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A shout out to the Rheumatology Department from the Antonius Hospital in Sneek 🙌. I have very bad tendonitis in my right arm and due the Corona virus it isn't possible to come to the hospital if I haven't got any fever. But they helped me very well by phone and send me this brace via mail. So thank you guys, I'm thankful 🙏🏼🌹🌹! . #reumatologie #rheumatology #antoniusziekenhuissneek #antoniusziekenhuis #sneek #tendonitis #tendonitissucks #tendinitis #artritis #artritispsoriatica #rheuma #reumatoidarthritis #artritis #corona #coronavirus #socialdistancing #covid_19 #covid #stayhome


In this video Gary shares his story with various #TMS symptoms including RSI, pain in his fingers/wrists and back pain. Check the bio link for details. #rsi #carpaltunnel #carpaltunnelsyndrome #carpaltunnelrelease #carpaltunnelrelief #carpaltunnelsurgery #tendonitis #tendonitissucks #tendonitisproblems #tendonitisrelief #backpain #backpainrelief #backpainsucks

3 days ago

My attemp of getting my workout done at homr failed miserably. Despite the zero impact effort😔. I have been idle because I don't know what to do with the pain I have on my foot. Its very painful even to take a step or two around the house. I hope my fire will keep on burning even if it is on the low side. My advice to you. 1- Keep on moving while you still can. 2 - Stop. If you have pain. 3 - Never take pain lightly. 4 - Pain is the way your body telling you something is not right. . . . . . . . . . . #weighttrainer #weightlossfood #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #weightloss #weightlossblogger #weightlossmotivation #weight #weightlosssupport #sweden #sverige #tendonitis #tendonitissucks #posteriortibialtendonitis

5 days ago

Home Workouts come with distractions!, in this place namely from a attention seeking blonde lovely 🤣 Bailey offering support to me & my jelly belly today! #stayhome #stayhealthy #workingfromhome #workipadcominginuseful #yogaflow #iamback #tendonitissucks #goldenretrieversofinstagram

2 weeks ago

🔥Shoulder Impingement Rehab🔥 - ❓ Does your shoulder hurt when elevating your arm to the side? Does shoulder pain prevent you from performing an overhead press? Do you have pain in the front of the shoulder when bench pressing? - 📍 If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you may be dealing with a shoulder impingement. 😬 - 📍 What is impingement syndrome? Shoulder impingement is when the tendons of the rotator cuff are irritated. When this is the case, movements that cause compression between either the bony acromion or coracohumeral arch will cause pain. - 📍 The good news is that you can get your shoulder freedom back with a combination of corrective exercises and activity modification. 👍 - 📍 The first step is to get pain and swelling under control by avoiding painful activities. This will require a modification of your daily and workout routine. For example, a modification from deltoid lateral raises with palm down to deltoid front raises with thumb up may be all that you need! - 📍 During this time, you can be proactive and strengthen your shoulder and scapular stabilizers. Above are examples of exercises that can be mastered and progressed until you can advance to higher difficulty exercises. - ✅ TAG and SHARE with friends dealing with shoulder pain! - ❓ QUESTIONS or COMMENTS are welcomed, leave ⬇️⬇️⬇️

2 weeks ago

Hi im gigi! I live with my 5 chronic problems and normally it's fine. Well it's not, but it's ok to deal with this shit. At least i'm trying to. Maybe someone is feeling quite the same. * Hey ich bin gigi und ich habe 5 chronische krankheiten/körperliche belastungen. Zum glück sind nicht alle immer nur eine belastung. Es gibt gute aber auch schlechte tage. Heute beispielsweise schmerzen meine handgelenke und ich kann das handy entweder nur kurz abgestützt mit beiden händen halten oder hinlegen. Ich habe gelernt damit zu leben. Ich meine ich musste, was soll man sonst auch machen. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Wie kommt ihr so manchmal über den tag? #chronicillness #thyroiddisease #schilddrüsenunterfunktion #endometriosis #endometriose #tendonitis #sehnenscheidenentzündung #raynauddisease #raynaudssyndrome #hyperhidrosis #hyperhidrose #chronischkrank #chronischeschmerzen #schilddrüsenprobleme #endometriosekämpferinnen #endosisters #endowarrior #wewantacure #tendonitissucks #painfulperiods #painfulhands #sweat #sweatyhands #sweatyfeet #sweatpants #raynauds #needmymeds #staywell

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🔥 Functional Back Pain Exercises 🔥 - 📍 Are you dealing with minor low back discomfort and stiffness? Then you could benefit from a functional strengthening program. 💪 - 📍 The erector spinae and gluteal family work together to extend the back and hips. Strengthening these muscle groups can improve the stability of the lumbar spine, reduce the chances for injury, and decrease pain. 👌 - 📍 A functional strengthening program uses common daily movement patterns to facilitate proper body mechanics, increase performance, and improve activity tolerance. ✅ - 👆 SEE ABOVE for 3 excellent strengthening exercises to reduce daily stress on the low back: - 1️⃣ Dumbbell Good Mornings 2️⃣ Smith Machine Squats 3️⃣ Smith Machine Reverse Lunges - ☝️ NOTE: If these are new exercises to you, then begin focusing on mastering the technique without resistance. As control and strength improves, you can advance weighted resistance as tolerated. - 🎥 cred: @idajemina - 🎯 TAG and SHARE with friends and fam dealing with mild low back pain! - ⁉️ QUESTIONS or COMMENTS leave ⬇️⬇️⬇️

2 weeks ago

It all started with tendonitis in Ted’s ankle, and not being able to play basketball due to extreme pain. Ted’s pain is our gain.

2 weeks ago

🔥Post-Surgical Shoulder Rehab🔥 - 📍 After shoulder surgery there is a general progression beginning with passive movements, followed by active assisted exercises, and then the active movement/light strengthening phase. - 📍 Not all active movements are created equal and some are more difficult than others depending on body and shoulder positioning. - 📍A good place to begin active training is the “shoulder balance point” which can be found lying on the back with elbow extended and hand directly above the shoulder. - 📍 As strength improves you can begin to work outside of this balance point with a gradual progression of range as pain permits. The first two exercises, supine chops and circles, are examples of exercises that can initiated early on in the rehab process. - 📍 Gravity can effect the demand placed on the shoulder and this is manipulated by body positioning. The third exercise, supine shoulder flexion, shows this in action as performing this movement standing very well may be too much load on the repair early on. - 📍 Once active movement versus gravity can be achieved with good mechanics, advancement of standing exercises can commence. The last exercise in the video above is one example of an exercise versus gravity. Notice engagement of the rotator cuff before lifting the arm with a slight isometric into the wall. - ☝️ NOTE: These exercises are meant as a reference and are not to serve as a substitute for a post surgical strength progression guided by your physician and local physical therapist. - ✅ TAG and SHARE with friend and fam who have or are going to have shoulder surgery! - ⁉️ QUESTIONS or COMMENTS leave ⬇️⬇️⬇️

2 weeks ago

I have tendonitis in both wrists so sometimes it flares up. Recently, I've had to take up a warehouse job to pay bills. Its temporary till I find a software company that'll take me in. Unfortunately, the rigorous movements required in warehouse work has proven to cause my wrists hurt immensely. Its what I gotta do to survive though so I can bare it for now. My tendonitis started back in about 2015 when I was working as a cashier at Walmart. I can only say that it was probably caused by the constant wrist movements I had to do to scan items, though there was probably already other underlying things to it. My doctor said I have to wear these wrist things when it flares up and that it can develop into carpal tunnel. It sucks sometimes and I've woken up in the middle of the night in excruciating pain going up and down my arms. I just felt like I'd share this. I'm stubborn so I thought I'd also see how well I could draw with them on. Not too bad I'd say. #tendonitis #art #tendonitisisabitch #tendonitissucks #tendonitispain #girl #drawing #wedowhatwecantosurvive

3 weeks ago

🔥 Triceps Tendinitis Rehab 🔥 - 📍 Triceps tendinitis is an irritation of the triceps tendon located along the back of the elbow. - 📍 This can make pushing activities quite painful such as bench pressing, push ups, or shooting a basketball. - 📍 First, we want to control swelling via anti-inflammatory meds, rest, activity modification, and cryotherapy. - 📍 After pain and swelling has subsided, we can begin to gradually strengthen the triceps and re-train the tendon to accept load. - 📍 The above video demonstrates a nice progression of isometrics, then concentric exercises, and lastly eccentrics. With time, heavier compound movement strategies can be initiated. - ✅ TAG and SHARE with friend and fam dealing with elbow pain! - ⁉️ QUESTIONS or COMMENTS leave ⬇️⬇️⬇️

3 weeks ago

🔥 Fix Overhead Shoulder Mobility 🔥 - 📍 Are you dealing with overhead shoulder stiffness and unsure of what to do? Well...you have come to the right place! - 📍 First, lets lay out what can cause overhead mobility restrictions. - 1️⃣ When the arm moves overhead the humeral head translates within the glenoid fossa. If capsular stiffness is present due to a frozen shoulder or surgical operation than said translation and thus range of motion will be restricted. - 2️⃣ Latissimus tightness is the other common reason why overhead shoulder mobility is limited because the lats originate from the fixated spine and attach to the elevating humerus. - 📍 One of the best ways to increase mobility is with repeated movements into the direction of restriction. Pressure on, pressure off...pressure on, pressure off. That simple. The key to success to any mobility program is remaining consistent. - 📍 With the above exercise you can turn your body away from the wall to improve mobility into scaption and abduction. Play with this and find where you are most stiff. - ✅ TAG and SAVE for friends, fam, and personal use! - ⁉️ QUESTIONS and COMMENTS are welcomed, leave ⬇️⬇️⬇️ - #shoulderpain #shouldersurgery #shoulder #shouldersurgeryrecovery #shoulderpainrelief #shoulderpainsucks #shouldermobility #shouldermobilityexercise #shoulderflexibility #mobilitywork #flexibilitydrills #bursitis #tendonitis #tendonitissucks #tendinitis #rotatorcuffrehab #labrum #labraltear #armpain #frozenshoulder #frozenshouldertreatment #adhesivecapsulitis #stiffarm #stiffneck #stiffness #club4fitness #muscletightness #jointstiffness #arthritisrelief #fracturedarm

3 weeks ago

Denial! Boredom! Pain! Frustration! Compromise! Drawing with my left hand to shoo off the no art blues. I also tried playing fast metal guitar last night and it sounded like a a whoopee cushion with banana stuffed inside #fuckyoustupid #hand #lefthanddrawing #selfportrait #tendonitissucks

3 weeks ago

It’s a little too warm today to wear the #galamittens I finished on the weekend. Not that I’m complaining about the spring weather... #lionbrandyarn #thickandquick #tendonitissucks

3 weeks ago

So fucking bored at home waiting for my arm to sort itself out post op. Has definitely been more invasive and a and damn sight more painful than I expected, but still things have to get worse before they can get better hey!! At least I have Series 1 Episode 1 & 2 of Knightrider to watch!! I've also watched the Dukes of Hazzard and the A-Team this weekend!! #hove #bored #postop #tendonitissucks #tendonitis #recuperation #healing #distraction #tv #80stv #knightrider #thehoff #davidhasselhoff #knightindustries #kitt #pontiac #pontiactransam #knightindustriestwothousand #classictv #tvseries #80s

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The struggle is real #tendonitissucks


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Jun 2018

Stick it in there... So half of my pain has resolved, my biceps tendon has felt great the last few days, but the pain on the outside of my shoulder is still going strong. Sooo, getting some steroid action there and on my back, for tightness likely due to compensating. I hope this works...I want to get back to the gym. Does anybody else think they look smaller when they are not working out?

Feb 2019

Let me tell you one thing.. when you’re right handed it’s soo difficult to use only your left hand. The only thing I can do properly is Netflix and chill 😀🤦🏼‍♀️ • • • #chill #positivevibes #netflix #bed #tendonitissucks #thinking #smile #blonde #barbie #blueeyes #budapest #home #pink #makeup #spring #fit #love #citygirl #dreams #selfie #me #instapic #dreams #londongirl #motivation

Jul 2019

A follow on from my #versusarthritis post of a few days ago .The reason I’m not sharing daily EC Wanderings & the Barbican is because I’m unable to get out of my current home .Since living here I have become a full time wheelchair user & have navigated the stairs to my powerchair on my bottom !! Coming back upstairs is now impossible due to fainting & several bad falls resulting in hospital stays .My body & health issues are not the problem here - a lack of accessible housing is the problem.Currently awaiting a move to a wheelchair accessible social housing home .Until then I hope you will enjoy my delving into the EC Wanderings archives & of course appearances from #themagnificentmyrtle & @batcatcalling 😻😻 and my houseplants. #whenicallmyselfdisabled is a hashtag from @crutches_and_spice do go check out the work they are doing - thanks to @crutches_and_spice i now have a tag where I can speak up on how I experience my life as a disabled person - expect a new post on that later in the week 😁 #rheumatoidarthritis #autoimmunedisease #hemiplegicmigraine #kidneydisease #stagethreekidneydisease #peripheralneuropathy #trigeminalneuralgia #arthritisawareness #fibromyalgia #tendinopathy #bursitis #myositis #tendonitissucks #chronicfatiguesyndrome #fibrowarriors #crpsawareness #endometriosisawareness #chronicpain #chronicallyfabulous #wheelchairlife#Disabledandproud #disabledaccess . [image description- black letters on a white background saying The disability is not the problem the accessibility is the problem .I found this image on Pinterest but think it originated here on instagram.I will credit immediately I find the source .end ]

Oct 2015

Got my first acupuncture treatment today from my good friend @phillipward33 ! Messed my arm up doing man shit. I just left myself wide open for amazing comments😳 #tendonitissucks

Jan 2020

I drove back to school for a good two days of classes before driving back home to show #princessvalerie at the Carolina horse park. My ankle is still healing from a minor injury, so we’re just doing some dressage tests this weekend. #valentino #tendonitisSUCKS #eventing #crosscountry #XC #ferrari #imissjumping

Dec 2018

Golf you thought you could get rid of me... but here I come spring season!! #donthitoffmats #tendonitissucks #betterlucknextyear