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5 days ago

I went through my old Snapchat & found the worst photos of me from 2016, and put them up against some photos I took this week! Why am I willingly sharing them now? Because it’s damn near shocking to me, and I hope it inspires you to keep on pushing! We gain perspective when we look back and reflect on the past. For me, my fitness journey has been about conquering my mind more than my body. For years I was locked in a struggle with myself... I had no consistency, could get no traction on a path out of the hell I had created in my life. I was uncomfortable in my own skin, would stop and start working out, and had the worst anxiety even going to the gym. I had to learn how to be comfortable being uncomfortable, and I had to start by fixing my mental first. • • I grew up a perfectionist... in school, I was that crazy kid that spent hours working on homework, and doing it over and over again to make sure I turned it in “perfect.” I was always trying to outdo myself. But by the time adulthood came, I was frozen by this concept I had of living a perfect life. This perfectionism was poisonous, it was born out of really intense anxiety. I just didn’t even know that at the time. • • If I couldn’t do something 1000 percent, I wouldn’t do it at all. It kept me back from a lot especially when I was depressed. This is the realization that helped me THE MOST - if it’s worth doing, it’s worth HALF-doing! • • A half workout is better than no workout, a day of eating half nutritiously is better than binge eating all day, a half-assed meditation is better than no meditation, half a cardio session is better than no cardio, and so forth. It’s ok to half-ass it! It’s perfectly ok to just do what you can do today. • • This has helped me tremendously, because it’s so true. Even if it’s just a walk, when you’re depressed everything can seem like so much energy, but action begets action and movement begets movement. Start small, but start! Never give up on yourself 🌙 • • #tomboy #tomboylife #tomboymodel #fitnesstransformation #fitnessmotivation #gymfam #lesbianswholift #lesbian #lesbianfashion #androgynous #androgynousstyle #androgynousfashion #genderbender #girlswithink


Since this week restrictions for visitors got more strict. Since yesterday we know it's going to be a light lock down starting from Monday. . Since months people are complaining of what we are not allowed to do. And yes Corona sucks.. . Still (for Germany ) the complaints are way too high mates. . We are allowed to go outside, we are allowed to meet people, . So try to keep it cool. Play by the rules. And act smart.

2 days ago

'Lock down' here you go again ~ . Take care folks and try to stay with a positive mind.