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#DWP19 || 13 • 14 • 15 December 2019 || JiExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta, Indonesia.

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3 weeks ago

Be safe and be kind out there. Know that you’re not alone. Hope to see see you soon!

4 weeks ago

Here’s to you—amazing women who rule, who win and who lead. Happy International Women’s Day; let us keep celebrating the strong women that you are! ✨ P.S. To celebrate today, we have created a playlist of all-time favorite songs from incredible women who have graced stages of ours and @we .the.fest’s in the past few years. Head to bit.ly/ismayalivespotify to find it.

last month

Let’s recall the sweet summer weekend of the sixth edition of our sister festival @we .the.fest once again through the #WTF19 Official Aftermovie! Watch now at bit.ly/wtf19aftermovie. 🤩 What’s your most favorite part of the video?

Jan 2020

Chicago-based sisters who were part of #DWP19 lineup @krewella have just released a music video for ‘Greenlights’ — showing the beauty of the city of Malang and the fun times they had at #DWP19 ! ✨ Who was there to witness these super sisters take over the Neon Jungle stage? 🙌

Dec 2019

Our #BestNine this year! 🔥 Thank you for spreading all the intense love for and at #DWP19 ! We’re still feeling every bit of good energy from the unforgettable weekend. ✨ See you next year!

Dec 2019

Reminiscing the air of love and colors that washed all over us two weeks ago, today. Were you there to witness the firework finale at #DWP19 ? 🎉 Visual by @gladinasaska

Dec 2019

2 weeks ago today, we danced ‘In The Name of Love’ to this! Who else thinks @martingarrix did well in concluding the decade at #DWP19 ? ✨ Visual by @gladinasaska

Dec 2019

Live through the best moments of our unforgettable homecoming celebration once again! #DWP19 photos are now up on our official Facebook page — more will be added soon! 🔥 Which was your favorite moment? As seen through the eyes of @nareend , @vinodii , @high_iso , @vidodoee , Henry and @rukes

Dec 2019

Who managed to dance to the online sensation Arindi Putri’s expert keyboard plays during @yellowclaw ’s #DWP19 set a week ago? Surprised? So were we! 🙌 Photo by @nareend

Dec 2019

One of the first moshing pits ever recorded in the history of DWP during @sihksihk ’s set at #DWP19 ! Were you there? 🔥 Photo by @high_iso

Dec 2019

A week ago, today — we were the lucky ones to witness a #DWP19 exclusive moment that lasts a lifetime: Martin Garrix and Zedd together on stage. ➕✖️

Dec 2019

The music and the confetti might have already settled — but the memories will always remain. Thank you for sealing a sweet deal on the last day of #DWP19 ! Recall the memories through this Day 3 Highlight video! 🔥 Song in the video: ‘I’m Not Alone (2019 Mix )’ - Calvin Harris Produced by @badbirdsofficial

Dec 2019

We came to say ‘Hello’ to @martinsolveig ’s fire set at #DWP19 four days ago! Double tap if you think that was a grand return that he made after 6 years long. 🔥 Photo by @rukes

Dec 2019

Celebrating life to @meduzamusic ’s set at @elrowofficial ’s stage! Who misses the confetti blizzards as much as we do? #DWP19

Dec 2019

Technicolor moments that took our weekend up a notch at #DWP19 . Double tap if this was your favorite stage! Photo by @high_iso

Dec 2019

Which #DWP19 family do you belong to? 🔥 Comment with Barong Family, elrow Family or Trance Family!

Dec 2019

Taking you back to #DWP19 through 360 degrees of glorious sounds. 🔥

Dec 2019

United as ONE at @r3hab ’s flamin’ set! Were you there? #DWP19

Dec 2019

There was an intensely amazing energy running through the heart of Indonesia’s capital city for 3 days last weekend. #DWP19 was our home away from home — packed with the flourishing family of music lovers from all over the world, as well as unforgettable surprises. As it drew to a close as a record-breaking homecoming celebration, we’d like to say THANK YOU to everyone who was involved, including YOU. Nothing is more worthwhile than seeing every single one of you have the time of your lives to what we’d like to call the most special DWP to date. Thank you. From Indonesia to the world. ❤️ — Until next year, @ismayalive . — Photo by @nareend

Dec 2019

A celebration of many cultures, many sounds and many festivities! Other than dancing to amazing sets from our amazing acts, what other fun activities did you get to enjoy at #DWP19 ?

Dec 2019

Sunday evening made perfect with @tinashenow ’s vocals of beauty and moves of swag — especially during ‘All My Friends’! Did you manage to catch her #DWP19 performance? Photo by @vinodii

Dec 2019

THIS. IS. WHAT. YOU. CAME. FOR. That was a grand return after 7 years long from the one and only @calvinharris — we found so much love at #DWP19 ! 🙌 Visual by @gladinasaska

Dec 2019

Ismaya Lifestyle is back to give you the full festival experience! Become a member and get all the benefits to come along with it, now who are we dancing to today?

Dec 2019

We Found Love at #DWP19 ! ♥️ Mention your DWP squad below and let them know that you’re thankful for them! On another note, go get this #DWP19 Official Merch piece today!