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Sep 2019

The Sisters (w/niece ) Maa syaa Allah.... Tabarakallah. Thanks for the complimentary pizza & voucher #cafelulujakarta & chef ucup @akhmad_yusufm & chef yudi 🙏🙏 #sistersquad 💪 #bestsistersforever #sistersgoals

Jul 2019

W/Teman Putih - Biru #bff #temansebangku #cafelulujakarta #transparkcibubur

Apr 2019

Bismillah..😇 #cafelulujakarta #transstudiomallcibubur

Feb 2019

We're excited to announce that Cafelulu will be moving to a new location! Find us soon at Trans Studio Mall Cibubur, Lobby Area, Jl Alternatif Cibubur No. 230! Keep an eye out for updates of our opening next month... #cafelulujakarta #syahestablishments

Dec 2018

Gather your girls! Come over for some chit chat and a lively afternoon vibe.🌴👗 #cafelulujakarta

Dec 2018

Order one more of our reviving beverages for your loved one and cherish the coming weekend together. #cafelulujakarta #dinewithsyah

Dec 2018

A Pizza Party 🍕 is what everyone needs. BUY 1 GET 1 FREE pizza of choice. *tnc applies #cafelulujakarta #dinewithsyah

Dec 2018

All smiles under our yellow parasol. Cheer your day up with good company and good food. #cafelulujakarta

Dec 2018

Relieve your tensions and open your hand to a cocktail session tonight. #cafelulujakarta

Dec 2018

Two is better than one.. Enjoy our BUY 1 GET 1 FREE pizza of choice, Dig in! #cafelulujakarta #dinewithsyah

Dec 2018

CaféLulu is bringing flavors from our tasty menus to deliver an outstanding Lunch Set for your everyday eating out. Introducing a combination of delicious dishes to accompany your lunch: . A choice of main course: Chicken Rice Bali, Vognole, or Dry Ramen. With a sweet side of: Banana Toast . Only for 75K . RSVP: +62 821-1110-0335 . #cafelulujakarta #dinewithsyah

Dec 2018

Wagyu Don Buri, an endless loop of powerful flavors combining to make your dining enjoyable. #cafelulujakarta #dinewithsyah

Dec 2018

End your week with a calm and relaxed mood with us. #cafelulujakarta

Dec 2018

To those who've been here a while, thanks for sticking around! To those who are new to my feed, welcome! I like to take some time every now and again to (re )introduce myself, and this time, I’m doing it with a super seasonal slant! Here goes: ♥️ The best gift I’ve ever given was Love and the best one I received was you—yes, You. 🍋 Most Saturdays this month you can find me relaxing and lunch would be followed by either jasmine tea or orange juice (yes, some things remain the same ) and Sundays, probably releasing and assisting my releasing partners to let go of unwanted stuff around the holiday season. 🎁 I am an excellent gift wrapper and internet shopper—but I must admit, not as good as my brother @aktasio —so I definitely put some time in around the holidays perfecting tons of shiny packages in my pjs and scoring all the best deals for my family online. 🏍 I live in Jakarta, which means crazy motorcycles, but I still found it as the best place on Earth (I'm an avid traveler, so don't argue with me, lol )! 💻 My weakness this season is working and creating contents as many as I could so I can spend quality time with my family in London on Christmas without any distraction. It doesn’t feel like a holiday without spending a lot of time with my family with their best intentions! Plus, I’d wear my ugly sweaters unironically all month. Any surprises? 🍵⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Oh, before I forgot, Happy International Tea Day! I team up with my good friend @meli_and_mila from @sakurateatox and we'll be doing something fun anytime soon for you tea lovers like us! So, stay tuned!

Dec 2018

A calming sense when you have nature by your side. #cafelulujakarta

Dec 2018

_The most wonderful time of the year to share good will and tenderness._ ✨ _Scrumptious dessert, creamy and buttery, a delicate gift to spread the miracle of Christmas._ 🎁🎄 *_KITTE CHRISTMAS HAMPERS_* *YULE LOG CAKE* *_JOYOUS JOLLY_* : IDR 360.000,- NETT (6 PCS ) *_VERY MERRY_* : IDR 540.000,- NETT (9 PCS ) • *Classic Yule Log* • *Ginger Lemon Yule Log* • *Matcha and Praline Sesame Roulade* • *Taro Roulade* • *Strawberry Shortcake Roulade* Be sure to get yours now at one of our shops at @thegunawarman , @hotelmonopoli and @cafelulujakarta . Place your order to : *Sofia at The Gunawarman* +62813-9460-5349 *Hotel Monopoli* +62821-1110-0335 *Cafelulu* +62821-1110-0336 #kittejakarta #thegunawarman #hotelmonopoli #cafelulujakarta #syahestablishments

Dec 2018

The most wonderful time of the year to share good will and tenderness. ✨ Scrumptious dessert, creamy and buttery, a delicate gift to spread the miracle of Christmas. 🎁🎄 . KITTE CHRISTMAS HAMPERS YULE LOG CAKE . JOYOUS JOLLY : IDR 360.000,- NETT (6 PCS ) VERY MERRY : IDR 540.000,- NETT (9 PCS ) . • Classic Yule Log • Ginger Lemon Yule Log • Matcha and Praline Sesame Roulade • Taro Roulade • Strawberry Shortcake Roulade . Be sure to get yours now at one of our shops at @thegunawarman , @hotelmonopoli and @cafelulujakarta . . Place your order to : Sofia at The Gunawarman +62813-9460-5349 Hotel Monopoli +62821-1110-0335 Cafelulu +62821-1110-0336 . #kittejakarta #thegunawarman #hotelmonopoli #cafelulujakarta #syahestablishments

Dec 2018

A hot day calls for a cool treat. #cafelulujakarta #dinewithsyah

Dec 2018

Wagyu just gets your mouth-drooling. Tempt your tastebuds with our Wagyu Burger from our wagyu specials menu. #cafelulujakarta #dinewithsyah

Dec 2018

Wagyu Don Buri, an endless loop of powerful flavors combining to make your afternoon dining enjoyable. #cafelulujakarta #dinewithsyah

Dec 2018

Plan your week ahead and find inspiration at our space. #cafelulujakarta

Dec 2018

We are what we eat, therefore, I’m definitely the best you’ll ever have. #cafelulujakarta #dinewithsyah

Dec 2018

Time to enjoy a day filled with yellow sunshine and yellow cocktails. #cafelulujakarta

Nov 2018

Weekend is coming, our space will give you a new perspective on relaxing. #cafelulujakarta

Nov 2018

You know what they say.. you can never have enough pizza! Our Buy One Get One promo is coming soon, look out! #cafelulujakarta #dinewithsyah

Nov 2018

A definite must try for brunch that will make you crave for more! #cafelulujakarta #dinewithsyah

Nov 2018

Relax, take it easy! Sounds like a good theme to keep this week. #cafelulujakarta

Nov 2018

Weekend is here, stop by and enjoy all that we offer. #cafelulujakarta

Nov 2018

Friday calls for a pizza party, eat it with friends or .. alone, we won’t judge! #cafelulujakarta #dinewithsyah


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Sep 2017

"The Royal Joesoefs" For @cafelulujakarta Starring: Fahd Joesoef @fahd_joesoef Janna S Joesoef @bornfashioned Janina Gaia Joesoef Javanna Gaia Joesoef Kenzo & Yoko #tibatibaCafelulu #cafeLuluJakarta

Oct 2017

Margherita Pizza from @cafelulujakarta 😋 Make sure you join the Pizza 🍕 challenge and WIN 1 Year Pizza Supply from @cafelulujakarta !! Check out their instagram for more info 👌🏻 #eatandcapture #jktfoodbang #cafelulujakarta #tibatibacafelulu #pizza

Feb 2018

Hump day. 🐪 #cafelulujakarta #kittejakarta

May 2018

Lunchie ditempat yang menarik dan makanan enak? Yuk ke @cafelulujakarta di @lippomallkemang . Suasana restonya yang nyaman, tempatnya yang luas, pelayanannya yang ramah dan yang terpenting rasa masakannya pas dilidah seperti Spicy Lettuce Salad Hawaiian Salad Chicken Bao Chicken Confit Steak & Chips Saladnya aja enak loh, padahal gue bukan tipikal yang doyan salad ✌️ btw buat yang puasa boleh meluncur kesana, ngabuburit foto-foto dulu disana sebelum berbuka. #cafelulujakarta

Dec 2017


Jan 2018

- Churros Ice Cream Sandwich (vanilla bean ice cream,cinnamon sugar ) @cafelulujakarta #songofmarch #dessert #icecream #cake #foodie #foodstagram #sweettooth #jktfoodie #jktfoodbang #cafelulujakarta #nibbleapp