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You are wonderfully made ! Not perfect, and knowing each day brings me the ability to be better then yesterday. Walking in Love , Peace ,Worth & Purpose #flourishing #saturdaysmiles

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Ok, ok seguimos con las florituras 🤭 ¿Que tal les ha parecido el tema? 🌸✍ Súper interesante ¿no? Así que aquí hay más ⬇️ . . Al momento de hacer florituras debemos de recordar que al final de cuentas es una especie de "adorno" que que hace lucir mejor nuestras letras, por ende no debemos abusar de el, porque sino no la estructura y equilibrio de nuestras letras se vendrían para abajo. ⚠️ . . Normalmente podemos hacer crecer nuestras letras al inicio y al final, claro no todas las letras unidas deben llevar un trazo extra para verse hermosas, menos cuando formamos palabras, en la práctica podrás notar también que hay letras que se prestan para hacerlas crecer por encima o por debajo de ellas mismas. ❤ . . Aprender requiere de factores tan importantes como la práctica y la paciencia para que logremos los resultados que queremos. ❤ ⚠️y si llegaste hasta acá, quiero contarte que hoy me emocione y les he dejado el link de descarga de no solo 1 plantilla, sino de 3! 🎉🎉 así que puedan descargarla en el enlace de la biografía. Recuerden que pueden preguntarme ya sea en los comentarios o por mensaje sus dudas, recomendación o lo que quieran jaja ❤ . . . #Florituras #Flourishing #MiniSerie #Aprendiendo #Letras #LetrasGt #letteringaddicted #LetteringAddict #handletteringlove #HandLettering #handlettering #Worksheet #Practica #Practice #Guatemala #Chapin

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[Foto | 200222] #ChungHa es sus redes sociales Cr. ChungHa_MNHent #ChungHa #KimChungha #청하 #Byulharang #Flourishing #MNHEntertainment [ChungHa Chile]🐼

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Loving life 🥰 #flourishing 🙏🏾

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I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious. - Albert Einstein

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You don’t really have to prove anyone and they don’t really have to understand it. You are fine as long as you are doing your best ! And most of all, you do not need someone else’s acceptance to lead a happy life 😊

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goodnight <3

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So good!🔥🎥By: @alexboyer Follow @viralmagicvideos for more!💥

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goodnight everyone 🤍

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Letters 2020 #LettersCaliforniaStyle was STUPENDOUS!!! So grateful I got to go. Pre-WW nib box, courtesy of Nick Pang #entropyink . “Alphabet box book” using flourishing learned during class with Nina Tran #anintran . . . #copperplate #calligraphy #pointedpencalligraphy #flourishing #Charlottecalligrapher #weddingartist #weddingcalligraphy #portraitartist

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✨Flourishing Workshop & Online Course Updates✨ ——- Learn how to de-mystify the concept of flourishing and incorporate beautiful flourishes to your letters this year! 💞 I have two upcoming things for you 👇🏼 ——- 1. Join me at @m .lovewell on Saturday 3/7 from 2-6pm for an in person flourishing workshop! In this 4 hour class, we will learn how to understand the basic rules of flourishing and then move onto practicing various flourishes. We will work on a small project together and as always, I will provide personalized feedback and tips. Only a couple of spots left! Register at @m .lovewell website ✨ 2. Can’t make it to an in person workshop? My Fearless Flourishing online course will be re-opening for registration in April! With lifetime updates and access, you can go at your own pace AND enjoy the community of our amazing #fearlessflourishing students who will spur you forward. Click link in profile to join the waitlist to get course updates ❤️😌 ——- Ps. Swipe to see the unedited pic. For those who asked, I take pics/videos on my iPhone & edit either on Photoshop/Snapseed/Afterlight! Usually natural light is best, but when I don’t have that..I’ll use the apps to brighten things up 👍🏼 #bleedproofwhite #gillott404 #flourishing #copperplate #calligraphy #copperplatecalligraphy #placecards

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Things are definitely flourishing around here 🤗 (the 2 buds from 2/12 opened up ) 🌻🌞🌻🌞 #blooming #flourishing #lifeisgood #everythingisenergy

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✨; q : have you ever been to a concert of hers? a : no, but i hope 🖤 - Cr. to teteculture on twt!

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[Video | 200222] #ChungHa llegando al Desfile de moda para la semana de Moda de Milan 2020 Cr. En el video #ChungHa #KimChungha #청하 #Byulharang #Flourishing #MNHEntertainment [ChungHa Chile]🐼

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Hello Instagram! Long time, no post. I did two flourish versions of this quote, cuz that's just how much I liked it. Quote by @wildflower .musings Old prompt by @calligraphiewithliz #calligraphy #calligraphyflourishing #flourishing #flourishedcalligraphy #lettersandpoetrywithliz #hunt101nib #ecolinewatercolor #caligrafie #scrisdemana #hope

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Feelings don’t exist in isolation.

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ive been slacking again hehe sorry 😚 —— ©️Insight

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@socal .playing.cards

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This is real time calligraphy, no speed added.😊This is how I do it, with this duration. And sometimes slower because I have to think about what movement I’m going to make with my hand. 😌🙏🏻 Materials used in this video : - A simple wooden penholder that you can find in Schleiper / Lucas Creativ or any other art supply store. - The nib Hiro Leonardt Nr 41 aka kroontjespen. - Walnut ink from @studiorosanne ‘s webshop 💯😍 - And some thic paper or watercolor paper with smooth surface. Enjoy your calligraphy time! ❤️

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Everybody loves a time-lapse, right?? Yesterday I revealed something nifty... a new RITUAL to keep motivated AND grant patrons more access to the behind-the-scenes of my work as a musician! . Here’s a sneak peak, but you can still find the COMPLETE video (in all its fluorescent glory ) at my IGTV channel!! . I didn’t hear from anybody yet on this, and I’m really interested to know: Do you use rituals/ routines/ rewards to keep you moving forward on your goals, projects, or other deadlines? If you don’t feel like writing a lot, just choose an emoji that most closely matches something that motivates you in your work (or life in general ) to GET . IT . DONE. E.g., 🍪🏌️💅 etc : ) . . . . . ➡️ If you like this conversation, the art in this video, or my music... please consider becoming a patron, at the link in my bio. 💝 Currently, I just need $43 (€40-ish ) more per month to cover the costs of my studio (do you remember that last time I talked about this the amount was MORE than that??? That’s because another Patron joined the ranks yesterday! AWESOME! BEST THING EVER!!!! ), so if you can contribute even at the “dime a day” level it would make a huge difference for me. Thanks so much for considering! Link in bio 💫

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[Información.🌙|2020.02.22] . . Chungha en iceberg 2020 en el desfile de otoño, para la semana de la moda de Milán 2020.💚💜 ©®- Chunghaaholic. . . #Chungha #kimchungha #chunghaoficial #oficialfanbase #kpop #byulharang #solist #py #chunghaparaguay #flourishing #perfect #snapping #milan #청하 ✿;; O21


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Playing some @kuretakezig_usa brush pens that were originally designed for Chinese/Japanese calligraphy. I love how the strokes show the natural streaks of the brushes depending on the speeds it’s executed at.🖌 . Ps. Excuse my hand for block half of the video ✍🏻👋🏼 . #brushlettering #charlartscript #calligraphyvideo #quotes #embracethejourney


A quick tip to try this weekend: ✨ One thing that may help if you’re facing a creative block is to have fun with colors - markers, ink, watercolor or chalk - whatever you find that you haven’t used in a while. ✨ Let your mind relax, enjoy creating, accept imperfections, and be kind to yourself, delighting in exactly where you are on your journey. ✨ A few unstressed minutes of simply writing color names helped me recover some joy and spontaneity that has been missing. If you also struggle with being hard on yourself or picking apart your work, take a few minutes to play, and see how your mood lifts! ✨ Pens: Pigma brush pens by @sakuraofamerica Paper: hp premium laser jet copy


Which style card would you rather receive? 🤔✨ Calligraphy from a live event with @ferragamo 🥰

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Pencil sketch from church today; this one was inspired by the children’s sermon. When you’re working on a short text like this one, it’s fun to focus more on the flourishing. I’ll post the first draft in my story in case you want to see more of the process. ✨ Pencil: blackwing Paper: @zenartsupplies dotted journal

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I finally feel more confident with my flourishing in a larger piece of work. I keep trying and trying to figure out the techniques required. I have participated in few flourishing classes and finally developed the one that Im more comfortable with. It doesnt look complicated but at least it is more balanced that those I worked on before. The key is not to be lazy, as the quote says. There are always much room for improvement, let me know how do you practice flourishing. . . Little tips: For this piece, I drafted the whole thing beforehand. Then the most effective way for me is to repeat the flourishing strokes before writing them on the final work.

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If you have followed me for quite some time, you might know that my favourite ink is Finetec Inca Gold. This is literally the easiest colour to match. You can never go wrong with this gold. And as shown in this picture, you can always see different shades of gold under sunlight! It is definitely my favourite!!!

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Let Your Light Shine ✨ Rough pencil sketch from one of the readings this morning at church. ✨ Because this is such a short quote, it was fun to focus mainly on the flourishing, while still trying to preserve legibility. ✨ Verse: Matthew 5:16 Paper: school composition notebook Pencil: Staedtler norica @staedtlermars