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14 hours ago

Incredible photo by @stevehollandphotography of our carpet python patient🐍. This one was unfortunately hit by a vehicle and came in with trauma to his upper body. Please remember that wildlife sometimes share our roads and speed can kill! #savingyourwildlife #carpetpython


It's release day! This Pacific Baza is on his way back home to the wild👏 He will be released where he was rescued from. #releaseday #savingyourwildlife #hometime #australia

2 days ago

One of our beloved native wildlife animals the echidna, undergoing surgery on his tiny beak. Without surgery, this one wouldn’t have been able to survive in the wild. The hospital is still working hard to treat, rehabilitate and release our sick and injured paients. @stevehollandphotography #savingyourwildlife #donatetoday #echidna

3 days ago

Calm amongst the chaos🐨. Our gorgeous little koala patient having a snooze. Did you know that koalas spend 18-22 hours per day sleeping? 💤 #koala #savingyourwildlife

4 days ago

Unfortunately, we see this far too often. Turtles brought in with broken shells after being hit by a car. It also costs approximately $400 to repair a turtle’s broken shell. Please lookout for our wildlife on the roads and remember speed kills! #savingyourwildlife #donatetoday 🐢 📷 @stevehollandphotography

5 days ago

@elyse .knowles visiting the hospital with her @marieclaireau cover! We're so thankful for the ongoing support. A true beauty inside and out❤️ #savingyourwildlife

6 days ago

Epic photo by @stevehollandphotography of our boobook owl patient 🦉 #savingyourwildlife #boobookowl

1 weeks ago

Mumma swan admitted due to a fish hook injury and turns out she's got a baby swan on the way. Swipe to see the x-ray. This one should hatch in about 6 weeks time. We can’t wait! 🐣 (please note this photo was taken in the past before social distancing regulations ) #savingyourwildlife #blackswan

1 weeks ago

Our gorgeous wildlife still needs our support. This is a beautiful little common ringtail possum patient. Did you know $100 covers the cost of milk formula needed to hand raise an orphaned possum? Donate today via the link in our bio🙏 #savingyourwildlife #commonringtailpossum

2 weeks ago

CWH UPDATE – The hospital remains OPEN to treat, rehabilitate and release Australian wildlife in need. We’re confident we can get through the COVID-19 Pandemic with your help. We would like to reassure you that we’re taking appropriate steps to ensure we can provide the best care for all Australian wildlife, while balancing the wellbeing the Hospital team. Some actions we have taken in relation to COVID-19 are as follows: • Hospital has been split into two teams. • A process is in place to receive animals in a safe manner. • We will introduce virtual alternatives for planned events. Please think of the hard-working vet team during these difficult times and if you can support our mission please visit the link in our bio.

2 weeks ago

This little echidna got his beak caught in a fence and received lacerations to both nostrils😢. He's had treatment and is now undergoing rehabilitation and will be released back into the wild once stable🙏 #Echidna #savingyourwildlife #donatetoday @stevehollandphotography

2 weeks ago

We love this photo of vet nurse Renee and her very fitting koala socks🐨. Our wildlife always get the best love and care🙏 #savingyourwildlife #koala

2 weeks ago

ECP Charity Golf Day in Sydney raised more than $20 000 for native wildlife in desperate need! 🙏⛳️

2 weeks ago

All hands on deck for this carpet python that received trauma to his scales🐍. The team are just taking out the stitches that have been in for the past six weeks. This one will undergo rehabilitation and should then be released back into the wild once he's all healed. #savingyourwildlife #carpetpython

2 weeks ago

Our lovely vet nurse Jasmine organising the pharmacy🙏 Did you know we have a wish list on our website which includes a whole range of equipment that the hospital requires to function? You can choose to donate via the wish list, which makes an immediate difference in treating, rehabilitating and releasing more than 12,000 wildlife animals per year. #linkinbio #savingyourwildlife #wishlist

3 weeks ago

3 weeks ago

This is ‘Freightliner’ the koala. He was admitted into the hospital because unfortunately he was reported ill. He will receive treatment in the hospital and hopefully will make a full recovery so he can be released back into the wild. It costs approximately $7000 to treat a koala suffering from a disease, which is why we need all the support we can possibly get. Donate today via the link in our bio🙏 #savingyourwildlife

3 weeks ago

Currumbin Wildlife Hospital are proud to be a part of a FOXTEL LifeStyle special event, Bear – Koala Hero.

Premiering ‪Wednesday 18 March, 2020 at 8.30pm‬ AEDT, the heart-warming exclusive one hour special event presented by wildlife activist Tyson Mayr follows the journey of Bear, a remarkable Koala detection dog and his team as they work tirelessly to find, injured and orphaned Koalas during and after the devastating bushfires. 
The documentary includes Tyson Mayr and his team visiting Currumbin Wildlife Hospital where they met Ember the Koala, a bushfire survivor who also has Chlamydia and saw firsthand the devastation the extended drought and extremely dry hot weather along with the bushfires had caused Australia’s wildlife. Produced by Butter Media for FOXTEL, Bear – Koala Hero premieres ‪on Wednesday 18 March, 2020 at 8.30pm‬ AEDT, exclusive to LifeStyle. 
 @butter_media @foxtel @tysontravel Please support Australian wildlife - link in bio 🙏

3 weeks ago

One of our gorgeous boobook owl patients🦉. Did you know they are named this because they make a distinctive “boo-book” call? This one is undergoing rehabilitation and will be ready to be released soon🙏 #savingyourwildlife

3 weeks ago

A generous visit from Hon Karen Andrews MP & Rotary club of Currumbin, Coolangatta and Tweed Heads. Thank you for your support and kind donation🙏

3 weeks ago

Are you passionate about being educated on the care and conservation of our local wildlife through the efforts of the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital? Become a 'Friend of the Hospital' and you will be invited to meet the animals and experience the hospital, as well as attend an exclusive quarterly vet talk and other member benefits. Sign up today via the link in our bio🙏 #savingyourwildlife

3 weeks ago

We loved showing @samthaiday , @rachelthaiday and their two girls what happens behind-the-scenes at one of the busiest wildlife hospitals in the world. If you would like a behind-the-scenes tour of the hospital, book now via the link in our bio.🙏 #savingyourwildlife

4 weeks ago

This sweet little Common Ringtail Possum is recovering from his anaesthetic which allows us to examine our patients without pain or fear. Did you know we have a wish list of items the hospital requires to treat our wildlife? By donating an item from the wish list, you'll be making an immediate difference to the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital in treating 12,200 Australian native wildlife animals per year. Check it out via the link in our bio🙏 #savingyourwildlife

4 weeks ago

We’re so grateful to have @elsapatakyconfidential spread awareness about Currumbin Wildlife Hospital. We loved having Elsa and her family visit the hospital. The first visit of many more to come🙏 #Australia #goldcoast #quesnsland #savingyourwildlife