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33azn 💦 The Ordinary - Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution- Пилинг с 7% гликолевой кислотой, аминокислотами, aloe vera, женьшенем и Тасманскии перцем,240 ml.💦 Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution - 7% гликолевая кислота предназначена для нежного пилинга. 💦Формула содержит производную Тасманского перца, 🌶с целью уменьшения раздражения, связанного с использованием кислоты и экстракта женьшеня, а aloe vera для получения видимого смягчения. 🌿Рекомендуется для кожи с мелкими шрамами,морщинами, гиперпигментацией, раздражением и для кожи поврежденной солнцем. 🧖🏻‍♀️Гликолевая кислота хорошо работает также в уходе за жирной кожей и акне, плохим кровоснабжение и с признаками преждевременного старения.🙅🏻‍♀️ Как действует препарат?: стимулирует выработку коллагена, ускоряет регенерацию клеток, отшелушивает кожу, разглаживает кожу, выравнивает цвет лица, интенсивно регенерирует, очищает поры. Способ применения: Используйте один раз в сутки на очищенную кожу, лучше всего вечером. Препарат наносить ватным косметическим диском на сухую кожу. Избегать контакта со ртом и глазами.🙅🏻‍♀️ ⛔️Внимание: препарат не предназначен для чувствительной, нежной и деликатной кожи. 🙅🏻‍♀️При его использовании следует наносить солнцезащитный крем. Во время появления раздражения следует прекратить использование препарата. ⛔️ Косметическое средство имеет рН в диапазоне от 3,50 до 3,70; не содержит спирта, силикона, масла и орехов. Препарат веганский и во время его производства не пострадало ни одно животное.🌟 #aztagram #like4like #azerbaijan #aze #baku #instaaz #followtofollow #liketolike #azeaktiv #azeactive #takip #takiped #followers #aktivler # #instagramaz #instaaz #onlineshoppingbaku #shoppingbaku #azeshopping #kosmetikabaku #makeupbaku #makeupazerbaijan #косметикабаку #бакукосметика #gozellik #azerbaijani

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Sedona Cave 😍🌵 Do you like this content? If you do follow below👇 ❤ Follow: @arizona .vibe ❤ ❤ Follow: @arizona .vibe ❤ ❤ Follow: @arizona .vibe ❤ ✩ 📸: @mcgee ⭒ Like  Comment  Share

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Yesterday I posted some of the best examples of Dilophosaurus tracks. These are the ones that got messed up. However, they got wrecked by other dinosaurs so they are still awesome. the last two slides show how the creatures slipped in the mud while they were walking. The others are of footprints that got stepped on. maybe they are not the elegant imprint, but that means 2 dinosaurs walked here. this enables you to walk where a dinosaur walked where a dinosaur walked. The awesomeness compounds. Once again, the imprints were left on the banks of a seasonal or perhaps long overdue flood in a climate that was shifting from tropical to desert. ....... #geologypage #geology #geologia #nature #natura #natureza #naturepics #natureshots #instanature #science #earth #naturalhistory #earth_shotz #earthscience #rocks #rocksrock #arizonageology #arizona_landscapes #natural_arizona #arizonahighways #southwest #usinterior #sonyalpha #instagramaz #Dilophosaurus #dinosaurtracks #jurassic #dinosaurs

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The idea of wilderness needs no defense, it only needs defenders. — Edward Abbey 📸 @paigekvaughan on an epic eight day oar trip with @grandcanyonww

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Chilly mornings need hot coffee, enjoy a ethically sourced, local roast. Luke will help you pick one out that suits your taste.

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It’s oh so SNOW-crazy 😏 . According to the weather reports, the Catskills received 3-6in of snow and so I imagine the Chalet is blanketed in snow. . . 📸💥: by yours truly, March 2018 . . . ⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #beautiful #rheinlandpfalz #naturegeography #earth #picoftheday #travelphotography #rsa #instagood #peoplewhohike #landscape #followforfollowback #love #natureshot #earthpix #photooftheday #portrait #fotoshoot #redrocks #photography #photos #photographyislife #globe #awesome #photographer #beauty #autumn #dailyportrait #instagramaz #naturephotography #canon

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This is the first time these lovebirds have ever had their photos taken! Choosing Sedona for the 📷 location and taking pics on her birthday 🎁 was the perfect combo for an awesome day! @christyb3rry , as I told ya, you can *feel* the love in these pics. And that dress! Omg! 👌🏻🤩🙌🏻👏🏻❤️

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Something H O T is coming this way, very soon... Who’s ready?😎🔥

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...a world of never-ending happiness... 🎶🖤 #whitemountains


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Is this mars or earth? 😍 Do you like this content? If you do follow below👇 ❤ Follow: @arizona .vibe ❤ ❤ Follow: @arizona .vibe ❤ ❤ Follow: @arizona .vibe ❤ ✩ 📸: @jguzmannn ⭒ Like  Comment  Share

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Sedona winter wonderland ❄ have you ever seen snow in Arizona? Do you like this content? If you do follow below👇 ❤ Follow: @arizona .vibe ❤ ❤ Follow: @arizona .vibe ❤ ❤ Follow: @arizona .vibe ❤ ✩ 📸: @mattwilczekphotography ⭒ Like  Comment  Share


A close up of a male Elegant trogon as it perches by a rushing stream in Southern Arizona. The Elegant trogon, In my opinion, is one of the prettiest birds in the U.S. In the U.S. they can only be found in small numbers in southeastern Arizona, southwestern New Mexico, and the lower Rio Grande of south Texas. They are permanent residents of Mexico. Nikon D850 camera body and Nikon AF-S 500mm 1:4 FL ED VR lens. -•••- : : : : : #trogon #eleganttrogon #arizona #birds #bird #birdphotographer #birdphotos #birdphotography #instagramaz #azwildlife #earthpix #WildlifePlanet #nature #NatureGeography #WildGeography #nakedplanet #natures #bb_of_ig #marvelouz_animals #epic_wildlife #nuts_about_birds

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I know this isnt Arizona but dang it makes me long for the South West!😍 Do you like this content? If you do follow below👇 ❤ Follow: @arizona .vibe ❤ ❤ Follow: @arizona .vibe ❤ ❤ Follow: @arizona .vibe ❤ ✩ 📸: @paige_tingey ⭒ Like  Comment  Share

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Is it just me or is this somehow comforting? 🤔 Do you like this content? If you do follow below👇 ❤ Follow: @arizona .vibe ❤ ❤ Follow: @arizona .vibe ❤ ❤ Follow: @arizona .vibe ❤ ✩ 📸: @desert_badger ⭒ Like  Comment  Share

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Sunrise is such a sure thing. The sun will rise and it will set and we will live. 🌅 Do you like this content? If you do follow below👇 ❤ Follow: @arizona .vibe ❤ ❤ Follow: @arizona .vibe ❤ ❤ Follow: @arizona .vibe ❤ ✩ 📸: @desert_badger ⭒ Like  Comment  Share

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The 🌟🇺🇸 Best of the USA 🇺🇸🌟 & 🌵🌞🌵 Best of the Grand Canyon State 🌵🌞🌵 Proudly Present Our Featured Artist: . . 📸~~~~ @davescapesart . Photo selected by: @nealsummerton . . 💫A Huge Congratulations on being featured with us!! Thank you for sharing your images & supporting our Love of Arizona Artists & Images!! 🌵🌞🌵 . . 💫Please visit this Artist's page and show them some Arizona State L🌞ve! 🌵🌞🌵 Please do not repost without permission from us & the Original Artist!! Thank You!! 🌵🌞🌵 . . 💫Check out 🇺🇸 @Bestofthe_USA 🇺🇸 And, 🌵🌞🌵 @BestoftheGrandCanyonState 🌵🌞🌵 Then use #bestofthe_usa and/or #bestofthegrandcanyonstate for a chance 2B featured on our pages!💫🌵 . . PAGE OWNER: Karri 🌞 @liveasaltyfloridalife @karrileephotography USA ADMIN TEAM: Carrie 🌵 @cably723 Roxana 🌞 @roxanawaltersphotography PAGE ADMIN: Kelly 🌵 @just .shoot.this MODERATORS: Marcy 🌵 @charleyaz3 Neal 🌞 @nealsummerton Lynne 🌵 @image_zen Rachel🌞 @lightofarizona Damon🌞 @damon_hanson_photo . . 💫🇺🇸 Please Check Out Our CATALOG of Pages At: 🌟🇺🇸 @BestoftheUSA_FamilyPages 🇺🇸🌟 Follow Your Favorites and Then Use That Pages tags! We would 💛 to be featuring you on one of our 3️⃣5️⃣ plus pages Representing States & specialties all Across the USA!🇺🇸💫 . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . #arizona #visitarizona #w2az #ig_arizona #instagramaz #westbysouthwest #arizonacollective #conquerarizona #see_arizona #lifeisgoodarizona #azgrammers #ig_southwest #theamericancollective #icu_usa #arizonahiking #explorearizona #hikeaz #arizonaadventures #arizona_landscapes #arizonasky #capturearizona #arizonaisgorgeous #botgcs_davescapesart #busafeatured_davescapesart