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Hasil di makeup-in sama Rocket kmaren ditutup dgn foto-foto #selfie rusuh suh dan TEKTOK santuy tuy 💖✨💖✨ #dirumahaja #lamakelamaan #momandson #motherhood #mysonmyhero

2 days ago

Udah lupa rasa nya di luar bang ............ #dirumahmulu

2 days ago

Akhirnya setelah sekian lama kepengen bgt bikin video ala2 sama Rocket kesampean jugaaa! Dalam judul Mama terbully oleh Rocket selama proses per-make up-an 😂 dr “Benda-Benda” sampe alis di kelir bebas lepas😂🤣 . . We hope you guys enjoy our amateur/no edit/no filter video, its soo fun doing this with Rocket - he cracked me up big time!! What a fun kid to be quarantined with 😂✨🤩 #dirumahaja #makeupbymyson #mysonmyhero #rockettime #makeuptutorial . . 💄: @nood .cosmetics & @urbandecaycosmetics

3 days ago

Just some #quarantine monday week 4 motivation post for y’all, in case some of y’all need it 💁🏻‍♀️💥💪🏻 #quaranfit #fitmama #fitnesslife #abs #strongisthenewskinny #stayinshape

3 days ago

Im so stoked when they have this song on @tiktok !!! i used to rap to this song in my room back in 2012 hahaha and now here i am TIKTOK-ing the shit out of Finatticz (i hope i do em justice )💥 . . AND I BET KIDS THESE DAYS DOESNT EVEN KNOW HALF A SHIT OF WHAT “THUN THUN” MEANS 😂😂😂😂 . . Cos me? i never DROPPED a single THUN in my life, even if i drop it? i’ll pick it up again😂 #Fangtiktok #iseriouslydontknowwhattopostanymore #quarantinegotmehere #dontdropthatthunthun

2 weeks ago

Sebelum hari ini berakhir, saya turut mengucapkan Selamat Hari Film Nasional 🎥 🎬 . . Bangga bisa ikut ber kontribusi di industri ini, semoga kembali lagi ❤️ Maju terus perfilman Indonesia! ✊🏻🇮🇩 #selamatharifilmnasional2020

2 weeks ago

Monday week 3 of quarantine, sure as hell made me do something unusual than before : accepting #dogsquatchallenge from @dkarmia & @brahma .bulls or im just PUMP LIKE THAT 💪🏻 🐶⚡️ (starring my bundle of 17kg of joy, the princess @chingythebully lookin so worried and confused af ) 😅😂 . . Swipe for the squat - front squat that shit . . #fangtatis #fitmama #quarantineandfit #quarantineandnochill #dirumahaja

2 weeks ago

I am so thankful and greatful to be loved so unconditionally by the people surrond me, i am blessed to have another chance to get older and wiser - here i am 33 years young, smilling, dancing, joyfully in a quarantine - there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, Be happy in a moment, that’s enough. Each moment is all we need, not more 🙏🏽 . . This is more than enough and this too shall pass ❤️ Thank you for all the birthday wishes - means the world to me 💖🥰🎂✨🎉🎈 #happybirthdayfang #birthdayquarantine2020 #dirumahaja

2 weeks ago

Quarantine Day 23 - Turning 33 - and finally a Mermaid!! 🧜🏽‍♀️ 🎂 🎉 🎈 #happybirthdayfang #birthdayquarantine2020 #quarantineandnochill

2 weeks ago

YOU GOT IT BOO ! @salmaache 👩🏼‍🎤⚡️ #savagechallenge . . Slide for some Pu$$y Fairy 🧚🏻‍♂️ @jheneaiko #pussyfairychallenge . . What’s happenniiinnn 🙅🏻‍♀️🤸🏼‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🧍🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️ #FangTikTok

2 weeks ago

Serving you 18 SELF(ie ) QUARANTINE 💖 cos i look cute felt cute and put itty bitty @nood .cosmetics here and there 💄- No #lockdown can hold us down from being pretty, kitty girls!! 💋✨ . . From 1 to 18 which one is your fav? i dont even put numbers on it LOL (this is the first time i use “LOL” btw 😂😂 ) #dirumahaja . . #selfiequarantine #selfienation #noodbabes #indecisivepost

2 weeks ago

QUARANTINE LIFE GOT ME HERE🤷🏻‍♀️ - ITS HAPPENING GUYS like i promised u yesterday, my make up tutorial for TIKTOK and this is it - my first ever TIKTOK video - and of course im going for da Kween #diamondschallenge @agnezmo like d’uhh ✨💎✨- username @fangtatis 🤸🏼‍♀️ gak usah di follow nanti bikin video mulu jadi nya 😂😂😂😂 . . Slide 1 : 15sec - Slide 2 : 60sec (Cos why not!? ) . . ENJOY #dirumahaja -NOT GONNA DELETE FR- 🙅🏻‍♀️

3 weeks ago

HAIII EVERYTHIIING 👋🏻 Soooo i made this amateur video - and i was like secara kita lagi karantina begini ya (anggep aja ini karantina Gadis sampul ya ) - Hadir lah ini mini make up tutorial buat kamu2 yg hendak SHOW SHOW SHOW di TIKTOK!!! simple - cepat - dan syantix depan layar kaca henpon anda! . . Aku di sini pake : @nood .cosmetics • #lipwarpaint eyes - Poison Eve • Cheeks- Pink 182 • Lips - She’s All Pat . . @yslbeauty PREP MOISTURIZING LOTION #yslbeautyid . @urbandecaycosmetics #staynakedconcealer (50NN & 60NN ) #staynakedthefixpowderfoundation (51NN ) #staynakedthreesome (FLY ) . . Senengg bgt udah lama gak make up-an ceunaaahh.. and gue lgsg beneran bikin Tiktok aja dulu BYE! 👋🏻💖 #noodcosmetics #noodbabes #maketutorial #urbandecaycosmetics #urbandecayindonesia #dirumahaja

3 weeks ago

Hey #FangSweatClub !! How y’all peeps doin at home? so far so good and fit yeah? so here’s some amateur video that i promised u earlier, this is a work out menu that i did yesterday - i got it from coach @kyriz_boogieman , he from all the people that i knew who loves leg day ( me not so much i hated it 😩 ) But we always want to challenge our fitness level day by day right? . . 45 sec exercise 15 sec rest : 4 rounds! . . Jumping Lunges (45sec ) 15 sec (rest ) Push Up Hold (45sec ) 15 sec (rest ) 3 Hops to Push up (45sec ) 15 sec (rest ) Squat Hold to Calf Raise (45sec ) 15 sec (rest ) Plank Hold (45sec ) 15 sec (rest ) . Do that for 4 rounds, feel the burn and aren’t we all chasin for that after sweats glow✨✨ . . For the timer you can download anykind of interval timer on apps store (me i like to use “Seconds” ) * or u can do it manually from your phone stopwatch* • no mat & shoes? no problem! . . And for those of you apple watch users, turn on ur “work out” feature and lets #closeyourringschallenge yeap its still on! #digimapxburn83 #getactive tagging my teammates: @kyriz_boogieman @neysasoediro @thelipstickmafiaaa #thewodtangclan . . You can do it now or save the video for a rainy day (like now😅 ) . . Swipe left - For cooling down video, dont skip this streching is important before and after work out!! . . Tag your friends and do some after workout selfies!!! Have a great session guys!! #homeworkout #selflove #selfcare #selfdistancing

3 weeks ago

In this time being im gonna soak up the sun frequently while allowing my brain to “turn off” and unwind - Makes room for self-discovery - Allows space for deep thought 💖 Ora et Labora 🙏🏽Heal up soon Mother Earth 🌍✨ #selfdistancing

4 weeks ago

Entering the end of week 4 of #closeyourringschallenge - Cant denied the awfulness vibes in fitness world about this virus been spreading around lately. Cant lie to myself that im paranoid AF - But then again i kept telling myself to keep going and clear my head from this insane negative thoughts that’ll only bring my immune system down. . . Today i closes my work out and move rings with smiles, happiness & positivity - we can only do so much precautions and with that we have to be able to look after ourselves so we can keep our surrounding safe ( my safe place indeed here at @burn .83 ) 💗 I know we can go thru this difficult times together by not panicking- Stay healthy, take your vitamins- get enough rest - plenty of waters - and stay home if you dont need to be in public places esp when ur sick🙏🏽 . . Now i need to stand up in order to close my blue ring!! which is the standing one 💪🏻 . . Hey we got promotion going on for you guys burners or upcoming burners if you by apple watch series 4 you got 1mill cashback! For further info check @digimap_id stores ‼️ . . LETS GO TEAM #TheWodTangClan LEMME TAKE Y’ALL TO VICTORY!!! @kyriz_boogieman @neysasoediro @thelipstickmafiaaa #Digimapxburn83 #getactive #getactivewithdigimap

5 weeks ago

Here i am performing at the most EXTRAVAGANT party of the new decade @bop_party , Where everyone is excepted - all genders are allowed - No Man or Woman, we’re just the same HUMAN with big hearts and dreams who are capable to share love so deeply without judgement 💗 The night of Freedom and Respect- The night where music is the language of humanity ❤️ i am happy and proud to be a part of this movement- in the end LOVE WINS 🌈💓✨ Thanks @planetclub_jkt for being the greatest place to be who the fuck that we want in life 🙌🏻💋 . . @sandrotian @tengkuarshyalyfaith @radlovesyou @hans .lango @opibachtiar @unklebernard73 @kyriz_boogieman @njiawenl @tiimmchy @billykrisna @jerryimmanuelwijaya @dadehadad @okkaokke @djkikiz @mashan1010 #bopparty #keepitbop #bopkids #fangtatis #draglie #dragrace #dragqueens #dragshow

last month

Y’all know the fit side of Fangtatis is working as a boxing trainer day by day - With this video i wanna show you whats going on inside my black chamber at @burn .83 - Last week, A collaboration with @zapcoid leading almost 20 of our fabulous Zap Icons, not only we care about our skins but we do believe that #SemuaBisaFit ! its all started from within and its time punch our anger out, working out its always fun when its done together 💪🏻 . . “Terbukti kalo kita bukan cuma jago unBoxing doang tapi juga jago BOXING!!!” 🥊🔥HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY - STAY STRONG - WE GOT THIS 💪🏻🔥 #happyinternationalwomensday

last month

Her name : “Maurice” Occupation : “Space Cowboy” 🚀 🐎 🪐✨ . Channeling Britney & Justin Denim on denim outfit circa 2001 + @diplo ’s cowboy hat for @bop_party last night 🤠 🦄👾💕 . OUT OF THIS WORLD SWERVING LOOK TO THE PLANET AND BACK 🪐💫🔥 #bopparty #fangtatis #cowboyhat #draglife #dragqueen #dragshow #fashioninspo #jefferycampbellshoes #blondeshavemorefun

last month

CATEGORY IS...... 👑 FEMME QUEEN REALNESS 👑 . . But TONIGHT SHE’S BRINGIN THE ICONIC BACK TO @bop_party !!! . . Showtime - 00:00 . . ARE YOU READY KITTY GIRLS??!! LETS SNATCH THE TROPHIES HOME TONIGHT! ✨🏆✨ #bopparty #draglife #dragqueens #dragshow #dragparty

last month

Drippin @reebokindonesia head to toe 🔥 it got me standing up side down - you don’t believe it? Swipe till the end 💪🏻 . . Im obsessed with my new #zigkinetica , orange you think is fire??? 🧡🔥🧡 #sporttheunexpected

last month

This is my reaction the first time i put on Reebok newest collection #ZigKinetica - DANCE LIKE NO ONES WATCHING!!! i love how versatile this shoes is not only i can use it for my daily workouts, but as u can see on this video, this shoes can keep up with my level of energy!!! . . Two things that i love in life : Exercise & Dancing - and that’s my friends how i amplified my #ZigKinetica 🔥 . . LAUNCH TODAY - GET YOURS AT @reebokindonesia outlets and FEEL THE ENERGY!! 🔥 #sporttheunexpected . . Song by : @thecure - Mint Car (my ultimate feel good jam! 🎶 )

last month

Kalo ditanya soal keputusan sulit apa yg pernah aku buat sebagai seorang wanita - i think the moment when i chose to become a Single Parent, cos never have i imagined before in life that i got to go thru this, tapi nya yah karna aku ga pernah ngerasa kaya “Single Parent” jd aku ngelakuin ini ga sulit, bener2 go with the flow aja like literally i winged it almost everyday.. not in a bad way but damn how life taught me so much to be the best parent that i can be for my son, Rocket. Its been 8 years a roller coaster ride tapi seruuu banget, aku bener2 belajar jadi Ibu yg seru (in my own version ) for Rocket dan juga aku belajar jg menjadi father figure utk Rocket yg tegas dan disiplin. Karna hal2 sperti ini kita kan ga di ajarin ya dulu di buku sekolah “bagaimana jadi single parent yg baik dan benar” 😅 Jadi im doing this straight from the heart, in the name of unconditional love yg bener2 nyata ada nya. . . Dan aku selalu terbuka dan senang sharing pengalaman dgn parents2 lain yg hebat2 dan inspirasional but then again disini kita harus bgt bisa belajar to respect our choices that we made, karna kalo engga ya amsyong sih ngejalanin nya pasti berat bgt dan yg ada nanti nyalahin orang mulu sama kegagalan kita sendiri, yg ada ngebanding2in diri kita sendiri sama si ina itu trus kta jd insecure kalo udh insecure jd nyinyir haduh itu jgn sampe sih, aku berusaha bgt utk menerima semua keadaan dgn rasa syukur yg di iringin dgn ketulusan hati. Kalo kita udh kuat dgn prinsip kita then we’re good to go as a strong ass woman! Cos in the end its our own journey and our own choices that we got to live up for the rest of our life and u know what? it’s been great! so give yourself a pat in back ladies and lets respect each others choices! 💪🏻❤️✨ . . Kalo kata Rocket (anakku ) “Mama itu gak kaya mama-mama lain, kerja nya ngelatih boxing” 😅😂 karna aku kerja nya di bidang Boxing dan juga Entertainment (singer/rapper, actress, entrepreneur ) kehadiran Bioderma Sensibio H20 di kehidupanku sehari2 its like magic, im not kidding it soothes my sensitive skin in between work outs // Goks ga muat lanjut ke kolom comment ya caption nya #respectmychoices #25yearanniversary #biodermaindonesia

last month

She’s feelin Cute but deadly but cute today 💕🔪💅🏾💋 . . Face & hair by @chindratansil_mua Lens by @ervina .claudia wardrobe by @ladouchevita accessories by @houseofjealouxy styling by yours truly ✨ . . #bts for her newest track #GIRLSGO coming soon!