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2 weeks ago

@damon_baker and I hittin you with that Sanji one two.

2 weeks ago

Thinking back on Tulum. Know I’ve been off of social media for a while. Decided to take a much needed mental health break. I’ve never been the most active user of social media, but even the minor amount I had been engaging during quarantine had become a bit too taxing. Work is slowly beginning to pick back up within a new normal. And as someone who has only ever really known work their entire life, I found that I’m best on a schedule. Knowing when to step away like I did in college, and when to re-engage is a fundamental skill for any young performer. Take your breaks. Mental and physical health always come first. In time we’ll all be able to see more clearly what this pandemic actually is- a massive global trauma. The effects of which have, in no small way, been encouraged tremendously by the failings of the US. We’re in the midst of a huge election, and I encourage everyone here in the United States to deeply consider our “modern” medical health care system. I’ll be more active soon my sweet little babies~

last month

A little low pressure system for our high pressure society

Jun 2020

A group of peaceful protesters, myself included, were arrested yesterday in Santa Monica. So before the voracious horde of media sensationalism decides to somehow turn it about me, there’s a clear need to speak about the circumstances: Black Lives Matter. Peace, riots, looting, are an absolutely legitimate form of protest. the media is by nature only going to show the most sensational, which only proves a long standing racist agenda. I was detained when standing in solidarity, as were many of the final vanguard within Santa Monica. We were given the option to leave, and were informed that if we did not retreat, we would be arrested. When many did turn to leave, we found another line of police officers blocking our route, at which point, they started zip tying us. It needs to be stated that as a straight white man, and a public figure, the institutional consequences of my detainment are nothing in comparison to others within the movement. This is ABSOLUTELY not a narrative about me, and I hope the media doesn’t make it such. This is, and will be, a time about standing ground near others as a situation escalates, providing educated support, demonstrating and doing the right thing. This is precisely the time to contemplate what it means to stand as an ally. I hope others in my position do as well. I noticed that there are cameras that roll within the police cruisers during the entirety of our detainment, hope it helps. I’ll speak no more on the subject, as I’m (1 ) not well versed enough to do so, (2 ) not the subject of the movement, and (3 ) uninterested in drawing attention away from the leaders of the #BLM movement. I will be, again, posting the link in my story to a comprehensive document for donations and support.

May 2020

So anyone who loves their creepy pastas late at night, as they desperately try to drift off to some existential horror/quarantine sleep, might know the tale of Borrasca. Well, the folks over at @qcodemedia and I turned it into a radio play! And the first episode is out 📣TODAY📣 on #applePodcasts . I should probably note in advance that the content of this series is incredibly grim. And for those of you concerned with that, I recommend looking into possible #TWs without spoiling the content. That being said, let us introduce #Borrasca to you. New episodes each Monday.

May 2020

Some more from @alex_hainer to sever my audience in twain

May 2020

A little whiplash for your couch cushions

May 2020

American ruin and decay to help to ruin your day

May 2020

Know your audience

May 2020

Just a picture of some trees with this new Orwellian dystopia filter I’ve been using.

Apr 2020

A place off grid, growing all my hairs like the cattle

Apr 2020

Bad water basin back with @lucan_gillespie for @elleusa

Apr 2020

Another @sydney_sweeney for @papermagazine

Apr 2020

Got to shoot the timeless @sydney_sweeney for @papermagazine a little while ago, happy to finally show them off. I’ll be keeping you guys busy with some imagery while you all stay safe~ Hair: @pasqualeferrantehair MU: @natashaseverino_makeup Styling: @ashleyfurnival

Apr 2020

An understanding of luxury post-quarantine. To miss the pleasant encounter with a stranger. The white noise of a loud bar. What commercial pursuits will luxury industries prioritize when recoiling from our isolation? When all the peacocking elitism of frivolity is again humbled by utility. The time for posture is past. How much pasta you got in your cupboard?

Apr 2020

Oops! I almost dropped my isolation suitcase full of home cooked franks and beans.

Mar 2020

Some cocoon. A middle place within a rite of passage. The term in anthropology is liminal space. Your spirit refining itself for your next shape. How will you all look back upon the time within your isolation? Did you get fit? Did you learn to cook? Did you take up guitar? Grow out your hair? Were you responsible? Did you recoil from the separation? Did you drink too much or smoke too little? The questions are eventually coming: what did you do when the world slowed down? Where were you? How were you?

Mar 2020

Some sundown long before isolation. @lucan_gillespie for @elleusa . A revisitation of my favorite spot on earth, Death Valley. I’ll be keeping you all placated with some photography for a while, help you pass the time in your solitude. Styling: @natasharoyt MU: @ciaradoesmakeup Hair: @luke_chamberlain

Mar 2020

Hainer on hasselblad

Mar 2020

🍊got a premiere tonight, sending congrats to @istillbelieve and the boy

Feb 2020

Sending my apologies to every crew member I’ve ever jeopardized by asking them to climb mountains with props. Feeling exceptionally grateful for the teams who have helped refine my photography so tremendously. No one has gotten bit by a rattlesnake yet so clearly we’re making enough noise.