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My first time participating in a #drawthisinyourstyle challenge. I redrew @angelganev 's character Reneta (so beautiful, make sure to check their art! ). It is a traditional painting with watercolors (I might've mixed a bit of gouache as I didn't want to wash my palette 🙈 ). I added the sea green to her dress digitally on #procreate Swipe ➡️ to see the original by @angelganev . . . #dtiys #dtiysweek37 #traditionalart #watercolors #watercolorpainting #mixedmedia #digitalartwork #strathmorepaper #princetonbrushes #art #artistsoninstagram #fantasyart #illustration

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Sirin bird I made for IFCC2020🐦. Have a great fun working on it. Gonna do some polish on it but not too much I have plenty of projects to finish 😅 #art #artistsoninstagram #illustration #illustrator #conceptart #zbrush #sculpture #sculptor #artist #fantasy #fantasyart

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Fine serie

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There is a saying in my country "tvrdoglava ko magarac" which literally means stubborn as a donkey 🤣 and I'm proud to say that I totally am! If I want something to be done it will be done no matter what 🙂 so yeah I started rebuilding this guy. One thing is different, can you guess what ? #reborn #sculpting #cosclayart #fantasyart #fantasyartist #clayartist #cosclayusa #clayart #ooak #unique #polymerclayart #wipart #dragon #dragonart #dragonartist #claycreations #mythicalcreatures #dollart #artist #dragonlyart

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Time lapse for Beeg Peeg

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Fantasy world research pt. 2 - shop closes in 3 days!! . . . #graphicdesign #posterdesign #fantasyart #fantasy ,

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Old buildings walls, towers, and even some angels. Map Symbol set: $2.65 www.FantasyMapSymbols.com #font   #typography   #blackletter   #gothic   #fantasymap   #fantasymapsymbols   #fantasymapicons   #fantasymappng   #cartography   #worldbuilding   #graphicdesigner   #graphics   #fantasyart   #fantasymappng   #dungeonsanddragons   #wonderdraftmaps   #affinityphoto   #affinitydesigner   #vintagemap   #mapart

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I'm experimenting with some new digital art styles, and I really like this one! ...~Aldritch & Kessal~... (These two are some characters from a DnD adventure I'm currently playing ) • • • #drawing #illustration #digitalart #dungeonsanddragons #artoninstagram #fantasyart

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Какой и у вас любимый фильм-сказка? Меня в свое время потрясла "Бесконечная история". Я вообще-то посмотрела ее первый раз, когда была уже почти взрослой, лет в 16, но впечатления все равно были волшебные! Кстати, это тот редкий случай, когда фильм понравился мне больше, чем книга. Она тоже неплохая, но в фильме гораздо больше настроения, атмосферы, волшебства что ли. И куклы в фильме почему-то гораздо выразительней и живее, чем любые 3d чудики из современных фильмов. Мой любимец конечно же Фалькор, добрый и лукавый Дракон Удачи, похожий на большого, мягкого пёсика. Последнее время все чаще думаю, что всем нам сейчас он ну очень нужен! ⠀ What is your favourite fantasy film? I'm in love with "The Neverending Story". I first saw it when I was 16, not a child already, but I was fascinated by its magical atmosphere. And I liked it more than the book by Michael Ende, though the book was ok too. The big puppets, which were used in the film, seem to me more charming and alive than any contemporary 3d monsters. My favourite character is Falkor, the luckdragon who looks like a big, kind and ironic dog. Recently I feel that all of us are in great need of him!

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I present some NPCs from my group's D&D campaign. Been wanting to share these for a while! Eric Teagel - tiefling warlock Dargun Corsond - trition cleric Xanthe Xiethier - wood elf rogue Nadal Uluil - drow rogue Shedinn - drow necromancer #art #drawing #digitalart #digitalpainting #portrait #digitalportrait #dnd #dungeonsanddragons #dungeonsanddragonsart #dndart #dndcharacter #fantasy #fantasyart #tiefling #triton #woodelf #darkelf #stanjeb #cultofubisoft #kitchen #fafi #shoosh

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TOME OF ARACHNE "Little one," a voice shook the webs as it spoke,"what is your name?" "Weevur," the gnomish child replied. He held a trembling tarantula his sister's pet bird pestered in his hands. It was larger than his palms, but it felt safe there. "You've returned to me my daughter, Weevur." The webs between the recently singed trees vibrated once more, blackened bark fell to the ground. Weevur brushed a hand against the scratches the pixies' cats gave him. He put the tarantula on a nearby strand of gossamer, and said "She led the way, I just listened. I lost her once, but then I found her again." He ended his sentence with a plop to the ground, and a bite of roasted pixie leftover in his pouch. He asked the surrounding voice, "How come I can hear you but I can't see you? Are you a ghost?" He climbed onto a burnt stump and proceeded to search for the voice's source. The voice chuckled femininely while the webs tugged branches. "Something like a ghost," it said. "Da says ghosts are real. Ma says Da is mad." Weevur looked back the way he came and anxiously rummaged in his pouch for another snack. The webs between the trees pulled taut, making limbs creak and snap away. Weevur kept his eyes trained on this new opening. He saw something not too common in his life: a book. However, this tome had legs sprouting beneath it, which pierced the earth with carefully balancing steps. Its leathery binding had some bristly hair on it. The pages were spidersilk, neatly woven together into sheets. Lastly, the front, back, and spine had eight dark eyes...all trained on Weevur. "My son will guide you home," the voice said. "In return for the safe delivery of my daughter, he'll teach you my ways and my power." Weevur failed to mention that he couldn't read as he stared back at the living tome. The book whispered, "I'll teach you to read, too." Its back-cover eyes winked in unison as it scurried to the trail home. Weevur followed, looking back at the circle of dark trees. He asked the book in a whisper, "What's your Ma's name?" The book replied, "Arachne."


Here with the latest Manifeco illustration post for all to see. Today we join our thieving heroine who has just learned a valuable lesson. Be careful which monarch you steal from. . . . . .

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Спасибо неповторимой Линде/Светлане Гейман @lindageyman за вдохновение! ❤️🖤❤️


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Ernest B. Willard hadn’t always been a crow. He’d once been a strapping young CPA, dashing from Starbucks to Starbucks in a flurry of khaki and Manila-scented aftershave. His clients were the hip, trendy uber wealthy, and his career had been going swimmingly-brilliantly even- his already substantial income further supplemented by a few unscrupulous side gigs with the Russian mob. In short, things were going well. . . Until the day an old lady walked into his office. . “Please help me,” she whined pathetically, tattered coat clutched in a claw like hand and rheumy eyes cast down, “I’ve made a terrible mistake on my taxes! I have a collection of priceless crystal pink flamingo lawn ornaments that were given to me as a gift, must I declare them!?” . “Priceless you say?” Ernest sneered down at her, trying to hide his interest. The mob boss had mentioned a desire for just such an obscure item, had even offered to pay a large sum for their procurement. What were the chances that this ragged, disgusting creature did indeed own just the thing he was looking for? Seemed odd. . . Caution warred with greed, but greed, of course, won. But he’d be damned if he was going to pay her for them. . “I can’t help you, now get out!” He turned a deaf ear to her sputtering protestations and pleas and bundled her unceremoniously out the door. . And then, of course, he followed her home, eyes glistening with greed. The road was long and twisting- they left the town center, then the town itself, winding down a snaking, meandering dirt lane that led to a forest. A dim forest. A tangled forest. A forest that fairly bristled with dark, unseelie magic. . Did Earnest B Willard notice? Nope- he followed the old woman right into the thick of woods. Frowned as the trees seemed to lean in, whispering, reaching. Stopped as a tangle of thorns snagged his khaki jacket. Froze mid curse as a sinister cackle sounded from the old woman. And watched in absolute, naked horror as she turned and transformed into. . . Something else. . Life wasn’t all bad as a crow, really- yes, he’d be never be a high powered CPA again, but she occasionally allowed him to perch on the head of one of the flamingos.

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⭐️A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. ...⭐️🦋

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Choose your favorite elemental dragon! ______________ DOUBLE TAP to pet the DRAGON 🐲 💕🐲 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🐲Dragons🐉 on the daily! ⠀⠀⠀👇Make sure to follow👇 ⠀ 👉👉 @dragonsforever_ 👈👈 ⠀⠀👉👉 @dragonsforever_ 👈👈 ⠀⠀⠀👆Make sure to follow👆 ⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊ All right are reserved to their rightful owner (s ) 🖌 CREDITS: Jorge Norgaard on Artstation

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suburbia [ii] dódeka will rarely stay in places of human activity for too long - a single apartment block is persistently overwritten with new events and memories, and that is too large a feast for this modest deity. . . #characterdesign #tradigital #worldbuildingart #digitalcolor #fantasycreature #visdevart #creaturedesign #finelinerart #originalcharacter #fantasyart #digitalillustrations #illustration #characterillustration #conceptart #sketchdaily #environmentart #aestheticart #graphicnovelart #comicartist #comiccharacter #artistsofig #illustrationdrawing #ocart #suburbia #menuliart


- Artwork by David Schleinkofer 👨🏻‍🎨🎨 - • ❌➡️ Follow @retro_scifiarts 🛸 • •▫️▫️SCI-FI APPAREL▫️▫️ •▪️www.scifi-nation.com ▪️ • #scifi #vintagescifi #scifiart #scifiworld #fantasyart #70s #80s #90s #vintagebooks #bookart #sciencefiction #sciencefictionart #sciencefictionbooks #retroart #space #scifimovies #scififantasy #cyberart #scifidaily #creativeart #retroscifi #davidschleinkofer #spaceship #spaceships #scifination #retro_scifiarts