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3 days ago

This will be one hell of a weekend! Aftershock Festival tickets are on sale now: http://bit.ly/Aftershock21 @rancid , @larsfrederiksen , @timtimebomb , @mattfreeman , @brandensteineckert #rancid , #rancidfans , #rancidhooligans , #rancidtattoo , #rancidpunx , #rancidrancid , #rancidargentina2017 , #punx , #punkrock , #timtimebomb , #timarmstrong , #larsfrederiksen , #mattfreeman , #brandensteineckert

1 weeks ago

I made the mistake this morning of turning on the news.. Not a fun way to start the day. So, I set out to wish you all a happier start to yours. I know Rancid Argentina always has badass videos and when I need a quick pick me up, I can head over to there for a smile. 😊🎶🎙 Of course, I came across one of my personal favorite Rancid songs, in rare form, and felt the need to repost. Hope you all enjoy and have a great day. #Repost @rancidargentina • • • • • • A rarity @larsfrederiksen playing the harmonica on the Cocktails theme, in Black Cat, Washington, DC - June 1st, 1998 #rancid , #rancidpunx , #rancidargentina2017 , #timtimebomb , #timarmstrong , #rancidfans , #rancidhooligans , #punx , #punkrock , #larsfrederiksenandthebastards , #larsfrederiksen ,

2 weeks ago

I see a bad ass Matt Freeman back there but I have to be honest, that is a damn hot Lars in this picture 🔥🔥. Those eyes... The sexy mohawk.... Enjoy the view and have a great weekend folks. 🍻🎶 #Repost @rancidargentina • • • • • • @rancid , @larsfrederiksen , @mattfreeman #rancid , #rancidfans , #rancidhooligans , #rancidtattoo , #rancidpunx , #rancidrancid , #rancidargentina2017 , #punx , #punkrock , #larsfrederiksen , #mattfreeman

3 weeks ago

There's so much disrespect for photography in the book publishing industry. I get so many emails requesting my work in exchange for credit. I reply with "Credit does not put food on the table!" However back in 2005, these guys reached out to me to be a late addition in the CBGB book. The budget was already spent. And because it was Hillys book and the first CBGB book I could not refuse. This club was special. I was honored to be included in the visual history of it. Ultimately this book exposed me to Gale Buckland and she was kind enough to include me in the Who Shot Rock & Roll show: A Photographic History, 1955 to the Present was the first major museum exhibition of Rock music photography. The show kicked off at the Brooklyn Museum back in 2009. Then continued on around the country and overseas. Oh yeah, Rancid! LOVE THIS BAND, LOVE SHOOTING THEM. This was back in 2003, the night they filmed the video for Red Hot Moon. Prints in my print shop at borucki.com or link in bio. #rancid #cbgb


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Feb 2017

Well, I didn't set out with Punk Rock on my mind. It all started with someone asking if I had a shot of Joe Strummer; I'm now 8 shots in and I still have a few to go. For today, here is Tim Armstrong early-ish in Rancid's career on the Lollapalooza Tour. Molson Park in Barrie, ON on July 5, 1996. The venue is about an hour north of Toronto and was nearly always a traffic nightmare to get to but I have so many great memories of countless shows there. In case you didn't know, Lollapalooza '96 included Metallica, Soundgarden, Screaming Trees, Psychotica, Violent Femmes, Rancid and the Ramones. #timarmstrong #rancid #richardbelandphotography @rancid @hagstrom_guitars @timtimebomb