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2 days ago

Eid Mubarak kareem to all my family and my Muslim brothers and sisters around the globe.(Tariq in Abu Dhabi 2019 )

2 weeks ago

Last week Was hard and sad to lose "TY" a friend and great artist to this horrible virus, R.I.P. ,in this picture also with my brother ,RJ and Shortee Blitz , picture taken outside larache london in 1995-6 Stay Safe Everyone❤️

3 weeks ago

"T-Roq" and "Zayn"in lockdown for charity will be auctioned in morocco,for information http://antidot.ma lo

3 weeks ago

My brother Musty in lockdown london 2020 the year that will be writing in history,plz stay safe and healthy

last month


last month

"Abu Dhabi 2019"RAMADAN Mubarak to all my familly and too all my Muslim brothers and sisters around the globe

last month

: "ZAYN-26" 2020. Grateful to be safe and healthy with my daughter Zaynah in north London. Thanks to all those who have sent love and massages. Needed a moment to secure my family and adjust to these difficult unknown times. What felt so important a few weeks ago, now feels much less urgent. Time to rethink our goals for the future and decide what is truly a priority. Do something positive, loving, and creative now that we have more free time. Stay safe & healthy. Sending Love to you all.

Mar 2020

Once again I’d Like to thank @hooralq and special thank you for staying a extra day @voguearabia for this opportunity I’d like too thank my family and all the support these past years ALL Love. Editor-in-Chief: @mrarnaut Art Accompanist: @ebonheath Stylist: @katieellentrotter @lisajarvis_stylist Hair: @hairbysadek Makeup: @jofrostmakeup Production: @beats .love.lipstick @1001prodsmarrakech Art Assistants: @elhasnae Tariq Brown-Hajjaj Runner: @izudizzy

Mar 2020

@youssra it was a pleasure shooting you for @voguearabia third anniversary and I’m proud too be apart of Yousra on her edition of front cover thank my team and thank everyone for there support All Love. Editor-in-Chief: @mrarnaut Stylists: @katieellentrotter @lisajarvis_stylist Hair and makeup : @hairbysadek @jofrostmakeup Art Accomplice: @ebonheath Photographic assistant: @elhasnae Assistant: Tariq Brown-Hajjaj Runner: @izudizzy

Feb 2020

@assala_official and @voguearabia Thank you once again to be apart of this special third year anniversary and I’m so honoured too be bless with this issue with Assala on the cover. Editor-in-Chief: @mrarnaut Style: @katieellentrotter and @lisajarvis_stylist Hair: @hairbysadek @jofrostmakeup Makeup: @jeffmuapro Art Accomplice: @ebonheath Photographic Assistant: @elhasnae Assistant: Tariq Brown-Hajjaj Runner: @izudizzy #vogue #voguearabia assala

Feb 2020

This is Dedicated To Family And Friends That I Have Not Been Able To See Or Hang With For All The Important Events Like Birthdays , Deaths, Weddings And Just Normal Catching Up Due Too The Hard Work Ive Been Doing Over The Past Years.This Video Is For You All. I’d Like Thank My Team And Family Singer:Assala Art Accompanist: Ebon Heath Assistant Photographer: Hasnae El Ouarga 2nd Assistant: Tariq-Hajjaj Runner: Yazid Bezaz Gnawa Maalam :Marouane Lbahja, Younes Hadir And Ayoub This Was Part Of @voguearabia Cover I’d Like Too Firstly Thank @assala_official And @lbahjamarouane For There Beautiful Music, Id Also Like To Thank @mrarnaut For Making it Happen and The Stylist @lisajarvis_stylist

Feb 2020

I'm Honoured Too Have My Photograph Of My Brother Riz Ahmed As His New Album Cover & Short Film That Is Releasing On Friday 6th March. #TheLongGoodbye Shot In London 2019 @rizahmed

Feb 2020

"Billie Eilish" for Vogue shoot USA,LA 2019,outfit by Andy Wahloo apparel,Jewellery by Melody Ehsani,sunglasses by Andy Wahloo x Poppy Lissiman, Repost

Feb 2020

Plz join us today Saturday 22 feb for the opening at dar bellarj from 6 till 9 showing photos work of 11 women

Feb 2020

Please join us for the #opening #Photography @darbellarj from 6pm on Saturday 22nd of February, tomorrow, "Archéologie de l'Intime", a great project I took part of with @tilsaghani @laila_in_marrakech inviting Moroccan Ladies to play with Photography A great honor to have been part of this #Art by #Women #Morocco #Exhibition #Marrakech

Feb 2020

Please join us for Ismai Zaidy "3AILA" solo show on saturday 22 feb at Riad Yima Marrakech from 2pm till 6pm,im so honoured to have this show,thanks Ismail and Yazid for these picture by Ismail Zaidy.

Feb 2020

"PURPLE SUN" Marrakech 2000,My solo show Vogue:The Arab Issue at Fotografiska,Stockholm Sweden till june 2020,thanks to.my.London amazing team

Feb 2020

Last touches Getting ready for my solo show "VOGUE:the Arab issue"today at 6 at fotografiska,Stockholm Sweden,plz join us

Feb 2020

Plz join me today for my solo show"Vogue the arab issue" opening at Forografiska ,Stockholm sweden at 6pm This image "rabah legs" short in London 2008 Show till 31 May

Feb 2020

Butterfly(Design No.4 of 9 ) The first of Andy Wahloo limited edition will be showing @1 .54artfair in Marrakech with L' Atelier 21 gallery.This is a collaboration is with Amine El Baroudi and became making my own designs cans for my frames,This concept has grown into the first release of limited edition Andy wahloo cans collectible art objects.The artwork celebrates classic pop art with traditional Moroccan soups and animal graphics from old discarded packaging.Each of the 9 cans is an edition of 250,singed and numbered.For sales of singles or sets contact: Jalila Baaddouch Jalila @jajjah .com Or at riad yima,Marrakech

Feb 2020

"Habib Belk" thank.you my brother.Marrakech 2020,outfit Andy Wahloo -apparel,super-lux range

Feb 2020

I was shocked to get a call last year from @voguemagazine to shoot a @billieeilish cover.... felt like a dream till today. I am honoured and humbled. Choukran. Thanks to Vogue and Billie for the love and support. BIG THANKS to my dream team @ebonheath and @marteikorley1 for sharing the journey. I HOPE THIS OPENS MORE DOORS FOR ARTISTS AROUND THE WORLD!

Feb 2020

WHO IS ANDY WAHLOO? Andy Wahloo means “I have nothing”. The name was given to Hassan Hajjaj by the legendary Rachid Taha in 2000. While working on a project over lunch in London, DJ U-cef said it looks like Andy Warhol and then Rachid said “Naaaa, its Ma Andy Wahloo”. Hassan emphasized the word “Loo”, they all laughed and the name was born in that moment. The name was originally used for Mourad Mazouz’s (aka Momo ) Parisian restaurant collaboration and now has grown into a clothing brand. Andy Wahloo Apperal celebrates modern “Souk Wear” embracing the new hip-hop generation of the Medina and “Super-Lux” which features one of kind hand made couture garments made by the local artisans of Morocco.New project Andy Wahloo_apparel. Andy Wahloo means"I have nothing".Rachid Taha came up with it due to press was saying andy Warhol became andy wahloo for Mourad(Momo )&Hakim Mazouz restaurant in paris LHMOSS The first Andy Wahloo limited edition launch! This collaboration is with Amine El Baroudi (the Tea Man ) and began with making cans to frame Hassan Hajjaj’s images. This concept has grown into the first release of limited edition tea cans as collectible art objects. The artwork celebrates classic Pop art with traditional Moroccan Soups and animal graphics from old discarded packaging. Each of the 9 cans is an edition of 250, signed and numbered. For sales of singles or sets contact: Jalila Baaddouch jalila @jajjah .com Photographed by Noureddine Tilsaghani

Jan 2020

"Groupe Acrobatique De Tangier,Marrakech 2019, im so excited & honoured to be part of this project,the show is on 1 February at Movenpik hotel ,Marrakech show starts at 8.30,plz join us ,Acrobats project #GroupeAcrobatiqueDeTangier #ComingSoon #Acrobats #Art #Photography #Morocco