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call me your little woman 🥺

4 days ago

2020 major sex vibez y’all

1 weeks ago

i had a dream last night that brad pitt was taking pics of me in an all denim look and it was heavenly 🧖🥴 brb gonna manifest dat sheeeit (swipe to see my fishnet moment 😉 )

2 weeks ago

I had the most wonderful time in mammoth for NYE with some beautiful people 🤍 not gonna lie it was a random group combo of friends and i had no idea if it would work out, but i had a good feeling and wow was i right. This video makes me wanna cry. Thank you for capturing these moments Zoe : ) shot by the talented @zoe_lawrence_ // @byalexaller @preston__shoots @gavinbeasley @alexdrusso @sirdannyfarber Love you all 🥰 In 2020 I want to do more of this, step outside the comfort zone and experience new people, new places, new emotions...so much life is out there to be lived! 🍻🍾

2 weeks ago

holidaze memz🎄pt 1 (queue ‘space song’ by beach house ) ... hope you all had a wonderful time with your family and friends 🤍🤍 i know i did 😊 pic 4’s thickne$$ is definitely caused by pic 5 thanks mom 😂

3 weeks ago

NYE done right with momma & of course a keoke coffee ☺️☃️⛷

3 weeks ago

me and dad on Christmas somewhere around ‘96 or so in CO...with our new pup Keoke ☕️ and my mom in the background with her famous burgundy fleece printed robe 😍😍 mimi prolly took this photo. Miss Colorado so much 😭 i remmeber waking up to the sound of coffee brewing and the smell of tinsel (i used to wrap it around the banister, still love that smell for some reason lol ) and me and my dad used to staple a HUGE wreath out of lights on the side of our house that you could see from the freeway 🤩 and then prolly ran inside and logged onto aol after lol anyone else remember that sound it made when it dialed in? That was an exciting sound hahaha

3 weeks ago

my heart is so full right now 💝 i am so thankful for my family. Merry Christmas to y’all 🎄sending all my love to you and your family for the holidays 🥰😘 now I’m going to try and figure out this 80 year old eucalyptus tree that fell over in our yard last night 😢😢😢 it’s hugeeeee ):

4 weeks ago

I’m thinkin white nails for Christmas 🤍🎄whatchu think?

last month

🥀 friyay the 13th 🖤

last month


last month

Lollygagging 🎀🐻 #pinkescape

last month

🌧 oozi and I havin a môm >> @bbjjreyj and i havin a môm >> me havin a môm with myself 💛 #bigbird

last month

güd mörn 🙈🎩

last month

@bethanystruble but your pimp looks nice tho 🤷‍♂️🤣🎮 peep peep

last month

swipe to see how i feel about da printed copy 🧜‍♂️ i have yet to see it but thanks to dis cute girl for sendin thru @sophieandreassend

last month

thanks for listening 🎁 i guess ppl like to listen to my music in the wee hours of the morn...🌝😏 love it, you can always sleep tomorrow 🤷‍♂️

last month

last month

when it rains.. it pours 🙌☔️🌈 huh LA

last month

ok I think this is the last bts post on here for now :] swipe to see @kjapa gnar it up 💪 and @jaimeridge let her inner mom out 😂 (rightfully so tho it was a tad scary not sure our insurance could pay for ur face man 🥴 ) thanks for the pics @preston__shoots and the vid @kristianbarbarich !

last month

my dad always told me to share the process of creating...I always thought that’s not what people wanted to see because the “veil” is being lifted and the mystery is lost. But hey, this is how it happens...true magic when the energy is there 🔮💜 ps i swear i can’t really talk when I’m shooting - It’s like my vision is using up all of my brains power 😂 and gotta love my flailing hand lol #bts by good dude @preston__shoots go check out his work !! Swipe to see some vid and the last gif is of some fav outtakes i shot

last month

Grateful for shoots like these. It’s hard to stay inspired, but when you get to shoot someone 🔥 like @kjapa , your day is far from dull. Such a genuine and wild soul. Felt like a kid again runnin around takin these pics. Made some friends & hit it off with the team. Can’t thank y’all enough for making this possible 💚 @stevenfernandez @remixmagazine @timphin // @jaimeridge @hairbygilbert @_broadwaybabyy_ & special thanks to @preston__shoots for taking these cheeky bts pics (swipe to see us in action )

last month

new covers i shot with da man @kjapa out now for @remixmagazine 🍻🚬 such a good day with even better people. Thank you to @stevenfernandez @timphin for having me onboard. @jaimeridge @hairbygilbert // thx for helping out @_broadwaybabyy_ @preston__shoots 💚 I’ll be posting outtakes on my foto page @eastonschirrastudio

last month

thankful for #cleancracks 🙏