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Mar 2020

Today we headed our first event and threw a baby shower for the sweetest Mama-to-Bee, Mele Na’ati! 🐝✨We can’t wait to share more details! How’d we do? Would you like to see more?!

Aug 2020

New cap vibes 🙃

Apr 2020

I’ve been able to work from home for a few days and it’s such a relief that i have been able to be creative. Another piece from my Spring collection. #beeinspired #honeycomb #bubblewrap #blackandyellow #alcohol_ink_ngk #fluidart #roses 🌹 #alcoholinkart #alcoholink #abstract #angiekay #paintedflowers #instagram #timholtzink #rangerinks #legionpaper #pourmyheartoncanvas #alcoholinkflowers #yupo #justlook #artinspiration #joannagaines @joannagaines

last month

Finally catching up with this lovely Instagram community after being a bit absent and loving all the #meetthegardener posts. I was tagged by @emmasgardenlife and @mossylife1 a little while ago - sorry for taking so long ladies!! So I am Melissa, 32 years young, Mum to Oscar and my fur baby Shelby! I am a little bee 🐝 crazy and love all things #savethebees and #beeinspired My fiance and I bought our current home just over a year ago after falling in love with the garden! We’d never really had a garden of our own before so little did we know how much of our time it would take up! It’s not all fun, we fail, we bodge, we bicker, I often fall over 🤦🏼‍♀️ but luckily we both fell in love with making it our own and becoming more self-sufficient, sustainable and eco-friendly. 1. Favourite plant - wisteria is one of my all time favourites but this year I fell in love with dahlias! There are so many varieties and I love how well they are still looking in the garden. 2. Least favourite plant - may be controversial but I’m not a big fan of nasturtiums. 3. Why I garden - originally it was because it was necessary. Now it’s because I really enjoy nurturing something. I have quite a few plants growing from seed and this year has been the first we have dabbled with growing veg and there is something really fulfilling and amazing to think it all grew from a tiny little seed. I love that all three of us get involved and that friends and family ask me for advice these days. I feel qualified and confident to give it because of how much I learn from being on here! 4. Garden wish list - frogs in the pond to help keep the slugs at bay and a round the year veggie patch! I still have lots to learn when it comes to this! 5. Fave floral scent - wisteria! Well that’s a little about me - I also waffle in case you hadn’t figured that out already! Apologies if you have already done this but I am going to tag some new accounts I have stumbled across recently as it would be great to learn more about you... @goodeatsgarden @meandmyallotment @giving_it_a_grow

Jul 2020

#ChallengeAccepted Thank you @maggiecarlo then @malorieavaline and @brandmeebony ! Women Supporting Women In Love! Giving ALL the Fire in My Heart! No Mask. No Glasses. No Filter! Just Bee! #BeeInspired ❤🐝