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Tummy time ❤️ #monoditwins #preemiestrong #29weekers #twinmum

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Just sitting here rocking my tiniest baby. In his room, surrounded by still-full moving boxes and his sleeping twin. Smelling his sweet milk breath and feeling his soft baby hair against my face. Realizing the weight of his body on mine feels heavier than yesterday and feeling a slight panic at the thought that they’re one day no longer going to be my tiny babies. I’ve put their room as last on the list to unpack and set up because I don’t want to think of them not being little newborns at the foot of my bed anymore. Even with the complete insanity that is twin life- especially twin sleep😆- I don’t want them to grow. I want them to stay my little babies forever. Motherhood is a cruel joke: one minute praying they start sleeping through the night and the next taking it all back because you know that also means they will just get bigger❤️

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Fall running days with Jeremiah are the best! Especially when the sun is shining and the leaves are changing colors! 🍁☀️🍂

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👻👻👻 What are you guys dressing your babies as this year? #halloween2020 #17monthsold #monoditwins

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#Repost @gigantticfamily with @make_repost ・・・ A midnight post to the 2 boys I love most - You are both perfection! Happy 3rd birthday to my loves Mikey and Myles💙💙 Thank you for completing our family!! #pregamegifts #mikey &myles @gigantticfamily #familyvlog #identicaltwinboys #monoditwins #partyof7 #texas #movingtotexas

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Bros, bears & bipsy 🖤🤍 @little_bipsy PSA: If you’re like me & not ready to give up the adorableness & ease of onesies, even though your babes are toddlers now 😫 (when did this HAPPEN ) this two-way zip from @little_bipsy will be your mama dream come true!! Not only is it the coolest we own 😎😎 but these tall, 2T monsters fit perfectly in the 18-24with RTG!! 🥳 Am I allowed to pretend they’re newborns still? (Minus all the work?🤪 )

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There is light at the end of the tunnel! ⁣ ⁣ This past week has been ROUGH physically. Between my growing belly and allergies, it's been hard to focus on anything past the afternoon and evening. Audra was also on Fall Break. The non-pregnant me would have planned a trip somewhere, but at this stage of pregnancy, it was nice sleeping in and being lazy again. I did manage to take all three kiddos out in the morning a couple of times, but going solo with three very active kids while very pregnant is a challenge!⁣ ⁣ Good news: I have an induction date! If these girlies don't decide to make their presence known, then on November 12, they'll be here! That will bring me to #37weekspregnant exactly! As of now, Baby B is still breeched (and the larger of the two by an ounce ). I know it's still possible for her to turn, and I pray she does, but if not, I've mentally prepared myself for a c-section. ⁣ ⁣ In terms of baby things, I guess we're ready. Haha. It seems with every subsequent child, I procrastinate more and more. ⁣ ⁣ Car seats and stroller ☑️ ⁣ Crib ☑️⁣ Carrier ☑️⁣ Clothes ☑️⁣ ⁣ After Audra was born, I discovered children resale and consignment shops. Let me tell you, best thing ever!!! Kids grow out of things soooo fast, and if you haven't noticed baby clothes can be super expensive. For these girlies, I found an amazing twin resale page on Facebook and have stocked up on some preemie and newborn clothes (yes, it's a guarantee my kiddos will be small at birth )! If you're a twin mom with kiddos under 2, DM me and I can send you an invite to the page. ⁣ Do you shop resale, or do you buy brand new? Where are some of your favorite resale shops (online or in person ), and if you do buy brand new, where do you find amazing deals?

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NICU day 3 💙 both boys are doing so good. They started blue light therapy for jaundice, their little eye masks are so cute and they look so snug in their isolettes. The air pocket in Carter’s heart has gone away almost completely and doesn’t require any intervention!! They’re also talking about taking him off the ventilator today, I can’t wait to hear his sweet little cries once he can make noise again. Momma gets discharged from the hospital today and it’s such a flood of emotions leaving them here but I know it’s the safest place for them to be so they can grow and come home. Cmon bubbas you got this!! - - #32weekpreemie #jaundice #bluelighttherapy #ventilator #nicuwarrior #nicumom #identicaltwins #monoditwins #preemiestrong #csectionmama #preemiepower

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Girls are flowers🎀🎀 so much tenderness and sweetness! My beautiful daughters🤍🤍 #girls #sistersister #twinkies #twins #identicaltwins #monoditwins #fall2020 #babiesofinstagram

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#makersgonnamake . . Ondertussen lig ik al 4 weken opgenomen in het ziekenhuis, want ‘het kan elk moment gebeuren’ 🤔😉 Ik voel me prima en de jongens in mijn buik doen het naar omstandigheden ook nog hartstikke goed dus daar ben ik heel blij mee! Maar hoe goed ik ook mijn best deed, na 4 weken zonder te naaien kon ik er echt niet langer tegen vechten: de naainesteldrang 🙈 Aangezien een naaimachine het ziekenhuis in smokkelen geen echte optie was, heb ik gister deze twee babymutsjes maar met de hand genaaid 🙈🙈 Het duurt even, maar ze zijn wel echt schattig geworden! Vandaag maak ik er nog 2 en dan ben ik voorlopig wel weer even genezen denk ik 😉 . . #babymutsjes #newbornhat #babymütze #handsewing #handsewn #nähverrückt #nähsüchtig #sewingaddict #naainesteldrang #nesteldrang #madebyruni #handgenäht #monnikenwerk #33wekenzwanger #34ssw #tweelingzwangerschap #monoditwins #eeneiigetweeling

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“Say my name”. My girl has a name, and her name is Layla. Yes, she’s “the one with the abnormal EEG”, “the twin who has problem” “the smaller one” “the one who’s not normal”, just say her name!!! Yes her head is tilted, she tends to look to the right, she is “not strong enough”, she STILL can’t sit. But now she turns her head when being called, she kicks her legs when she’s happy, she doesn’t need me to hold her head or lean on my chest when sitting, she grabs stuff and and plays. You’ve seen her daily, or her pictures daily, and you choose not to see any of her gains??? I know she is not typical, so I should not point out that you’re not seeing what she can do, because “oh comparing to typical kids she just can’t, it’s a fact!” “And people haven’t see many disabled kids so they are just saying it”. I think people haven’t seen many disabled kids because people you choose not to see or people like you would hide your own disabled kids at home. She may never catch up, but she deserves to live the best of her life, and treat with respect and dignity. #infantilespasms #infantilespasmswarrior #epilepsy #epilepsywarrior #littlewarrior #hypotonia #pediatricphysiotherapy #pediatricoccupationaltherapy #gtube #neurologicaldysfunction #globaldevelopmentaldelay #cerebralpalsy #cerebralpalsywarrior #cpwarrior #specialneedsmom #specialneeds #twin #twins #monoditwins #identicaltwins #identicaltwinsisters #identicaltwingirls

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10.3.2020: This is six...with two boys 🤣. Eli and Ryder had a great day celebrating their birth with treats, silly faces, lots of hugs and smiles and a sleep over with one of their best pals! #happybirthday #sixyearsold #monoditwins

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I love these happy girls, so much 💛 #avery #reagan #twins #identicaltwins #monoditwins

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We had a fun family morning at the pumpkin patch! 🎃 We spent the first hour (maybe more ) lost in the corn maze! 🌽 After more than 3,000 steps we finally made it out! 😂 The kids picked out pumpkins, we enjoyed fresh apple cider donuts and managed to stay dry through it all. So blessed by the memories we make as a family

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I think we’ll keep them in these onsies forever 😍 Braden seems down with it! . . . . . #bullocktwinboys #bullocktwins #identicaltwins #monoditwins #moditwins #twinboys #twins #newborntwins #boymom


It was a pinkish kind off day! Enjoying Sabbath!


Ok I seriously love these items both headbands and sweaters from @sorastreetboutique . I had previously posted about this sweater last week but these pics are permanent. #monoditwins #twins #sistersister #fallvibes


First time using this pattern and I love it, next time I will line the cowl for sure. The small scale skulls are on preorder now at @barenecessitiesfabrics #nhoctobersewingcontest


little man Carter Knox doing a big stretch 🤍 we’ve hit a few bumps in the road. last night he had to be intubated, which is normal for preemies especially at their gestation. today it appeared he had a pocket of air stuck in his lung lining and after an X-ray they found it’s actually in the cavity of his heart. we have another repeat X-ray in about an hour and hopefully it’s gone down in size or we’ll have to look into further intervention which im hoping to avoid. he’s so small but so strong, I hate leaving him here all alone. - - #32weekpreemie #preemietwins #nicuwarrior #identicaltwins #monoditwins #carterknox #3lbs #csectionmama #nicubaby


egal wieviel driss die beiden mittlerweile gemeinsam bauen .. man liebt sie einfach 🥰 unsere Wunder 🥰 #zwillinge #eineiigezwillinge #identicaltwins #monodi #monoditwins #schwestern #zusammen #wir #wunder


Hello THIRD TRIMESTER! 🎉 We’ve made it! I still can’t believe it! ❤️ The twins are kicking constantly and sleeping is becoming a hot commodity in this household. I passed my glucose test, but in turn found out I am severely anemic, which explains a whole lot of what I’ve been feeling lately😖. I’m awaiting an iron infusion in the next few days and hopefully that will get me back to my normal waddling preggo self 🥰. The doctors think the girls will come sooner than their expected date, but for now they aren’t letting us go past 12/28 which means 65 days or less till we meet our cuties! 🌹👶🏻👶🏻🌹 #mandjtwins #27weekspregnantwithtwins #monoditwins #pregnant #twinpregnancy #pregnantwithtwins #anemiaduringpregnancy #anemia #anemic #thirdtrimester


•this is the day we’ve been waiting for• On July 20th, 2020 our mom had to be stronger than she’s ever been before. Our MOM had to face her fears without her mom and bring us into the world. You see, we were born during a pandemic so no one could come in besides our dad. Everyone talks about this crazy new “normal” like we know anything different... we don’t. Our mom was, is and always will be so strong FOR US. We gave her a whole new reason to living. A whole new meaning to life. She gave us the gift of life but she says we gave her the biggest gift of all. We didn’t make pregnancy easy for her. I, Baby B also know as Everett, had inserted my unbiblical corn into our separating membrane instead of the placenta like brother. I didn’t grow very well and was oh so tiny. They didn’t think we would make it to 24 weeks but mom prayed and prayed and prayed. We could hear her pray. We could feel her touch her belly and pray for us. My cord flow was getting better as momma prayed. But when we got to 32weeks my cord failed me again. She was so terrified. She didn’t know what was going to happen. But our mom stayed in the hospital for a whole week by herself before she delivered us. If you know our mom you’d know she doesn’t like being alone. She doesn’t like making decisions. But for us, she’d do anything! We had made it to 33w3d inside mommy’s tummy. They looked at us again on ultrasound to see how we were doing since Friday... the doctor told her, I, Hudson aka baby A, had stopped moving as much. Everett’s cord flow was absent, he hadn’t grown, it was time. It was time for brother and I to be welcomed into the world. Momma called daddy and told him the news. All kinds of nurses and doctors came in, touching mommas belly and telling us “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”. “Happy birthday?! What did that mean?” It seemed like we waited forever until all of a sudden we heard mamas heartbeat getting louder and louder, she was scared. And then we felt what we had never felt before. Someone was pulling us out, one by one! We finally got to see mommas face! But you know what, she cried, because we cried!!! She was so happy to have us here safe!


Swipe for a double dose of cuteness 👶🏾👶🏾 @therealmckoytwinz can you tell who’s who? ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #twins #twin #twingirls #girlpower #girldad #love #babiesofinstagram #babies #photo #identicaltwins #monoditwins


Being a mother means putting the needs of your children before your own needs. Being a mother is something I’ve always wanted to be. It’s amazing. It’s a struggle. Some days are sweet. Some days we all cry. I used to be so worried about makeup. I wouldn’t leave the house without it because I was worried someone I knew would see me without it. I never thought I’d post pictures of myself with a naked face and three day old hair but here we are. I definitely still love those filters though! 😉 My sweet, chubby, (combined over 40lbs😳 ) handsome babes!


Geeze Louise!!! 1 year sure has made a HUGE difference! Love these little girls!! 💗💓💗


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Jul 2020

*Sophie Jean & Simone Dae* born 7-11-2020 . . . . . Everyone welcome our beautiful girls to the world! After a 30 hour labor, they made their appearance with no complications. I was able to deliver normally, without a C-section, and NO NICU time for these 7lb 4oz & 7lb 1oz baby girls. They are the center of our universe, and even though we’re already sleep deprived, we are so overwhelmed with joy and awe that they are ours. Love, positivity, prayers, and all of the above, have been heard and felt by the most amazing support net a little family could ask for. We love you all! #monoditwins #twins

5 days ago

I loveee seeing these boys open their eyes to the world! They’re finally starting to interact with each other on the play mat this morning too! Aka Braden hitting his brother in the face and Carson trying to eat his hand. It’s a start 🤪 . Btw: selfies during their awake window FTW! Thanks @takingcarababies for the recommendation! . . . . . #bullocktwinboys #bullocktwins #identicaltwins #monoditwins #moditwins #twinboys #twins #newborntwins #boymom

Aug 2020

17 weeks today. The boys are the size of pomegranates! Lenni says the babies in her belly are named strawberry and butter 💁🏼‍♀️ I think my 3 year old is having a sympathy pregnancy 🤣 We have our anatomy scan next week and I’m praying they are both growing at the same rate. #identicaltwins #twinboys #monoditwins #17weekspregnant

last month

Being a mama of twins is hard work. It can be exhausting. And pregnancy wasn’t any different at times. But it’s moments like these, where I get to hold them both close and love on them, that make it ALL worth it. Motherhood is the most rewarding and beautiful blessing I’ve ever received. These two boys are my whole world 💙💙 Now if time can just stay still for a moment, that would be great. . . 📸 : @6ftamber 🥰 . . . . . #bullocktwinboys #bullocktwins #identicaltwins #monoditwins #moditwins #twinboys #twins #newborntwins #nursery #boynursery #twinnursery #twocametrue #newborn #babyletto #babylettokiwi #babylettobabe

3 weeks ago

Sometimes we never understand why God lets certain things happen to us, and other times He reveals His plan. We were devastated when we lost our first baby in April, but trusted the story that God was writing for us. We feel so deeply blessed to announce that we’re expecting identical TWINS this March! We continue to praise God for these two little lives He’s given us and for bringing beauty from ashes. 💛💛 . . . . #pregnancyafterloss #pregnancyannouncement #miscarriageawareness #moditwins #monoditwins #twinpregnancy #godisfaithful #faith

2 weeks ago

The bat’s out of the bag! 🦇 After this last hellish month and one surgery, I finally feel ready to announce! Two identical lil’ witches coming early 2021 ✨🖤👼🏻👼🏻🧡✨ . . . . . . . #spookyseason #halloween365 #20weekspregnant #monoditwins

4 weeks ago

✨ TWIN BUMPDATE ✨ 13 weeks and both babies are growing well and their fluid is great! My nausea has mostly subsided and I’m not *as* exhausted lately. But, still wanting daily naps 😅 Peyton and Weston got to attend the ultrasound today and they LOVED it. Baby B looked like he was waving and they both waved back at him and it was just the sweetest thing ever. They are so excited for their brothers! . . . . #trieflertwins #twinbump #twinpregnancy #identicaltwinboys #moditwinspregnancy #monoditwins #identicaltwins #moditwins #13weekspregnant #13weeks #twinbumpdate #growingtwins #pregnancystyle #pregnancybeyond #pregnantbelly #pregnantwithtwins #pregnantstyle #pregnantandperfect #twinmom #twinmama

Aug 2020

Happy National Twins Day (which is actually technically twin weekend 🤷🏽‍♀️ ). Here are some of favorite pictures of the twins and some interesting facts 🤪. I basically knew nothing about twins until I found out I was having twins. I only really knew that twins could either be identical or fraternal. * identical twins don’t have identical fingerprints * Mirror image identical twins have reverse asymmetric features * Mothers of twins may live longer 😯 * Twins interact with each other in the womb * 40% of twins invent their own languages (the boys 100% have their own language 😂 ). * my twins are monochorionic diamniotic or mono/di or mo/di which means they had separate sacs but shared a placenta. Are you a twin mom? What type of twins do you have?