’m going to run a 5K and track my average pace. ⁣ The weight isn’t my end goal. The way I feel mentally is my end goal. We tend to lose sight of those non-scale victories which are an important part of the process! ⁣ #nonscalevictories #twinmom #strong #iwill #youcandoit #selfgrowth #healthymindset #staypositive #ohheymama #momclub #strongmomma #findyourstrong #strongmom #mymotherhood #ohheymamas #activemom #betterforit #girlswhorun #mymamahood #selftalk #mentalhealth #mamastrong #mentalwellness #mama #postpartumfitnessjourney #healthymomma #twinmama #boymom #bestofmom

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I ask asa to take a photo & he literally takes ONE photo, 99% of the time I am not ready for it either. 🤷‍♀️ - another lovely day with @nicolejoleenwilson & teddy ❤️ anyone from sussex/West Sussex 100% recommend @oakbarnrestaurant - food was unreal 😋 - this jumper is perfect for me right now as my bump isn’t really a bump it’s just big & bloated tbh 🤣 when did you start seeing a bump? I think the beginning is awful because you just look like you’ve put on weight even though you know there’s a baby in there. In my case there’s 2 🤣💗 hope everyone has had a lovely Sunday 🥰 p.s the trousers are leather & I bloody love them. So comfy! —————————————————————- #twinmamatobe #twinsofinstagram #twinmama #boymum #girlmum #mumblog #mumsofinstagram #pregnancy #pregnancyjourney #twinpregnancy #coolmumclub #ootd #fashionstyle

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Two things I just can’t live without, my two babes and some sparkle ✨ I absolutely love supporting small shops. Check out these gorgeous items from @blueberryblooms that I just can’t live without! Drop a comment on what your current favourite small shop is and check out the small shop named in the comment above yours! 🎶 Song: Self Love by Emily Vu

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You might not wake up every day feeling motivated, Feeling strong, feeling inspired… But that’s when you need to look around you and look at your WHY!!! This morning I looked at my daughters with my tired sleepy eyes smiling at me happy to start the day and remembered they are one of my main reasons one of my main whys of why I get up and move my body! Why I strive to be healthy and happy and to show them balance. So today I got my workout done, I moved my body, I smiled, I had a convo with a friend, I made breakfast & my girls and I enjoyed our breakfast together and now we are going to snuggle and watch a Disney movie. #balancedlife #balancedlifestyle #showup #morningmood #morningtime #cuddlebug #daughterlove #mywhy #mymotivation #motherhoodinspired #toddlerhood #familymatters #girlmomlife #twinmama #twingirls #twinmomlife #workoutlife #movementismedicine #healthyish #lovelife ❤️ #youareworthy #momswhoworkout #mommyduties

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“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” ― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables Sunday backyard shenanigans 🍂

3 hours ago

Since our wedding color was red, I went with @oliveandjune CV for my anniversary mani ♥️💍♥️

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Niedziela więc na bogato. Filet z piersi kurczaka nadziewany serem pleśniowym La Bleu z awokado , ziemniaczki i bukiet gotowanych warzyw. #obiad #niedzielnyobiad #niedziela #pomyslnaobiad #pysznyobiad #pyszneprzepisy #smacznyobiad #smaczneprzepisy #smaczneprzepisy #zdrowoikolorowo #zdroweprzepisy #zdrowyobiad #kurczak #awokado #serpleśniowy #lableu #warzywa #toruń #pychotka #twinmom #twinmama #smacznie

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#mamachallenge  You two took my breath away when you took your first. 💛 I love you two beyond words. 🥰🥰 Life has been brighter with you two in it. Happier. Sweeter. Wilder. I adore you two, from heads to toes. x infini ✨

4 hours ago

Guess what I did today - I SLEPT IN!! That’s right, today was the first day I slept in past 5:45 since 9/19. It was amazing!! I may have had to do my easy 5 in the wind and the rain, but my goodness it was so worth it!!! Happy Sunday friends!! #hylandspowered #hylandsambassadors #hylandslegacy #twinmama #keepshowingup #radrabbit

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Two days ago we had the most perfect weather for sitting babies in pumpkins 😅 Am absolutely in love with my two lil pumpkins! 🧡🎃🎃 #babiesinpumpkins #twins #fallvibes #twinsandmultiples #twinmama #pumpkins


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You want to know what I see with this picture? I see a twin mama who is three months postpartum and dealing with postpartum hair loss. 😩 I knew my hair was coming out and I even knew my edges were leaving me, but this picture really shows my hair loss. I know that having my hair in a pony is not good but my hair is so dry and it’s thinning so this has to do for now. Do you know what else I see? A HEALTHY exclusively breastfed baby who doesn’t care that his moms hair is falling out. Honestly that’s all that matters now, my hair loss doesn’t mean much when I see my boys and how happy they are. It’s all a process and I know hair will come and go. 🙃 I am open to tips and tricks on how to manage/stop the hair loss If you have any. 😖 #postpartumhairloss #postpartumhair #threemonthspostpartum #twinmama #boymom #twinsofinstagram #postpartumhairlosssucks #postpartumrealtalk #boymomadventures #pumpkinpatch #fallvibes #boymomlife #threemonthsold #explorepage

4 days ago

How’s this for a transformation Tuesday? This body has done some pretty incredible things. It got pregnant with twins, it carried those twins until 37 weeks, it gave birth to two 5+ pound twins, it stretched, it grew, and most importantly it did what it needed to do. I will never have the same body again and that is something I am completely okay with. If my body can give me the most important things in my life, I can give my body some time and grace to heal. Our bodies are so powerful. 36 weeks ———> 5 days postpartum . . . #pregnant #pregnancy #twinpregnancy #twins #twinmama #maternity #mamatobe #mama #boymom #babyboys #pregnancylife #firsttimemom #expecting #pregnantwithtwins #bernaltwins #inspirepregnancy #postpartum #postpartumjourney #mombod #bodyneutrality

2 weeks ago

How the hell are my tiny bubbas one next month?! 😭😭

2 weeks ago

One year ago today.. ❤️ Twin pregnancy was the hardest thing I’ve ever done but I would do it all over again if it meant having my Kay&Kai. God is faithful. #twinmama

3 days ago

💙Twice as many babies means twice as many pictures! 💙 Boys were snuggly and SUUUPER active today at our anatomy scan!!! Guessing they’ll have Mommy and Eva-like energy 😂 Derek always says I’m like a hummingbird. When I’m awake I’m a million miles an hour but as soon as I relax or sit down, I’m asleep 😂 Just like these boys! 💙 • • #pregnant #pregnancyafterloss #pregnantwithtwins #twinpregnancy #twinpregnancyannouncement #pregnancyjourney #identicaltwins #ectopicpregnancysurvivor #twinpregnancyjourney #twinmama #18weekspregnant #twinsmarch2021 #duemarch2021 #identicaltwins #twinboys #boymom #petitepregnancy

2 days ago

Yesterday I had “mommy Christmas” 🤣 I was able to get my hair AND nails done all in one day. This has not happened in over a year so I’m grateful. This is all in preparation for our 6th year anniversary weekend so I am currently trying to save this silk press by any means possible. If you saw my stories here’s the update lol. I didn’t account for my bonnet falling off in my sleep PLUS this Texas humidity (especially since it wasn’t here literally yesterday ) 😒 BUT, I’m trying my hardest to make this last until Saturday so we shall see. Stay tuned into my stories so you won’t miss out lol

1 weeks ago

Lovin this twin mama life 🤍 #11days #twinmama #boygirltwins #diditwins #bestfriends

23 hours ago

Thank you so much to everyone for the cards, presents, money and messages for the twins! I’ve tried to reply to everyone, I’m sorry if I’ve missed you there was just so many😂 They’ve had such a lovely day and they don’t even realise/know just how loved they are! I’ve literally never seen so many cards before 😂 Love this photo of my little family, my little team! So appreciative of life right now! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart 💙💖

3 days ago

It’s time to add some Christmas cheer and color to this feed with the cutest twins in town 🎄♥️ I can’t wait for everything Christmas! Bring on the Hallmark movies🥂