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2 days ago

Yama ha ha ha ❤️ . . .

6 days ago

Sending prayers and love to our brothers and sisters around the world. This is an amazing life. I am counting my blessings and so thankful. 🦋☀️🙏

1 weeks ago

It was nice to get some fresh air and take in some beautiful views. 🦋

3 weeks ago

“There are basically two types of people. People who accomplish things, and people who claim to have accomplished things. The first group is less crowded.” - Mark Twain . . Truer words haven’t been spoken. Doer! Where are my other doers??? 💪🙋‍♀️. #letsgetit

3 weeks ago

#TBT . Throw back to before the storm...

3 weeks ago

We get so caught up in our own lives it can be hard to see the forest through the trees. I just want to take a moment to acknowledge the people that are sick or have died, those that have been quarantined and everyone that has been impacted due to personal/corporate/governmental travel restrictions. There are mixed reviews as to the severity of the Coronavirus (COVID-19 ). But, no matter what your opinion, we are all in this together. 🌎 . . . #rider #ridestrong #biker #bikerchick #moto #explorer #bmws1000xr #adventuremototouring #adventuretouring #touringbike #bikerbabe #safteyfirst #roadtripping #mindset #mindsetiseverything #mototouring #entrepreneur #corona #coronavirus #letsgo #letsgochamp #roadtrip #nevergiveup #noexcuses #bossbabe #neverstopexploring #neversettle #passion #motorouring #travel

3 weeks ago

Forever is composed of nows. 🚀 - Emily Dickinson. . . . I came across this quote recently and i had to share. It’s a good reminder that every moment in the present turns into your life. Your forever. ☀️ Look around... If this is it, are you happy? If not, what are you willing to change? Now. . . . #rider #ridestrong #biker #bikerchick #moto #explorer #bmws1000xr #adventuremototouring #adventuretouring #touringbike #bikerbabe #safteyfirst #roadtrippin #motivationalquotes #mindset #mindsetiseverything #mototouring #entrepreneur #makingithappen #letsgo #letsgochamp #roadtrip #nevergiveup #noexcuses #bossbabe #neverstopexploring #neversettle #passion #motorouring #travel

4 weeks ago

I had a VERY close call on my last ride, after I took this pic. In a sharp turn on ACH (2-lane mountain highway ) at night, a car was completely in my lane trying to pass another car. I swerved right toward the mountain and had just enough room to correct while in the sand/gravel before colliding with the mountain. To all my 2- and 4- wheeled friends... PLEASE, it is NEVER worth passing in a turn on a two-lane street. EVER. I was lucky. 🙏 . . Airbag Adventure jacket: @helitemoto ❤️. Keeping me safe. Thank you. #rider #ridestrong #biker #bikerchick #moto #iwaslucky #bmws1000xr #adventuremototouring #adventuretouring #touringbike #bikerbabe #safteyfirst #blessed #mindset #mindsetiseverything #mototouring #entrepreneur #safetyfirst #letsgo #letsgochamp #fighter #nevergiveup #noexcuses #bossbabe #neverstopexploring #neversettle #passion #motorouring #travel

4 weeks ago

If you could go back, and do things differently, would you? . . I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Frequently, we don’t know the reason at the time and we may never know. But, for all the pain and struggle, I remind myself that there is a purpose. Even if it’s just the lesson we learn or the strength that we get picking ourselves back up. It was meant to be. 🦋

5 weeks ago

Who’s riding this weekend?!?! 🚀🙌

last month

Just a girl and her bike. ❤️

last month

I’m really looking forward to the 2020 track season! 🙌🙌 Who’s going to the track soon? 🔥🔥 . Quiz: who came by my tent at Buttonwillow last year and I’m watching them roll out in this pic?

last month

While the trip to Northern California was amazing with all the beaches and rolling hills, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the utter joy I had meeting my new Niece. Such a ray of sunshine ☀️☀️☀️ She’s a feisty pistol that commands attention and won’t take no for an answer...just like her Aunt. ❤️❤️ I’m so blessed.

last month

On my way back from from San Francisco, I was able to try out the @helitemoto Adventure Jacket. I demoed the airbag feature (check it out in my highlights ) so I was excited to actually try the jacket on the road. The jacket comes with a solid back protector and a full suite of armor built in. The trip back to SoCal was chilly! It was in the 40s and dropped into the low 30s before I made it home that evening. But, thankfully, the jacket was airtight. I could go into detail about the pockets, storage, reflective piping and other cool little features but what I appreciated most on this trip was the neck snap with adjustable slider, windproof outer jacket and removable thermal liner. I was happy to have this jacket in the cold versus my prior jacket. So far, I really like it. . . . May plan an short excursion to Mexico in the next few weeks. 🙌🙌 #lifeisaride #kickstandup . . .

last month

Visiting the tiled stairs on 16th street in San Francisco was a real treat. You would drive right by it if you weren’t specifically looking for it. This is a hot spot with the locals that come to exercise on the stairs. Lots of people stopped to chat and ask about my travels. Such a fun little area. . .

last month

You can’t go to San Francisco and not visit the Golden Gate Bridge. I also crossed the Bay Bridge while in town. It was such a windy day so most of the pics didn’t turn out, but I was able to get this one and a few others. Chicago is NOT the only windy city. 🚀🦋

last month

#NorCal was beautiful, as always. The BMW S1000XR is already a tall bike for me and the hills in the San Francisco area are no joke. Hats off to all the riders in NorCal! 🙌🙌 But, I had my share of challenges on this trip. I went from teetering on a mountainous hill when I couldn’t get my kickstand down only to find my battery had died... to losing my bag and tripod on the road when my tie down broke. I learn so much with each trip. And, I gain more confidence getting through each challenge. Bring it on! . . *thanks for the “bipod” and amazing hospitality bro... @karamisms . ❤️

last month

I had been watching @helitemoto products for some time and was intrigued by their airbag technology. After the recent passing of a friend and fellow rider, I decided to check out @helitemoto safety gear in person during my recent NorCal trip. Watch the FULL DEMO of both the vest and the touring jacket IN THE HIGHLIGHT. I was blown away by the speed of inflation and I was literally breathless (as you will notice ) because both the vest and the touring jacket were incredibly powerful. I’ve always been passionate about safety so I’m extremely excited to learn more about this lifesaving airbag technology. @helitemoto is allowing me to test drive their touring jacket so you’ll be hearing more about it. Safety first! Thanks @helitemoto ! ❤️❤️ I’ll also be posting more pics of my NorCal trip. ☺️

Jan 2020

Dolce far niente. ❤️🦋