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TXT ME: 818-583-8138 💋Fashion horror artist and CEO of lookin’ spanky whilst acting stinky 👅 I’m your bad habit. 10/10 twill’ fuel your nightmares ☠️

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3 days ago

Black lives matter.

2 weeks ago

Introducin’ me custom af mask and the 1st piece from the @janky flesh line ☠️

3 weeks ago

Quarter 4 yer horrerz @janky ? 🎪

3 weeks ago

When you tell @janky Saturday planz twill' be SHOCKING⚡️Who else getz turned on by 10000 voltz str8 to the dome???

4 weeks ago

Walk o' shame be hittin' different when ze shenaniganz twas' ~virtual~ 💦 whtz the most sinful slurp you've committed via zoooooom?

4 weeks ago

Which virtual slurp gave a liiiickable demo on the gluck gluck 9000?? 👅 Thnkz again to @zoom_video_communications for yet anotha SHPANKY encounter… 😉

4 weeks ago

I'll make yo' EARFQUAKE ☠️ Whoz got better movez... me or @feliciathegoat ? (hint: me ) 👅

last month

TXT ME: 818-583-8138 💋 Gots me a new # becuz me DMs overfloweth!! Slither into me txts if you dare 😈

last month

BIG 🍆 energy today n' evryday ☠️ @janky stahp writing fan fics about me luv Pete Davidson and get shwaaasted w/ me!!!

last month

When ze pillow fight goes from saucy to SPIIIIICY 🥵 should I hit me @janky one more time?

last month

10/10 seeking revenge on @janky 😡 Watch ze full clip and lmk how to END this mofo for yeeechin' me spotlight!!

last month

WAKE YO ASS UP @janky 🤑 Tis a tru blow to ze face, eh? If your roomie tis a serial-napper this tactic 10/10 werks 🥶

last month

Who else tis inda-couch and BINGING @bambambaklava and friends watch @ancientaliens on @vicetv 💨?? Blessed 420 to all me sticky-stonerz 🙏 May your eyez be redder than ze devilz 🍆

last month

OOPZ 🍆 Raise your dildooo if you’re 10/10 ready to THWACK your quarant-babe??

last month

Sry @janky ... I alwayz getz the final CHOP 💋 Who else tryna spiiiiice it up w/ their quarantine partnerz? ☠️

Apr 2020

Can I be your cabin feverish delusionz and indulgencez?? No dreamz…just nightmarez ☠️

Mar 2020

MOOOOD~~ liquor stores essential af, me shaman doing curbside pickupz + I’ve been choppin’ #socialdistance me entireee life ✨

Mar 2020

All play and no work viiiibez gots me feelin' an axe-wielding-wonderful type o' way... ☠️ 10/10 twill be @tinder swipin' alllll night. Wht should I put in me bio to get all the swipies??? 💋

Mar 2020

En transit to MTL for quarantini + selfie reflection ✨Pls liiiiick me DMs if you tryna sluuuurp wine via Facetime 💋 Stay spanky me luvs

Mar 2020

Choppin' this smile becuz I'm getting outta jail TODAY 💜From solitary confinement to social distancing...pls comment me suggesties on sexy indoor activitiez! Chop you 💋

Mar 2020

☠️ Jail Wifi SUX ☠️ Pls...chop me home 😢

Mar 2020

Slippery SLUUURRPED into spanky-spice oblivion!!! @thebroadmuseum can’t stahp me and neither can @jeffkoons 😈 The pleazure of rowdily riding this bad-blue-boi yeeched harder than an IV drip o’ @jordanpeele creative-genius nectar ☠️ I’m shwassted!!! Pls DM bar recs in LA w/ private bathrooms...😉

Mar 2020