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11 hours ago

i'm running out of teardrops, let it hurt till it stops 🥀 só passando aqui pra avisar que amanhã tem LIVE DE HALLOWEEN!! 🎃 quem quiser me ver passar sufoco em joguinho de terror, segue lá pra ser notificado quando eu abrir a live (link na bio ) <3 diz aí, qq cês vão fazer no halloween? (além de live do krynon ) 🤓 x x #emo #emoboy #alternativeboy #emoscene #sceneboy #alternativestyle #emostyle #emohair #streamer #stream #halloween #bmth #bringmethehorizon @bringmethehorizon @olobersykes

8 hours ago

Recreated this iconic Riverdale outfit in honor of all things scary because there’s nothing more frightening then realizing I’ve been watching such a bad show... yet still can’t stop myself. Does anyone else feel me on this? 🤔🥴 Also low key offended that I dress like this normally and it was such a throw back look on Riverdale buttttttt whatever 😂

17 hours ago

keep breathing