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Celebrating 24 Years Under the Electric Sky and 10 years of EDC in Las Vegas! 🎡 🌼 See you October 2+3+4, 2020!✨ #EDCLV2020#CampEDC

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Tune in to #InsomniacRewind tomorrow for #EDCLV2018 sets from @kayzomusic and @afrojack ! 🎇🙌🎶 Watch and subscribe at Youtube.com/Insomniac! (Link in bio )

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NOW PLAYING: @WhippedCream 's #circuitGROUNDS takeover at #EDCLV2019 ! 🔊⚡️ #InsomniacRewind on youtube.com/insomniac (link in bio )


This Friday only on #InsomniacRewind ! 🙌🔥 Subscribe and tune in at the link in our bio. #GudVibrations


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Looking toward the bright lights at the end of the tunnel. 🎇 Stay positive, Headliners. We’ll be back dancing together before you know it. ❤️ #EDCLV2020

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See you in October! 😎🎡❤️ - @pasqualerotella #EDCLV2020

6 days ago

Focusing on the light. 🙏✨ All this time spent working out details for EDC Las Vegas and the rest of our 2020 festivals has got me thinking about the big picture. What’s the value of music festivals in a world that’s experiencing so much hardship? Or if I get super deep into my own head, is what I’ve dedicated my entire life to really even that important right now? Throwing these Virtual Rave-A-Thons and seeing our community come together and dance and lift each other up has been so powerful, and it only reaffirms what I’ve always felt at my core. That what we do—this magic we create together—is a life force. It inspires us to be better. It brings us closer together. It helps us see a brighter and better tomorrow. And that’s exactly what we need right now. This time hasn’t been about whether or not to do the event before it’s safe. That’s never been a question for me. We’re spending so much time on the best decisions for EDCLV because I know how much it means to many of you and we need it to be right. Thank you for being patient. I’ll have an announcement with all necessary changes coming this week so stay tuned. ❤️ - @pasqualerotella Photo 📸 @eastonschirra

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Headliner Update from Insomniac Founder @pasqualerotella 👁‍🗨❤️ #EDCLV2020

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#EDCLV2019 is airing NOW on #InsomniacRewind ! Link in our Story and bio to watch along! 🎉🎶🎧

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#kineticZEN is the power to believe in oneself, embody inner peace, care for one another, celebrate LIFE, and connect as a community. In this current moment, this message and our #EDCLV2020 theme seem more important than ever. ❤️🙏 Pictured here is just ONE element of our new kineticFIELD. The centerpiece and the entirety of the stage will be absolutely beautiful, but I will leave that for you to discover as you walk into this year’s EDC. ✨ I thought it was important to share this preview with you now, as we continue building our main stage—as well as the rest of the amazing elements that await at EDC Las Vegas. Myself and our entire Insomniac team are continuing full speed ahead until we meet again Under the Electric Sky! 🎡🌼✌️ - @pasqualerotella

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An announcement from Insomniac Founder @pasqualerotella ❤️

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March'ing towards May. 🥁🎉 Every day we get closer and closer to #EDCLV2020 !

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For the 10th year of EDC Las Vegas, we’re revisiting 10 of the most Iconic Moments in EDCLV history! Kicking off the countdown with the most revolutionary addition to the EDC experience, the debut of Camp EDC! 🧘‍♀️🎉 Now in its third year, we can’t imagine a world where we can’t camp Under the Electric Sky. 🎇 From pool parties to yoga and wellness activities, camping has truly taken EDC to the next level. Stay tuned for more as we explore the moments that have defined the history of EDC Las Vegas! 🌼🎡 #EDCLV2020

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Next stop ➡️ CAMP EDC! 🧘🎡 #EDCLV2020 #CampEDC Limited RV passes remain at the link in our bio.

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1 Million Headliners from every corner of the 🌎. Thank you. ❤️ #EDCLV2020

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✨ Feed your soul ✨🎶 #EDCLV2020

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Ready for the #EDCLV2020 Line Up Reveal? 🎉🎶 Music Through Music premieres TODAY at 6pm PT on #NightOwlRadio hosted by @PasqualeRotella ! Listen and play along on the EDCLV Facebook! Link in bio and Story. 📲🎡

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Headliners! As we get closer to May, we’d like to share an official Waitlist update! 🎉 Headliners are being confirmed on the waitlist on a first come, first served basis depending on the ticket type selected. Currently, we are confirming people on the waitlist approximately every two weeks. 🙌 Please remember, EDC Las Vegas 2020 is 100% sold out. Beware of scalpers and scammers! 🙄👎 The waitlist is your best opportunity to get an official festival pass. Looking to join the #EDCLV2020 Waitlist? Hit the link in our bio! We recommend registering ASAP as we expect a large number of sign ups once we reveal the lineup TOMORROW 2/20 at 6pm PT! 📲🎶

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90 days till we unite again. 🌼🎡❤️ #EDCLV2020

last month

Introducing the theme for 2020’s EDC... ✨kineticZEN🙏 In our hyperconnected world, it’s easy to get distracted from making time to care for our minds, our bodies, and things that feed the soul. In 2019, we harnessed the collective intensity of our culture at kineticFIELD when we debuted kineticENERGY. This year, we celebrate mindfulness with #kineticZEN . Anything that fuels our focus and helps us achieve balance is our zen. For some people, that could be dancing, working out, going for a bike ride or a long drive, or just chilling on the beach and taking in a beautiful sunset. I’ve always tried to encourage Headliners to live in the moment and be present. I need reminders myself each day. Life is full of opportunities for reflection, and in those moments we can visualize the world we want to create for ourselves and for each other. I’m grateful and excited to celebrate this next journey with you all. See you soon! ⚡️🌼❤️ - @pasqualerotella #EDCLV2020

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Tell us YOUR story! From finding love to discovering music that changed your life, we want to hear what makes EDC special to YOU. 🥰 Leave a comment below. We’ll be reading. 👀 This is your chance to share your story with the world. ❤️ #EDCLV2020

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A message from our head Night Owl, @pasqualerotella : Posing with my #EDCLV arch nemesis: the RV hookup! 🥴💩🚫There are hundreds of these suckers sticking up everywhere in the worst spots at the Speedway, making those areas unusable. I’ve wanted to get rid of them since we moved EDC to Vegas 10 years ago! Well…they’re FINALLY getting taken out, and for the first time ever we’ll be using the ENTIRE Speedway for EDC Las Vegas 2020. That means more dancing room at neonGARDEN, quantumVALLEY, more space around pixelFOREST, and better Raver Feng Shui overall! 😎🤗 And speaking of hookups, State of Insomniac update coming Monday. Stay tuned!

Feb 2020

Always the first stop on the journey into EDC! 🤩 What’s your favorite memory from #cosmicMEADOW ? 🌼 #EDCLV2020

Feb 2020

100 DAYS until the 10 Year Celebration of EDC Las Vegas! 🎇🎡🎉🙌 Can’t wait to see YOU Under the Electric Sky. ❤️ #EDCLV2020