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need someone to numb the pain ac yt dt tagged

11 hours ago

my babb <3 this live holds a special place in my heart and it will for evaa (: @milliebobbybrown

11 hours ago

the POWER here

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[Kelsey liked] hii i finally recreated Millie’s look! it looks bad but i never do makeup so idek lol. anyways if you tag her i would be forever grateful !! and comment what you think cuz i really think that it’s so bad but anyway lol @milliebobbybrown hope you like it 🤍 @kdeenihan

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hii how are y’all? i’m trying to recreate a makeup of Millie right now lol (just for funnn ) n e ways i’ll share the result w u guys ♡ @milliebobbybrown

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thenewpotato old photoshoot 3/3 🤍

17 hours ago

thenewpotato old photoshoot & Interview 2/3 🤍

17 hours ago

thenewpotato old photoshoot & Interview 1/3 🤍

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Gillie just got a cold last week Look at her face after taking the medicine 😂 飛機耳同空洞眼 生無可戀了 #ragdollcat #hkragdoll #ragdoll #hkcat #hkig #hongkongpet #pet #friends #gillie #blue #blueeyes #cat #catsofinstagram #catlife #ragdollkitten #ragdollworld #布偶猫 #布偶貓 #catshk #喵星人 #kawaii

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@lousianateabp Who do you agree with, #Wack100 or #Gillie ?🤔

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hii, i miss my cat a lil extra today ): (the second slide is her ) and idk when i’m gonna see her again, hopefully i will soon :’( anyways i just finished my online classes so i’m free now : ) @milliebobbybrown i miss u bub ♡

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good morningg : ) ) i’m on my lunch break right now and i still have 5 lessons ): n e ways wish y’all a good day ♡ stay safe <3 @milliebobbybrown


this is from august 18th, a bit old now but I wanted to post anyway. It was originally in spanish and when it was translated into english, got like this. via: elle.mx website


😩🤣 hilarious does ketchup go in the refrigerator❓ I’m wit Wallo I put mines in the refrigerator... #philly #gillie #wallo267 #explorepage #1coldworldmedia 😷🥶🌎


good night <3 i just saw this picture of Gia and it really owns my heart ♡ also i’m literally in love with her new puppy 🥺 btw i just talked to my mom and sadly i can’t donate to olivia hope foundation because of my country but i’m so excited cause hopefully i’m going to donate to a childhood cancer foundation in my country ( Turkey ) !! n e ways sweet dreams ♡ @giaalorusso @milliebobbybrown


@gillie_da_king @wallo267 y’all two funny as hell 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 he said stop hating on bird man !! 🤣 #cashmoney #birdman #gillie #wallo #like #share #follow #mustsee


a series of v unfortunate events 🤍 (inspired by everyone lolz )


thank you @browncoat672 for recording the whole thing <3 Gaten singing too 🥺 his voice is just so beautiful! I love the content we got these days ❤️ from: @/wholesomegaten


I CANT BELIVE I WAS INACTIVE from: @/browncoat672


Is that paycheck really worth more than your vision? Like is it really? . Most people wake up and just start moving 🤦🏽‍♂️ with NO DIRECTION . They have no idea of where they're going due to lack of vision . Now this message is NOT meant for you to walk up to your boss and say, "fuck you, I quit" . 🤣🤣 well at least not right this second 😆 but you most avoid letting a bi-weekly paycheck brainwash you for 48 hours of false freedom aka. the weekend 😳 . How long do you want to be a 2 week visionary? . When will you declare yourself as a lifetime visionary of your dreams/goals? . Let me know . ✈️ SHARE this with the 🌍 📂 SAVE it just because 🤷🏽‍♂️ 💭 COMMENT how u feel ❤️ This too real not to LIKE


hii i just finished my exam and i feel so relaxed ! i felt so stressed cause it was an important exam but it was easy lol. n e ways hope you guys will have an amazing day ♡!! love y’all <3 @milliebobbybrown

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good morning !! this video really owns my heart @milliebobbybrown @giaalorusso well today is a hard day for me cause i have a really hard exam :’( wish me luck ♡!!

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#Black #Papi Call it what you want!! #Gillie been Gillie sense before .... Ketchup !!! But our kids should know the difference btw entertainment & #businesses . .. just know what comes with the check .. Accountability & opinions .. Get your bread, just dont leave your mind and soul in the bathroom sink.. #Cordae ’s the floor is open for RESPECTFUL #commentary .... From all sides ... Begin #blackaware #blackkingdom #janeelliot #blackknowledge #janeelliott #killermike #rizzaislam #davidbanner #blackwealth #nickcannon #repost #420 #dlhughley #TRUBLACKUNITY #blackeconomics #blackexcellence #blackdynasty #neveragain #blackwealthmatters #redtabletalk #gilliedakid


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Jun 2020

millie’s favorite lil muffin🥺 — ac dvxlet on sc dt tagged | 🎵- Breathe by Mako [videostar] — click the link in my bio to help out those who need as much help as they can get! also happy juneteenth❤️

2 weeks ago

#Gillie out here doing the C-Walk! 😩😂 @gillie_da_king

2 weeks ago

this makes me ✨ SOFT ✨

Apr 2020

🖤📸 ceos of glambots 📸🖤 #2016emmys

May 2020

old deleted scene from st1: lucas and dustin teach el about pop rocks 🍬🍬

Jul 2020


May 2020

friends, got (obv ), and the whole harry potter movie franchise are on hbo max 🥺

May 2020

This is a little edit of all the 6/6 friendships😊 imagine getting content for ANY of these duos, how mind blowing would that be?🤯