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It’s always a good weekend when Payden gets to visit. I found an old score card in my disc golf bag from ten years ago. In those days all the boys almost doubled my score. This time out he beat me by one stroke on the disc golf course... yes, the tables have definitely turned. So thankful for him and this visit. There is nothing in the world like being a father and watching your kids succeed. Blessed. #SonOfMine #AmazingYoungMan #MissHim #GREATWeekend #DiscGolf #MMGoodLoans

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Padamu, kulabuhkan cinta. Bersama-Nya kutitipkan segalanya. Tentangmu yang semoga selalu dalam penjagaan-Nya semoga dipertemukan denganku bukan hanya di dunia tapi juga didalam Surga 💚 #lovestory #prilaga #girlfriend #selfie #coupleofinstagram #couplelove #alwaystogether #weddingcouple #instalove #missher #loveyou #cutecouple #romantic #lovers #couple #mylove #loveher #kiss #together #marriedcouple #couples #heart #misshim #love #fallinlove #nofilter #coupleselfie #boyfriend #lovehim #happy

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My best friend lost her best friend. Louie wasn't 'just' a Great Dane. True, he was great in size, great in clumsiness, great at awkward sitting , and a great conversation starter between his mom and strangers who'd marvel at the 'greatness' of him. But he was so much more than that. He was a wonderful companion, with a ginormous heart !! You'd never see Melissa without her boy Louie in tow , sitting awkwardly in the back of her Volkswagen beetle. Little kids and adults alike would look out their car windows and laugh and say hi to this amazing guy. His great size and warming demeanor would draw people in , but his affection and the pureness of his heart would keep them coming back for more. Its tragic that we all didn't get a bit more time with this amazing guy, but rest assured his life was even better than 'great' at the hands of his loving and devoted mama, Melissa. We all will miss you tremendously Louie. Thank you for leaving gigantic paw prints on our hearts 🐾 🐾 💙💙💙

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#sundayswithstewart 🐾 Do you think he misses me? 😂 I know I sure missed this little guy. Can’t wait to give him hugs tomorrow!💕 • • #misshim #sadscottie #sadpuppy #sadpuppyeyes #puppyeyes #scottiesideeye #sideeye #stewartthescottiedog #mybuddy #myfavorite #scottiedog #sillyscottie

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FaceTimed today with my Uncle Lucky in New York. We were talking about something serious here... #family #misshim

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Pulled out my dad’s wool vest on this blustery cold day to go pheasant hunting. Still haven’t unpacked/found my warm clothes from our move in July..please don’t judge. 😬 I was inspired to try to recreate my dad’s clam chowder from our days visiting him on the Queen Charlotte Islands. Hard to compare but this recipe is delicious. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/ina-garten/east-hampton-clam-chowder-recipe-1948239.amp #misshim #haidagwaii #nopheasantstoday

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My favorite sheltie turned 6 years old on saturday 24th 🥺 can’t believe he is 6 already!! Happy birthday sweet Ollie 🇩🇰🇩🇰 i will always miss you and a part of my heart will always be yours ❤️ i’m just happy that you are happy and cared for 💙 A photo with the sweetest sheltie from 5 years ago 🥰 #sweetOllie #shetlandsheepdog #sheltie #shelt #favoritesheltie #misshim #always #happythatheishappy #specialboy #6yo #birthdayboy #october24th #saturday


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🦔 When a hedgehog has traveled more than you. Credits: @mr .pokee Tag: #theplanetwonders

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This man finally comes home tonight! #misshim #lovehim #hescute #fall #fallpics #plaid #ootd #pennsylvania

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~ hello lovelies ~ again I’d like to thank you all for the outpouring of love and support you have shown us as a family while our precious Ian is battling coronavirus and cancer 🙏🏼 he is still critical, on a ventilator in intensive care, our amazing NHS truly are superheroes, literally keeping him alive while his body tries to recover . This truly is the hardest time of our lives, our hearts are actually breaking, the pain is unbearable, our children desperately want their daddybear and I want my forever love 💔 come on my darling warrior, you can do it!!

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