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Apr 2020


Dec 2019

happy friday da 13th even if it’s the 14th now

May 2020

*NEW SINGLE COMING* PARALYZED - 6/12/20 . . . *LONG POST* I wrote this song after having my first panic attack in New York City. I had only been in the city for about two months, and I only had two friends in the entire city, AND I just had brain surgery like less than six months ago. I definitely moved here way too soon because I was still dealing with PTSD from the whole tumor situation, and it was in the middle of winter. . . . I was doing something really boring, like walking to the grocery store, and I just remember seeing all of these faces in the street and no one was looking at me or noticing me, and it just felt like I didn't exist. And I was really scared because I just left the comfort of my home after the surgery and decided to move to one of the biggest cities in the world, and I felt really small and alone. And then I felt really guilty because my mom wanted me to stay at home longer but I was too restless, and I felt like I needed to prove to her that it was a good decision to come to New York. And I also felt anxious about failing, and having gone through all that trauma for nothing. . . . This song sort of encompasses a lot of those feelings for me. I like to describe the track as the feeling of screaming at a wall but no one is around to hear you.

May 2019

@liltunechi x @blink182 . Lil Wayne teams up with the iconic band for a 38-city tour kicking off in Columbus, OH on June 27th and running through mid-September. Tickets go on sale this Friday, May 10th. The duo also premiered a new mash-up of their hits “What’s My Age Again?” and “A Milli.” Photo: Suzi Pratt/Getty Images

Oct 2018

ok, bei der bayernwahl war jetzt nicht alles komplette katastrophe, aber ziemlich viel schon richtig übel. um das mieseste stück deutschlands also langfristig aus dem national-konservativen sumpf zu ziehen bedarf es noch einen haufen arbeit. ziemlich cool liefs dagegen für uns am vergangenen samstag im KARATE KLUB MEIER in saarbrücken (was für ne überleitung ey 😅 ... ). merci nochmal ans Haifischblut Collective / @halb_floh_halb_koeter fürs organizen und umsorgen ❤️ für uns war das ganze ja so eine art saarland-premiere zusammen mit der @kidnap .music.records family. war super, bis ganz bald! Sascha Markus aka Der Flaneur hat n paar starke fotos gemacht. 1000 dank dafür! p.s. auch nochmal danke an Dr. Hahn, der matti mit 3 spritzen in den rücken wieder fit für die stage gemacht hat 🤘 #altpunk #rücken