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I was challanged to post a pic wearing saree and realized i have not worn one in years ... . Accepted the #challenge and bringing back #memories to our good old days #goldenyears @margaretvivi @_masary_wang_ #MimiBarbie @ovie_wu @shintacasanova . . hope this is acceptable @shaina_daswanii #ChallengeAccepted #ootd #saree . 🧡 my dearest friends tagged on these pics - to continue the chain of #SareeChallenge kindly upload your picture #ootd #saree too and dont forget to mention and tag myself when you accept my challange 😘


Simplicity - carried to an extreme becomes Elegance . . #HASEENAstyle be Fearless.... cultivate an Elegant Mind

3 days ago

We are SAFE because of YOU. T H A N K Y O U 🙏. . Rasa terimakasih yg sedalam dalamnya atas jerih payah dan kerja keras tampa pamrih Para Perawat, Doctor, Tenaga Medis, Pengelola Apotik, #Laboratorium serta Seluruh Staff #RumahSakit . . Semua yg bertugas di bidang #Transportasi Pemberitaan #Media , #DinasKebersihan , Aparat Keamanan #Satpan #Kepolisian #TNI . . Kita bisa AMAN #DiRumahSaja berkat #Perjuangan Anda Semua 🙏. . #HNBjournal #BersatuMelawanCorona #PhysicalDistancing #HaseenaNarainsBharara practicing #StayatHome #WFH #SocialDistancing #JagaJarak . #Gratitude Message Inked #beautifully by @ab2216 expressive work of Art

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Motherhood dare - Challange Accepted 👩‍👧‍👦. . I was nominated by Tammy Sharma, @poojawardhana & @bonafideind to post a picture that makes me feel proud to be a mother (only one picture ). . . I'm going to continue the chain by tagging some more fabulous moms that i feel will response to join the fun. . If I marked you as one of the awesome moms, copy the text and paste it into your wall with One picture and tag more Super Moms 💜. . #MotherhoodDare #MotherhoodDareChallenge

2 weeks ago

Spring is a Lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be .... . #HASEENAstyle 👗 in @stevenhuang_official #thankyou @papitiesnaphotography for the lovely capture 📸

2 weeks ago

For many of us #stayhome used to be something we look forward to #atreat on weekends in the midst of our busy schedules ... . Right now the whole world has been requested to #StayAtHome #WFH practice #SocialDistancing and to step out only when its really neccesary .... why are we complaining ? . Lets all take the opportunity, cooperate and look from the positive side 🙏 . . Let us all participate flatten the curve and support the government's efforts in #saving #lives . #SavetheWorld 🌎 as #TogetherWeCan #FightCovid19 . . 📸 of #Dubai courstesy of @emirates #StayHomeSaveLives #HNBJournal #StaySafe #StayPositive #StayHealthy

2 weeks ago

Our Current Situation is allowing us to be with ourself #selfquarantine time to #introspect and learn to be more #appreciative . . When this picture was taken my caption would probably be Perfect Natural Light and Looking down only to admire my heels. . Today my statement is look Inward, Time to open up our Souls and find the real You . . Often, Women find it easier to criticize each other or themselves instead of building & #empowering . With all the negativity going around, let's do something positive and Think positive instead of being fearful & resistant. Trust the process of whatever's happening and be Grateful of whatever life brings you. Life is a Rollercoaster ride afterall. U go up or u fall down. But if u enjoy it, it is gonna be one hell of a ride.... . I accepted the challenge and am passing it on . If I didn't tag you, please don't be offended. I tried to pick who I thought would take part to Upload one picture of yourself - ONLY YOU. . If I tagged you, please don't disappoint me. 🦋 Tag many more beautiful Women to do the Same. Lets Spread Some Positivity. . #PostiveVibes #ChallengeAccepted

3 weeks ago

We are falling to only Rise Again Better Wiser Stronger in Faith 🙏 and not to take Advantage of Anyone Anything and Any Situation . . Thank you 🙏 For this Realization Grateful for The Second Chance

3 weeks ago

These last weeks and days has awakened us all on How Fragile Life is. How Things Can just Change. How little our Achievements & Possesions are. . It has definately thought us to become Less Proud, less Selfish and less Materialistics in our Thoughts, Words and Actions . . Let this outbreak Cleanse, Purify and Transfigure Us All And Let us all make PRAYER A Lifestyle 🙏

3 weeks ago

It is Not What Happen Matters, It is How We Respond. Sharing something Worth watching and listening to. Source thanks to @cgtn Let us all cooperate in this desperate time - Practice #SocialDistancing #SelfQuarantine move ahead with humility #HNB #togetherwecan #fightcovid19 #coronavirus

3 weeks ago

Covid 19 - A World wide Pandemic . Yes people of all Ages can be inffected (older people & people with pre-existing medical conditions appear to be more vulnarable ) But lets Not Panic. It is within Our Control. Be Kind, Be Mindful . . The need of the hour is to strengthen our Aura, Immune System and being considerate of our surroundings. . Intake of Immune boosting food and do #drink frequently, preferably warm . Importance on #hygiene , #washinghands correctly with soap . Expose to #Sunshine - natural vitamin D and practice #SocialDistancing & dont forget no more handshaking its #Namaste . Do take time to view & swipe to watch the complete video. . And If you ever feel the 3 symstoms Fever, Cough and Shortness of Breath, Do Seek Medical attention immediately. Not to Just Any Hospital, but the ones assigned by the local government . . CoronaVirus is Curable. #havefaith #together #wecan #save #lives . . #HNBjournal #sharinginfo #Coronavirus #covid19 #symptoms & #preventions #respiratory #diseases #prayfortheworld #fightcorona #staypositive

3 weeks ago

Sewaktu #GalaPremiere #TersanjungtheMovie . . Salute sama Mas Hanung B, Dapur Film and MVP 👌 atas penundaan release Filmnya dalam situasi saat ini #perdulilingkungan 👏👏👏 . . Filmnya bagus loh #HASEENArecommends to watch nanti pas tayang ya di bioskop kesayangan anda . Casting nya Tepat for the Role they played . suggesting Moms to watch with their kids - interesting story about Love ❤. Im glad i watched it with my princess #minime . . #HNBjournal #tersanjungthemovie #GalaPremiere #filmindonesia

4 weeks ago

#throwback today a few years ago all cast & crew "The Right One" at Magnum Cafe .

4 weeks ago

Keseruan kita bersama 👭👭 celebrating our dearest Imon's Special day . Thank you @_masary_wang_ and my beautiful ladies #powerfulwomensquad for a fun night of #togetherness and #happytummy 😋 . . Women in Gods Faith 🙏 #GoodTimes #CreatingMemories #Foeklam #HNBjournal

4 weeks ago

Pray for the World #convid19 . . #HNBjournal #StaySafe #PrayfortheWorld

4 weeks ago

Always great catching up with this one whenever she is in #jtown 😘 . . A well spent afternoon over indonesian food on a bright day #goodtimes #friendship #creatingmemories #happytummy #chitchat #smile #pose and lots of #clicks with @henry_susanti we #missed you lots @katya_douglas

4 weeks ago

#PlataranSenayan 's Unique dish, #AyamCelengan , Whole Chicken wrapped in Lotus Leaves, marinated with mixed herbs thats steamed and clay-roasted inside a piggy bank (Celengan = PiggyBank ) . . Interesting Presentation and definately an instagramable one . @platarandining @ruddywhy @henry_susanti

4 weeks ago

Sharing #HASEENAexperience dining at Plataran Huta Kota the newly opened Green Hub - an eco-friendly restaurant in the midst of #GBK #Senayan . . I have had the chance to be seated at their main Tiga Dari area & Rumah Kaca Melati which i say is suitable for private dining & events. No doubt #PlataranSenayan us very well interiored in Indonesian Herirage serving yummy #Nusantara Cuisine but sadly till date they still need to work on their #service . . Do swipe to view what all i have tasted and for details in their Unique & Special dishes check my IGTV . Udang Merah Putih 🇮🇩 . Ayam Celengan ( #igtv ) Nasi Goreng Kentongan ( #IGTV ) Kecipir . Sambal Tempe. Ayam Dharmawangsa with Mango Salad 👌 Ayam Hutan Kota . Tahu Jamur . . Indonesia Dessert on the next level. Crepe Es Teler #highly #recommend to try. Colenak (folded crépes filled with fermented cassava & grated coconut in palm sugar ) . . . #HNBFOODjournal #HutanKotaPlataran #indonesianculinary

4 weeks ago

A Beautiful WOMAN draws Strength from Troubles, Smiles during Distress and Grows Stronger with Prayers & Hope. . BLESSED and Proud to be A Woman & A Mother ❤. . May all Women be free to Dream, Express, Create and Live their deepest hearts’s desires.....

5 weeks ago

Real Women supports and are always there for each other. . Friendship and good times catching up at the Premiere of "La Dolca Vita" during the opening day of #PlazaIndonesia #FilmFestival #2020

5 weeks ago

Colors Of Love 💙. #AkuCintaProductIndonesia . #HASEENAstyle for the Opening of #PlazaIndonesia 's Film Festival and Gala Premiere La Dolca Vita . . #headtotoe #products of #indonesia available at #plazaindonesia #shopingcentre