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@just4twins #multiplemumsupport2020 Day 18 - Differences . This one's a fun one. Linden and Penny are SO different to each other in every way! I just recently posted a photo that would have been perfect for this one (the one with them sitting in the car ) and nothing else suited so this photo will do! . Linden is a people person. He loves to please everyone. He has always loved socialising since a very young age and doesn't need any time to warm up to unfamiliar faces. If we're with other people, he will fight his nap because he doesn't want to miss out. He gets bored with toys easily and would rather play with people. Lucky for me, he has Penny - a playmate everyday. If it wasn't for Penny, I think he would be very clingy and want me to play with him all day long! He's a clever boy but is lazy to learn. If I'm trying to teach them things, he gets bored quickly and wants to just play with me. . Penny can sit down and play with one toy for a long time. She loves to read books and can sit flipping books for ages! She loves to learn and is always wanting me to teach her. She is always handing me a book to read to her or flash cards. If she has free access to all the toy boxes, she will usually pick the educational ones - the shape sorter/ring stacker/puzzles over the fun toys which Linden would opt for. . Linden is loud and always boasts what he knows. If you don't hear what he's said, he'll repeat it until he's acknowledged. Penny is my quiet achiever. She'll just say new words every now and then like it's no big deal, if you're not paying attention you can miss it. . Linden runs super fast but he is very careful. If there is even the smallest step, he will sit first/ go on his knees and carefully go down. Penny is clumsy and fearless (worst combo ). She's not usually careful with steps and likes to slide down. If I'm not holding her hand, she'd probably face plant. Linden gets scared easily (he's scared of loud noises and he looks scared when going down a slide ). Penny is brave and I think she'll be a thrill-seeker when she's older. Nothing seems to scare her. . Continued in comments...

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Turns out I’m pretty good at making babies 🌼 #twinning #twinsofinstagram #fraternaltwins #outfitsonpoint

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In all my years of existence, the both of you have filled my heart with love I could never have imagined. 🌼🌺🌼🌺🌼🌺🌼🌺 #cubs #twinsisters #twins #sisters #sistersister #fraternaltwins #daddieslittlegirl #faith #hope

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Toys!! What are those?? @amazon boxes for the win 🤷🏽‍♀️😆😊 #VioletSky17 #BraxtonStorm17 #FraternalTwins #MomOfFivePlusTwo #whittier #MomArtist

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These CO sunsets are unbelievable lately ❤❤❤❤❤ #twinmom #momof4 #colorado #fraternaltwins #boygirltwins #coloradosprings #sunsetphotography #sunsets #pikespeak

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School holiday gourmet moment class. Twins making easy lunch for the fam. #twins #gourmet #moments #fraternaltwins #earlychildhooddevelopment #7yearsold #sandwich #kidsmade

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I had always dreamed of taking “my future kids” to the pumpkin patch someday. It was so fun to see this dream become a reality! We all left covered in dirt and hay, but I think that’s how you know it was a good time 😉 Girls outfits @monicaandandy

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Welcome letters from The White House #whitehouse #welcomeletter #mygirls #twins #fraternaltwins #fraternaltwingirls #diditwins #threemonthsold 🎀🎀

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Lil Maureen loves to drink water! . #JKLMM #fraternaltwins #twinssg #sgtwins #dcdatwins #girlboytwins #maureensiaw

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That #twinbond at a year 1/2 old

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FRESH INTO GROUNDED! That Face Tho... #naturalhairgrowth #fraternaltwins #blackhairstylesforwomen #twinmodels

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Shane (Bka “Peanut” ) Says Good Night 💤😴🌙 #boytwin #fraternaltwins #explorerpage

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We are excited to introduce everyone to Greyson Martin Youngs (6 lbs. 13 oz. ) and Kieran Charles ‘KC’ Youngs (6 lbs. 1 oz. )! 💙💙 The boys made their arrival on 10/15/2020. Everyone is back home and healthy. We are so in love and are enjoying their different personalities. #fraternaltwins #twinboys #twinlife #foreveryoungs #youngstwins #welcometotheworld @ryoungsie

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Yep, this explains their personalities so well 🤦🏾‍♀️🙄 #twinmom #fraternaltwins #twinsofinstagram #DemiAndDelvin

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8 months later and I still can’t believe I’m a mom to twins! Seems like yesterday we brought two tiny preemies home and now here we are! Two sassy, wild, chunky 8 month olds who are crawling and getting into anything and everything. Charlotte is the better eater and Penelope is the better sleeper. They race to our pumpkin decorations, talk to each other in their cribs and they love to splash in the tub like it’s no body’s business! Everyday with you girls is an exhausting blast 💗💗 #fraternaltwins #penelope #charlotte #8months #twinmama

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These smushy boys ❣️ Getting twins on the same schedule is NO JOKE 🙃 When one sleeps, the other wants to play. When one wakes to eat, the other wants to sleep! 😴 But for real, these boys are such good babies & man do they love to snuggle! 💙

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Happy 2 Months to My Little Pumpkins 🎃😘 #twinmom #fraternaltwins #twinsofinstagram #thomastwins

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We made it into 36weeks babies and I’m so proud we made it this far!! This pregnancy has been exhausting from having HG and being on medication since the start to having PGP and being on crutches for the last couple of months, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!! Alex and Paige (and my mum of course ) have been been absolutely amazing throughout, I honestly don’t know what I would do without them!! I can’t wait to be able to put on sneakers and wear jeans again! Living in sandals in Scotland isn’t idea haha! (Highly rate these @hm MAMA Treggings I’m wearing in the photo ) I can’t wait to drive again, I got a new car and haven’t properly taken it out yet as my bump is too big and the pelvic/hip pains are too bad! But most of all we can’t wait to finally meet the two babies that keep me awake at night already from their constant squirming around!! #36weekspregnant #twinpregnancy #fraternaltwins #thirdtrimester #finalstretch

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TWO. My how things can change in a year. These busy B’s have done a lot in their (2 ) years. . They love Mickey Mouse, “Bus” aka Cocomelon, donuts, ice, and the word NO. They keep us busy and 100% on our toes. . This pandemic hasn’t slowed them down much, but we can’t wait for it to be over so they can see the world! Cheers to another year and bring on the “terrible” two’s! . Happy Birthday Beau and Baylor!


陪著你走 一生一世也不分 ❤️

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Sweetest love I’ve ever known. 💕⁠ 📷 @kaltrrrina