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Happiness comes when we stop waiting for things to be perfect | ft. #oma 🍑| 📍HOME YOUTUBE&TIKTOK: cindy karmoko #idressedtothrill #🍑venture

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14 hours ago

The #newnormal forces us to adapt our personal identity to the new government regulations and to survive this global pandemic. But it doesn’t stop @hiantjen ‘s creativity to give the regular mask a couture makeover. Hand embroidered and delicately placed so it won’t change the function or form of the mask. Thank you for the lovely gift 🎁 @lifebyhian 😘❤️ 🦐 #virtualphotoshoot #hiantjencouture #stayathome Lensed by @arlaproductions


Using my master degree in fashion to make small pleats like this.... My dad challenges me to make DIY arts and crafts content next.... Asian parents are tough to please but he’ll finish em all and the biggest compliment is “ where did you buy the the dumplings? The filling is so yummy” 🤣❤️ can’t wait to meet my Nick young and amah soon 🤣 #quarantinediary #cookingathome #dumplingsfordays #dumplings

2 days ago

Missing our magical moments in Paris. Hope we could get the best room next time Hotel: @hotelsplendidetoile :p . Throwback pic lensed by @andyyanata Preset : Madu by @eatandtreats @warnabyeatandtreats #idressedtothrill #girlpowertravel #styleblogger #travelgram #paris #beautifuldestinations #beautifulhotels #whpnaturallight #whpwanderlust

3 days ago

Another virtual shoot at home with @hiantjen x The siantar sisters @mmehuillet @anazsiantar dress. The animal crossing dress yang pastinya makin dicari ❤️🍑. Sayang sudah sold out please jangan marahin aku kalau mau dapet main animal crossing aja ahahaha. I’m also wearing the designer mask full of embellishments and hand crafted details by @hiantjen . Contact the link on their bio to get the limited edition mask ❤️ #newnormal Virtual photoshoot by @arlaproductions Concept/styled by me , assisted by @catherinekarmoko and inspired by @kyranayda for the balloon props. #styledbycindykarmoko Dry flowers by @blumerie .florist Will post the detail soon! #virtualstylist #virtualphotography #stayathome #newnormal2020 #mask #quarantinelife

4 days ago

Selamat hari lebaran teman temanku yang merayakan. Semoga kehangatan lebaran ga menurun karena covid-19. Tahun ini special banget karena beberapa anak online ku dm katanya bisa fokus banget puasanya benahin diri dan lebih deket ke Tuhan. Seneng juga pada kuat liat postingan aku yang tiba2 banyak makanan semenjak karantina. Maafin aku ya kalau ada salah kata ataupun tindakan. Minal ‘Aidin wal Faizin sayang. ❤️🙏🏻

6 days ago

👩🏻‍🍳KFC HAINANESE CHICKEN RICE 🍗 Akhirnya recreate the viral KFC chicken rice tapi aku bikin easy hack buat yang ngidam nasi hainam tapi males ribet bikinya. Ingredientsnya simple gausa masak ayamnya lagi semua udah jadi satu. MAAF YA rice cooker aku udah lama bgt dan gatau knapa tripod aku kegeser ga nyadar 😅 semoga masi jelas dan aku akan belajar buat filming yg lebih sempurna. . Cocok buat yang gatau mau masak apa, cuma butuh rice cooker cussss di cobain. . INGREDIENTS: 1,5 cup of rice(yang ga pernah masak nasi pokonya airnya mesti dicuci minimal 3 kali terus beras harus kerendem seruas jari telunjuk, celupin aja jarinya 🤣 ) -water to cook the rice or chicken broth -8 garlic cloves -2tbs sesame oil -2 tbs soy sauce -3 big slices of ginger -Corriander leaves/Wansui (optional ) Ga perlu garam atau lada karena semua udah ada di dalam bumbu KFC 🤣 pokonya #resepantigagal . Jangan lupa rice cooker di cetek ke cooking mode ya teman teman! Please tag me kalau bikin #resepceka #🍑recipes and hope you enjoy the video! #cooking #cookingathome #kfcchicken #kfcchickenrice #hainanesechickenrice #lifehacks #cookinghacks #easyrecipes

6 days ago

Another fun virtual photoshoot and I’m collaborating with @arlaproductions for this one! I re-use my mom’s CNY decoration and @blumerie .florist ‘s flower arrangement too. Anything i have really. My hair is growing, heart is healing and my mind is a mess right now but it’s okay. Hope your faith is as strong as a rock during the last day of fasting my love! Outfit by @officialclaude they sent me a few outfits and i’ll do a short clip of ALL claude’s outfit i have soon cause i’m obsessed with the brand : ) Photographed by @arlaproductions Styled/directed/concept by me #idressedtothrill #virtualphotoshoot #styleblogger #eid2020 #styleoftheday #stayathome #diyprojects

1 weeks ago

Brainstorming so hard these past few days til i stress myself out. Need to reset my sleeping pattern and workout again... if you need a reminder “I KNOW YOU’RE BORED BUT PLEASE STAY AT HOME” cause your ignorance will cause more problems! Just because people are going out now it doesn’t mean you should, my opinion is to see if within these 14 days those mall goers got infected or nah.... Level 3 of Jumanji: THE NEXT LEVEL will begin soon when thousands got the virus at once. Wait for your turn patiently my loves. Lensed by @deppicto Concept/styled by me #idressedtothrill #styledbycindykarmoko Outfit by @eesome .id I used kimono belt as my headband 🙋🏻‍♀️👸🏻 #virtualphotoshoot #stayathome #dirumahaja #blurryvision #quarantineandchill #quarantinediaries Preset by @sarahazkapreset

2 weeks ago

It’s been awhile since i posted my last hair tutorial! I’m not a morning person and is often(ok always ) late, one of my quarantine goals is to eliminate my bad habit and i want to manage my time wisely. When i stumbled upon @jessyluxe ‘s hair tutorial i tried it right away and BAMMM! The result is better than any of my curling iron + it lasts for 2-3 days. So here’s the steps!🍑❤️ . YOU NEED: 🍑1 kimono/bathrobe belt or fabric belt(i use the fluffy one to create volume ) + it needs to be double the length of your hair, 🍑2 hair ties + 2 scrunchies 1. Part your hair into two parts and adjust the belt as even as possible . 2. Take a little amount of hair and twist it outward.You can start from the top/anywhere you usually prefer. . 3. Twist the hair and make a spiral by adding more hair to the belt. . 4. Twist the bottom part when you don’t have any loose hair left, secure it with 1 hair tie . 5. Twist the spiral outward and make a bun as tight as you want it to be. Secure the bun with scrunchies. . 6.Repeat on the other side . 7. Untie everything and unravel the twist ONE BY ONE please!! . 8.YOU’RE DONE! add hair spray and comb it with your finger for more volume. Comment down below if you have more questions! HOPE this tutorial helps! ❤️😘👸🏻 #hairtutorials #heatlesscurls #heatlesswaves #heatlesscurlsovernight #easyhairstyles #beautytips #beautyjunkie

2 weeks ago

Mixing my current fav. New top that i bought before corona , new ring light that i bought cause i need to work from home and last but not least balon tiup inspired by @kyranayda that makes everything so dreamy and extra ❤️🥺😘. Btw fringe or no fringe? 🤣 Lensed by @deppicto Styled/directed/edited by me Filter by @sarahazkapreset in bohemian 1 #sarahazkapreset #virtualphotography #stayathome #dirumahaja #samasamadirumah #virtualphotoshoot #idressedtothrill #styledby 🍑

2 weeks ago

Hi loves ini resep risol aku yang gampang banget dan murah meriah namun enak! Ingredients: 1 bihun (biasa 1 kotak isi 5 atau 6 kalau beli yg cap naga ) direndam air mendidih 3 menit dan tiriskan 5 bawang putih 4 bawang merah 1 daun bawang 2 sdm kecap asin 1 sdt lada 1/2 sdt garam Micin/bumbu penyedap(optional ) 13 kulit lumpia(beli online 1 bungkus cuma 7000 rupiah ) Minyak secukupnya Bahan perekat: 1 sdt tepung sagu 5 sdm air dingin Aduk rata #resepceka #reseprumahan #masakansederhana #🍑recipe #risol

2 weeks ago

Hi loves akhirnya aku bikin resep yang manis tapi sehat! The healthier version of the trending pancake cereal cause it’s GLUTEN-FREE ! Ingredients: 1+1/4 cup of almond flour 1/2 tsp baking soda 1/4 cup coconut oil 1 cup almond milk 2 eggs 🥚 Cooking spray/oil(don’t use butter on the pan it’ll burn too fast ) Maple syrup/stevia syrup Any kind of milk 🥛 Tips: - low to medium heat -flip it with chopsticks or small wooden spoon #resepceka #easybreakfast #🍑recipe #yummybreakfast #pancakecereal #pancakes #sweettooth

2 weeks ago

Tell me what you think of my first virtual photoshoot with @deppicto . Wifi connection is our biggest challenge i think 😔. 🍑 #virtualphotography #idressedtothrill #dirumahaja #stayathome #styleblogger Lensed by @deppicto Styled, directed, edited by me #styledbycindykarmoko #styledby 🍑

3 weeks ago

Good morning loves. I need your recommendation for dramatic fake lashes please! Using my holy grail products from @fentybeauty #Fentyface : - Pro kiss’r luscious lip balm - Pro filt’r instant retouch primer - #Snapshadows 1. True neutrals - #fullfrontalmascara -cuz i’m black - #sunstalkrbronzer In private island - #flypencil in cuz i’m black - #glossbomb In sweet mouth #rihgram #fentyglow #fentyfamily #indobeautygram #glammakeup #FENTYBEAUTY

3 weeks ago

Bought so many things to bake and cook but first.... let me do my virtual photoshoot with @deppicto 🥰❤️. So happy to be able to do vidcall with my sydney fam! @piphinm @babymiyonie and here is a pic of me being extra at home as always... #idressedtothrill #virtualphotography #dirumahaja #athome 🏡

3 weeks ago

Kangen banget 😭❤️ lagi beli banyak properti biar bisa ootd d rumah bener2 sulit banget langsung kangen jalan jalan sambil di fotoin @deppicto 😭 hope to see my sydney fam soon! #idressedtothrill #🍑venture #throwback

3 weeks ago

Nonton sampai akhir ya 🤣. My easy version and super yummy gyudon/beefbowl. Ingredients below: -250g thinly sliced beef -4 garlic cloves -1 spring onion -1tsp salt -1 tsp pepper -2 tbs mirin -3 tbs soy sauce -3-6 chopped chilli -3-4 tbs sesame oil -1-2 tsp butter Enjoy and don’t forget tag me with #resepceka 🤣❤️ #reseprumahan #easyrecipe #simplecooking #cookingwith 🍑 #dirumahajadulu #masakansimple #gyudon #beefbowl

3 weeks ago

Lots of failed attempts create the best recipes.... in love, life and of course baking too. So try something new today and enjoy the process! More recipes coming soon : ) #🍑recipes #dirimahaja #stayathome

4 weeks ago

Gatau kenapa bulan ini gloomy sekali entah karena di rumah aja udah minggu ke 10 atau karena hujan terus? Ga pengen show namun kejutan manis dari @amerojewellery bikin aku seneng banget. Appreciate the sweetness memang piring marmut ajaib ngabulin banyak permintaan aku. 🤣❤️ Their hand crafted jewelries are made of gold, manis banget dilihat bikin hati happy dan ga sendu. Btw produk Amero dan @degoldjakarta bisa dibeli ONLINE tinggal di check di highlightnya. Menurutku manis banget designnya cuss lihat2 belanja biar happy liatin jari ber jem jem di rumah🥺🌟 🤣 #HandcraftedElegance Lensed by @catherinekarmoko #tiktokchallenge #toiletpaperchallenge

4 weeks ago

* OLAHRAGA JARI ALERT* Udah lama ga ketemu oma 🍑 kangen banget banget. Kemarin aku baru debat sama oma karena dia merasa kalau jadi istri mesti bisa masak sementara aku bilang sekarang semua serba praktis dan cowo cowo juga udah jago ko. Walau aku bisa masak tapi kekeuh aja dan akhirnya kita settle di yang penting bisa saling bantu kalau udah punya pasangan. Saling tukar pikiran sama oma walau jarak jauh ga bisa curhat curhat lagi. Yuk yang kangen sama oma🍑 atau keluarga kalian boleh loh comment “KANGEN” siapa tau mau olahraga jari persiapan giveaway selanjutnya 🤣🤣 #familyfirst #mygrandmaisthebest #dirumahajadulu Edited with @sarahazka #sarahazkapreset in rustic 1 + a bit of #tezzaapp film

4 weeks ago

Ingin keluar sebatas duduk saja , canda tawa sampai senja lalu pulang dan janji lagi untuk jumpa..... #stayathome #week10

5 weeks ago

Hi loves karena banyak banget yang minta aku re upload ini i decided to post it here! Bisa di ganti dengan ayam dan sapi ya! Ingredients for 400 gr of pork(i use 800gram in the video ) : BAHAN BAHAN Untuk 400gram, videoku 800gram jgn kaget ya! -400 gram daging babi atau ayam atau sapi -4bawang putih -1,5 jeruk nipis atau 1 lemon -1,5 sdm gula -1 sdt garam -2 sdt merica bubuk -1 sdt royco/MSG(optional ) -4 puteran saus tiram(lihat video ) -2 sdm minyak wijen - 3 sdm tepung terigu -1,5 sdm maizena Sebelum digoreng tambahin lagi: -1 sdm tepung terigu (aduk rata ) Tips: -Use all the lime juice by rolling the lime before cutting it - Oil needs to be super hot and stir a few times DON’T FORGET TO TAG ME IF YOU MAKE IT! Enjoy! #🍑recipes

5 weeks ago

CLOSED * G I V E A W A Y ALERT* EXTRA Feeling a bit nostalgic and i really really miss traveling with my bestfriends. Today to end my birthday giveaway @eatandtreats @andyyanata and i will give these 3 LIMITED EDITION TUMBLER from MILAN for 3 lucky winners! HOW TO WIN: 1. Follow me, @eatandtreats & @andyyanata 2. LIKE THIS PIC 3. Comment “WANT” down below as much as you want (UNLIMITED COMMENTS ) Will end this giveaway tomorrow 30 april 2020 at 10 pm 🍑open for public profile only 🍑UNLIMITED COMMENTS 🍑goodluck! #🍑birthdaygiveaway

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CLOSED * G I V E A W A Y ALERT* DAY 7 pt.1 Jujur butuh waktu banget buat miss offbeat buat nari sampai muter2 gini. Percayalah ini lebih effort dari masak... beneran susah banget selain ngafalin lagunya, gerakanya aku mesti IKUTIN BEATNYA . TAPI yang terpenting hari ini aku press conference kalau bias aku V , berawal dari nontonin @kenanwibisono terus lama lama ko tiap ada video V gue senyum2 sendiri 🤣❤️ AKU GOOGLE AND ada foto sama video V suka banget foto foto jadi aku nambahin disposable camera deh d giveaway ini. Thank you racunya @ludovicajessica dan @sarahayuh_ + @picciramlan yang bikin makin makin aku jadi army barisan belakang 🤣 . HOW TO WIN 1 #BT21 shirt #tata + 1 disposable camera : Karena ini barang terniat aku belinya di Jepang dan rebutan jadi mesti effort yah! 1. Follow Me and like this pic 2. Comment down below with ❤️ or TATA + tag 1 friend (UNLIMITED ) 3. IG STORY this post with #🍑birthdaygiveaway + TAG ME and SCREENSHOT your ig story 4. OPTIONAL TAPI DAPET EXTRA ENTRY: follow my tiktok @cindykarmoko and comment done on this video there! ❤️open for public profile only ❤️ends on the 29th of April , at 10pm ❤️goodluck! #btsarmy #btsgiveaway #btstaehyung #taehyung #bt21tata #bt21giveaway