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last month

He said i taste like sugar but ain’t sh💋t sweet 😈 🖤GM #devilbaby #explore fav set @pinkcashintimates Love my case from @subwellco

Oct 2019

lol psych 😈

Oct 2019

Have gone through hell and back for ya xoxo #halloween2019 #devilbaby

2 weeks ago

Stand up in they chest that’s wat I do I make em see the reaper🦅🩸 #devilbaby

Apr 2020

If you haven’t been watching @tacomafdtrutv then you missed out on some of my greatest acting work of all time. This is me playing a new born baby!!!!!! I was in make up for hours, had all my teeth removed, and it took all my sense memory skills to go back to that day when I arrived on this earth. The easy part was that the character really has no back story. He just popped out. And the positive is that I now know what I’ll look like when I get really old. Go set ur DVR to start recording the show on @trutv plenty of episodes left. @steve_lemme @heffernanlemme #beautifulbaby #ginger #devilbaby #tacomafd #thursdays @mariaannrussell @tinaarning