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Act like a lady, think like a boss😳😳. วางท่าแบบกุลสตรี คิดแบบผู้นำ #modleing #fashionstyle #bikinimodel #vitaminsea #vietnam #modelvietnam #thaimodel #vietnamesegirl #vietnamtravel #vietnammodel #fashionlook #modeling #fashionstyle #modelasia #modelasiangirl #fashionweek #fashionweekparis2020

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Give a second chances but not for the same mistake. Photographer 📷 by : @gades .steady #photography #modellife #modelasiangirl #hijabfashion #swag #style #blackie #photoshoot #photostreet #streetstylelook


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В связи со своей работой, я стала спокойней относиться к 2 главным для меня вещам: — Я перестала так сильно нервничать, когда знакомлюсь с новыми людьми на работе. Раньше я испытывала сильный стресс, когда понимала, что мне нужно будет разговаривать с людьми😂 — Когда мне что-то не нравилось, я боялась сказать об этом. Всегда думала, что мне скажут «это твоя работа! Ты же модель». Сейчас я стала ценить себя, поэтому говорить, если что-то не нравится, стало легче, но все равно бывают моменты, о которых я молчу🙃 P.s.: @smykova__photo поймала очень классный кадр )

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Ph: @safarova_photographer Muah: @vizazh .ma Hair: @hair_by_pokornaya Model: @kim .iren Journal: @marika_magazine

Sep 2019

“I’m a peacock. You gotta let me fly.” ・ ・ ・ Happy Saturday everyone 🙃

Jul 2019

I See You 🙈🙉👀

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🌾 Ph: @safarova_photographer Muah: @vizazh .ma Hair: @hair_by_pokornaya Model: @kim .iren

May 2020

I am so glad I was not allergic to this plant when I put this leaf up my face lol This was shot way back before quarantine with Derek who is so talented! Every time we shoot together we always receive some great shots together! 😍 . . On a side note, for anyone who wants to build their modeling portfolio or who just wants to create and have great photos is to work with a photographer who you feel comfortable with and who is professional too. I highly suggest first talking with them through text and phone to have a feel on their personality. Then, set up your first photo shoot together in a public area just in case for your safety and/or bring someone with you too for the extra precaution if you feel uncomfortable to go alone. I heard some horror stories of harrassment cases happening from photographers to models or vice versa so it is always good to take the extra precaution. I am definitely not saying all photographers are like this since most of my experiences has been fine! Plus please do not let this scare you from networking and creating with other people! I am just saying this as an extra precaution for everyone to consider especially if you are new taking pictures with photographers that's all ☺️ . . I hope this dialogue was helpful in some way? Let me know what your thoughts are on this subject 💋🖤 . . . Amazing Photographer: @derekgphoto Model/Styling/MUAH: @traciedang (me ) Light Assistant: @mootens_ . . . . . . #conquererbabe #emgmodels #modelbehavior #modelingagency #sultrystyle #stylegoals #lamodelsearch #asiandoll #newfacemodel #loveelitemiami #stylemepretty #losangelesmodelingagency #fashionphotography #asianbaby #fashiondaily #fashioninspiration #styleinspiration #asianmakeup #laactors #nycmodels #dropdeadgorgeous #torontomodelscout #modelasiangirl #petitemodel #asianmodelsrock #sfmodels #publishedmodel #naturallook

Aug 2019

People ask me why I love to cook? Why do I enjoy grocery shopping? 🤔Yes, cooking is time consuming and not everyone enjoys it. I personally love to cook beautiful, delicious and healthy meals for 🖐🏽 main reasons. ◈ ☝🏽I love to eat! I love food, all types of cuisine. Japanese, Indian, Filipino, Thai, French, Italian, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Greek, the list goes on. ◈ ✌🏽Trying and creating new dishes. There are so many different types of food out there, my cooking possibilities are endless. The point is, I love to mix, create and recreate flavours myself with a healthier twist of my own. I believe it’s my love for arts. I think cooking is kind of an art, I get to learn how all the different spices and ingredients can come together and work in harmony and then finally getting to beautifully plate the food. 🍛 ◈ 🤟🏽Cooking is a stress relief for me. Spending 30 minutes whipping up a healthy home cooked meal puts me in a much calmer state of mind compared to me sitting on the couch watching TV. Honestly, it’s good for the soul. ◈ 🖖🏽(just doing different hand symbols now ), it’s not just relaxing but it’s fun. It’s like “play” time for older people. Sometimes I even get to cook with my family and friends, which cooking allows for more bonding time with them. ◈ 🖐🏽 Last but the main reason why I love to cook is seeing the joy of friends and family eating the meals I create. Nothing beats seeing their faces light up and say “this is amazing” after they have their first bite of your food. Hearing their praises always motivates me to cook even better the next time. ◈ Cooking is not for everyone. There are people who can burn milk, but hey, for those of you do enjoy cooking like me, it is a great experience that can make you happy and makes others happy as well. There is no better feeling than that. ◈ The goal in my cooking has always been to cook delicious meals inspired by all different cultures and making a healthy version of it so my family and friends can enjoy those similar unique flavours in a home cooked meal. ◈ Do you enjoy cooking, what motivates you to cook❓ If not, why❓Let me know in the comments below. 👩🏻‍🍳😄 ◈ 📸: @imjayshots